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All still not well in NDP camp

Parliamentarians in the recently-refurbished House of Assembly building in Road Town.

It appears the relationship between Premier Dr D Orlando Smith and some government members is still sour following the debate on the Virgin Islands Recovery Agency Act last month.

During the debate, emotions were high and tempers flew between National Democratic Party (NDP) legislators; some of whom accused Dr Smith of being secretive with documents related to the controversial bill.

However, the majority of legislators eventually agreed to support the said bill. And now that three weeks have passed since the vote, Premier Smith has been asked whether the relationship between NDP legislators is back to being ‘good’.

“That is all what we all want,” he replied, while not giving a direct answer.

Though things appear not to be well internally, the Premier assured that all legislators in the NDP camp still have the best interest of the territory at heart.

Legislators free to say what they want

While reflecting on the aforementioned debate — following which two members of his government voted against the bill, Dr Smith reiterated that all House of Assembly members are free to openly voice their opinions.

“I think it is important that debate is allowed. That’s what the House is for and sometimes debate is robust. But, in the end, what we do for the country is that which is important, and that is to get on and do what the country needs — that is rebuild and rehabilitate the country,” Dr Smith told journalists at a media conference last Thursday.

“We are all committed to the rebuild and rehabilitation of the British Virgin Islands and that should say it for you,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Recovery Agency Act officially became law last week when Governor Augustus Jaspert signed off on the controversial piece of legislation.

The BVI is now on its way to receiving the £300 million loan guarantee from the United Kingdom.

As mandated by the UK guarantors, the Agency will have full control over how recovery funds are spent.

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  1. Hmm says:

    The BVI house of assembly is in trouble and the people of the BVI is in more trouble for they do not see an alternative that can make things not just better but put things on an even keel.

    The board will handle the recovery money but what about other funds these Lawmakers can waste . The people are concerned.

    • To Hmmm says:

      Be specific…you mean this for the NDP who keep wasting millions of our hard earn tax dollars and keep getting away with it.

  2. What says:

    What people are concerned.

    I am not concerned.

  3. Hmmmm says:

    There is only trouble because we want to see trouble.

  4. rick says:

    BVI govt is a joke. Can’t even fix the damn roads

  5. Clearly says:

    Clearly the NDP is suffering from poor leadership. Poor we the people.

  6. SMDH says:

    Why the Governor and Police is not investigating most of these NDP ministers is mind boggling. The common man is being investigated, arrested and jailed for stealing a loaf of bread but these NDP are getting away.

  7. Strupes says:

    I don’t want to see these NDP sell outs. Imagine they are now giving citizenship for millionaires once they donate millions to the BVI and then but man here for years without help.

    • In the News says:

      And why isn’t this something the media is reporting on…the media should be reporting on it. I hope they are capping the amount of BVI land these millionaires can own

  8. Albion says:

    Elected legislators should not be afraid to express their own views. But my worry is that they may not really be expressing their views – my worry is that they are all just positioning themselves for the next election – forming and reforming alliances for changing parties ahead of the next general election. BVI politicians will say or do anything to stay in power.

  9. Who says:

    My question is who are the members of this Agency?

  10. Resident says:

    NDP this VIP that 6 of of one half a dozen of the other. Same thing!!! No political party is better than the other. Politics is a game! The rest of the population except the rich will always suffer! No matter which party goes in there will always be problems. Some go in with all good intentions until power and money corrupt them!!!!

    • To resident says:

      I don’t agree with you generalizing. Different people in the same organization leads differently. So it makes no sense to generalize all as bad.

  11. Sam the man says:

    I’d suggest less talk and more positive tangible action I am sick and tired of all the moaning and complaining – such a waste of time/effort nobody can even get a decent shelter for the customs staff at West End!

    • Reality says:

      Agree 100% – its frustrating and tiresome to hear all the complaining and talk yet nobody gets their finger out and make a positive contribution – so disappointed by some of the younger NDP members such as M – I believed in him and all his initial rhetoric/promises for C– etc only to be sadly disappointed in his delivery and ability to make — —-…

  12. NDP Supporter says:

    The NDP needs to fire the member from the second.

  13. Interested says:

    In these crucial times,elected members need to work together as best they can for the recovery of this territory.The vote is passed.However it seems that with elections due shortly,this is where the efforts and energies are being focused.Back benchers are free to say what they want and join who they want,but for God’s sake get on with the business of representing the people who elected you in their struggle to recover from the recent disasters.

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