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Alleged gov’t looter: ‘I see people take things so I take too’

A 25-year-old government employee attached to the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force reportedly told police he was only ‘following the crowd’ when he allegedly looted a 32-inch flat screen television from an electronics store after Hurricane Irma last year.

Shamoii Dagou of Belle Vue was not required to plead to the offence of theft when he appeared before Magistrate Shawn Innocent on Thursday.

The court heard that on September 8, 2017, Dagou along with others looted Infinite Solutions in Road Town.

The television set he is accused of stealing is said to be valued $288.66.

The matter was subsequently reported to the police who, acting on intelligence, arrested the accused.

“Boss, I see man taking these things and I take one,” Dagou reportedly said in a subsequent police interview.

In court, the accused man was granted $10,000 signed bail.

He was ordered to submit his travel documents as a condition of bail.

He must also seek permission before leaving the territory and is to report to the East End Police Station every Monday between 7 am and 7 pm.

Dagou is scheduled to return to court on December 7.

Attorney Michael Maduro represents the accused.

Over $55K looted

Infinite Solutions was one of several business establishments that were looted after the hurricanes. The court heard that the store had only sustained damage to its backdoor during the disaster.

However, the looters entered the facility and made off with more than $55,000 worth of items.

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  1. Peaches says:

    Boss, so if you saw people jumping in the sea you would jump too? smh! shame on you!

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    • Sea Lover says:

      If persons are jumping into the sea water, I’m def jumping also if it was a cliff …now that’s a different story.

      • Anonymous says:

        I bet he still is employed by the police. Need to keep the belongers employed or they will revert to more hideous crimes like drug dealing and weapons. Oh my, I just read about another arrest for drugs and guns. Seems like it’s in the DNA. Just like Chicago, New York, Miami and St Thomas. Brothers from different mothers!!

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    • Police says:

      Why those police officers especially the female officers were not arrested for looting? the public wants to know

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  2. LOL says:

    Hope they get all the others as well. The whole place was f****d up and theyre stealing TVs? Who has 32 inch TVs anyway!!

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  3. Reply says:

    He should know better; at his age he should know right from wrong. His defense is ridiculous. Because he allegedly saw other people looting, he felt he should do likewise? Indefensible.

    If he had stole a bag of bread or a bottle of water, I would somewhat understand under the circumstances despite it is still wrong, but no, he reportedly grabbed a tv to plug into non-existent electricity.

    For God sake the country was plunged into darkness. Where the hell was he was going to plug that tv into? Up his backside?

    I garter if someone told him to jump over a bride, he would have followed suit even if he he risked breaking his own neck. He need locking up for a few days.

    In times of crisis, people can either rise to the occasion and be their better selves or show themselves to be something less than admirable. This guy chose the later.

    I hope he was relieved of his job at RVIPF, because I just don’t see how he can be maintained in his position after this.

    Some people need to learn to walk to the beat of their own drums, and stop following others. We all have our own brain; think!

  4. 911 says:

    Well he should not feel any how if he see people going to jail and he is going too!

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  5. what!!! says:

    You steal because you see other people doing it!I hope you are punished to the fullest extent of the law and extra for making such a stupid excuse IDIOT.

  6. Folowing the crowd.HUH? says:

    So tell me, if the crowd was sucking on a glass D**k full of crack or Meth, you would do the same? Damn dude, there is no excuse for your stupidity.

  7. Luvz says:

    I saw a man coming out of Riteway road reef with stuff in his hand and drinking beer after the hurricane and I said to my family look at he before he go and give thanks for life he stealing. Wow! The follow the crowd mentally.

    Glad to see the looters being held accountable. It was hard enough to see how badly the place was damaged and sadly all some people can think of at that time is to crab all they can crab.

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  8. lol says:

    I——- robbing ppl blind anyway

  9. Next time says:

    Hopefully government will arm police for the next storm and shoot all looters on sight. Great deterrent capping their asses.

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    • Sound Cloud says:

      Lol, shoot on sight-that’s a little harsh don’t you think? I do agree that we need to send a strong message that looters/looting will not be tolerated.

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