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All clear | Acting Governor deactivates NEOC, resumes school and public service operations

The National Emergency Operations Centre (NEOC) has been deactivated and work for the public service has resumed, Acting Governor David Archer, Jr has said.

He said the decisions above were made after consultation with Premier Andrew Fahie following the passage of Tropical Storm Karen.

The Acting Governor said: “I give the ‘all-clear’ now and formally deactivate the National Emergency Operations Centre. I am therefore re-opening the public service at regular work hours. Similarly, school staff and students should report to their campuses at normal school hours.”

He continued: “So far, we have seen that ground seas have led to debris along our coastal roadways. We have also seen some power outages in some areas. Based on the preparation done over the past few days and the efforts put in by the restoration crews last night and at daybreak, I believe that the remaining works can be completed quickly this morning.”

Continue to be ready

Archer Jr said despite the ‘all-clear’, residents should continue to be prepared.

“Although Karen may be moving away, this does not mean that we can stop being ready. There is still the possibility that the weather conditions in the area will be unstable for a few more days as the system’s outer rain bands move away from the area,” the acting governor said.

“We continue to monitor a very active Atlantic Ocean. Please keep an eye on these conditions as we remain vigilant for the remainder of the Atlantic Hurricane Season which officially ends November 30th,” he added.

Back to normal soon

In the meantime, Premier Fahie who also addressed the nation via a public statement said a full state of normalcy will return to the territory soon.

“I am aware that some areas are without electricity. As a reminder, the team at the BVI Electricity Corporation advised us that areas which present hazardous conditions will remain off until conditions are safe for the crew to address them. We want to ensure their safety as they complete the restoration process,” Fahie said.

He also urged residents to continue to be vigilant as they return to work and school today.

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  1. strupes says:

    He did a lil better this time but we still need an apology for that big blunder last week

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    • Resident says:

      You cannot blame the acting governor. He takes advice from the DDM the met. Office and after discussions with the premier he makes an announcement. Did anybody know what the storm would do. No. No matter what predictions are made they will never get it 100. You cannot play with people’s lives. Had he not given the day off and the storm came upon us you would have sung a different tune! Appreciate that they will err because they are human but they do it base on the data at that present time.

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      • @Resident says:

        Why are you even wasting your time responding to such ignorance? The DDM and Government were blamed for other systems for failure to be more cautious and call off schools etc. Now that they’re being proactive everyone is upset. A part of me wish that the DDM and Dep Gov let the other one come right in on us while we are at work and doing whatever and see how we feel then. The level of ignorance in this place is mind boggling! The DG and others are meant to make advanced decisions based on information provided to them, not based on a obeah crystal ball.

        • strupes says:

          It’s positive asses like ayo so who does praise people when they do shtt

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          • @Strupes says:

            What is s**t? If your child is sick, will you wait until they fall into a coma before calling taking them to the Hospital? There are times your child seems sick like a dog, you rush them to the doctor and as soon as the doctor look at them, they don’t seem that bad at that time and it appears as if you rushed judgement right? But would you rather sit at home saying “man last time we rushed in, it was nothing, let’s just wait until you’re in a more dire state before going for help.” The authorities are responsible for safety and welfare, we are dealing with the weather here which can be very unpredictable. A few weeks ago Hurricane Dorian was supposed to pass over DR/Haiti and turn into a tropical wave, then die off. Instead it trampled Bahamas as a Cat 5. In 2017 Irma was supposed to trample Anegada, instead it nearly kill us at the last minute. The moral is ALWAYS BE PREPARED EVEN IF IT IS A 1% CHANCE! You cannot blame authorities for making judgement calls based on information provided to them. I guess you wanted Archer to ask CCT for an open line so he could call God to see what he was up to?

    • Anonymous says:

      What blunder? Like you does like to go work in the first place. Better safe than sorry. If Jaspert had done same, you would have said, “good, Jassie; good job; we get a holiday in anticipation.”
      Go Siddung with your commess.

  2. clap clap says:

    u did great

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