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All public schools closed due to extreme rainfall affecting BVI

The Ministry of Education has ordered all public schools in the British Virgin Islands to close today, May 8, due to torrential downpours causing significant flooding across the capital city of Road Town.

The heavy rainfall is part of a weather system that has been affecting the British Virgin Islands over the past 24 hours.

Several inches of rain have inundated the British Virgin Islands, resulting in flooding that has rendered several roads difficult to traverse, if not impassable, especially in the city.

Floodwaters have also breached buildings, causing an undetermined amount of damage to private and public infrastructure.

According to a media bulletin from the Department of Disaster Management on Wednesday morning, May 8, another band of showers was heading northeast over the Virgin Islands.

“Some of these showers have the potential of creating heavy downpours. With the ground already saturated, the possibility of flooding in areas with poor drainage is likely. Persons should exercise caution while driving. If showers become intense, refrain from using roads and stay away from areas that have the potential for excess runoff,” the DDM stated.

The ministry emphasized that the decision is crucial to ensure the safety of students and staff as forecasters predict a 70 percent chance of showers today. Teachers will facilitate lessons and issue assignments via online platforms during this time.

Elmore Stoutt High School (ESHS) was among the locations whose buildings were flooded due to the heavy rains. The school is currently undergoing a thorough clean-up operation, and students interested in earning community service hours were encouraged to assist.

This incident underscores the challenges posed by severe weather events in the BVI, with flooding being a recurring issue that often disrupts schools and businesses.

In the meantime, Works Minister Kye Rymer stated that the government is closely coordinating efforts with emergency services, local authorities, and other key government agencies to comprehensively assess the full impact of the flooding and implement all necessary measures to address the aftermath.

“Restoring critical infrastructure and services is our top priority,” he stated. “Unfortunately, the weather forecasts indicate that we can expect more heavy rainfall in the next 24 hours. The safety and well-being of our residents and visitors remain our absolute highest concern. I urge everyone to exercise extreme caution, avoid all flooded areas, and closely follow any instructions or advisories issued by the relevant authorities.”


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  1. Not fit for purpose says:

    No design , just shoved up in a known flood zone ,it’s bad enough the grounds flood it’s a scandal that the building’s flood.

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    • Deh Watcha says:

      @ Not fit for purpose….

      Don’t forget the design paid for before this one was scrapped because it had too much glass. Flooding is ok as long as the building has less glass.

      This same architect got the contract to design the Law Offices for Government. So watch out.

  2. Extreme hardly says:

    2 hours of rain and the country shuts down.

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  3. Resident says:

    It’s surprising our drainage and road systems can’t cope with what is a yearly event in the tropics.

    We have had billions of government revenue since the 1980s? What did we get for it? Where did it go?

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  4. Hope says:

    I want it flood the music fes let them drunk stay home

  5. @Resident says:

    I seldom agree with your narratives, but this time you are right.

    Weall know where the money went. Much of it is sitting in overseas account in name less but numbered acounts.

  6. Spend our money Wisely. says:

    That open Colbert drain that run from all the way up Huntums Ghut to the Mkt down through town then to the sea, needed to be a priority spending. Thats the most important of the water drainage and should be cleaned like every 6 months. Seeing the water flowing over from that colbert drain onto the street was dishearten in,just means its blocked and the water not going to the sea as intended causing quicker flooding..

  7. update says:

    I taught that we all could stop the rain, and the sea from coming in! Stop lighting and thunder.
    we are mere man do not mess with the God he said not one stone will be on top of another when he is ready…

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  8. @ hope says:

    The government don’t want to give me work so I planted a big garden and now God sent the rain for me that my food coming from the rain breadnut . I’m the last to get the job and the first one fire all my help come from the lord send the rain God makes them pay. All how God people we will see who they are after the rain send the rain God

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  9. Yellow site not posting manor estate says:

    Car parking and so called retaining walls washed away on government’s affordable housing sight who’ll lend now who would risk buying will the contractor attempt repairs how many more will collapse.

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