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American Airlines to fly direct to BVI starting June 2023

Works Minister Kye Rymer moments ago announced that the BVI will be receiving direct flights from Miami in the USA by mid-year 2023.

Minister Rymer said the American Airlines flights will begin from June 2023 and hailed the development as a breakthrough for the territory.

The minster said the airline will utilise the Embraer E-175 which can operate with the Terrance B Lettsome’s current airport length.

Rymer said the airline’s decision to resume flights with the territory demonstrates their overwhelming confidence in the BVI and the territory’s tourism product.

“We are very happy to welcome back American Airlines to the British Virgin Islands. This venture to have direct flights between Miami and the British Virgin Islands will make it significantly easier, faster and more affordable for persons from around the world to come to the British Virgin Islands, which is one of the must-visit tourist destinations in the world,” Rymer stated. “Our residents will also benefit from convenient connections for business and leisure travel to dozens of destinations across American’s route network.”

In the meantime, Vice-president of American Airlines – Miami, Juan Carlos Liscano said this year’s demand remained strong for Miami travel and that the airline was looking forward to further growth in 2023 “with a new and unique destination in the Caribbean that our customers love – the British Virgin Islands.”


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Toget from here to Miami, NY or Boston for a great cost would be very good.Hope it happens sooner than all the way June though.

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  2. Popeye says:

    That is great news! But what ever happened to our missing $7M from those airline crooks? Who was responsible for that?

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  3. Congratulations says:

    You have until June 2023 to upgrade the passenger experience at customs, immigration, outbound security and the terminal.

    Make it happen, this chance doesn’t come often.

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  4. BVI Observer says:

    This is good news and a step in the right direction BUT the BVI – Miami flight does not depart until 2.30pm and arrives at MIA at 5.30pm. Add in 3 hours to clear Customs & Immigration.

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  5. Just wanna know says:

    What is this costing tax payers, if anything??

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  6. Salty Fish says:

    Hey – I have thrown a lot of $hit at these guys for a lot of dumb stuff they do.

    I really do not know who made all this happen and when it was ‘actually’ agreed. But, when a good job is done, compliments should be given to all involved. I hope it works well and that Immigration and Customs can handle the guests.

    First bit of good news in a while. So, respect!

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  7. PIECE EIGHT says:

    BLA BLAC BLA BLA Do not seek to deceive peoble with with something that AA is not going to market

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  8. How much was the tab? says:

    Bet it was less than $7 million, and a whole lot less than $$$$ for expanding the airport!

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  9. Resident says:

    this is a game changer

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  10. YES TO UK says:

    I will believe it when I see it.How is it election time everything falls into place. Just think the high tourist is over in April and american is going to start in June its all about politics tell me anything so I can vote for you, Music Festival will return in 2023. When are the roads going to be fixed? when are you going to stop burning garbage up on the hill?, it shows none of you are smart because not one of you are talking about fixing the problems in the BVI, Beef Island to town the roads are really bad.

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  11. Joe says:

    Now we can bring in KFC directly from Miami while skipping St.Thomas.

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  12. @ Popeye says:

    It’s $7.2 million. We want back the whole thing.

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  13. Fix roads before flights says:

    and maybe also fix the attitude of customs & immigration so when tourist arrive they are not shouted at by the incompetent work force

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  14. Not2Sure says:

    Great news, but I am wondering if the BVI government had to give financial guarantees or subsidies to American Airlines to make it happen?

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  15. MYRON AND THE NDP says:

    You all shivering in your boots- Wheatley the man boss

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  16. BuzzBvi says:

    And all done without the magic of a new runway or spending $7 million to share amongst friends for a none existant airline. Hope this is signs that the COI has us heading in the right direction. Schools next, then roads, then waste system, then public transport, and then sort out the dysfunctional public employment for the masses service for surfing the internet and VI starts to look like a real place that may one day become an actual Country.

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  17. Mmm says:

    @ BVI observer let’s not complain yet. We had nothing at all before. Zip. As on Zero flights. Let’s get this one flight going first before we moan about the flight schedule. Let’s not jink it with all the negativity.

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  18. Lester says:


    It is all falling into place.

    KYE is the NEW ACTION MAN!!!

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  19. Not too much mods to be done.. says:

    76 passengers – Only Need about 4 or 5 Immigration and 4-6 Customs on duty to process. Revamp/enlarge the luggage carousel – might need to lick out some of those unused offices and reposition the cashier and the exit route. Might as well get started now.
    Departure check in probably good as is but will need a couple more security check points and scanners which will need more space to be found. Please make sure the departure tax is included in the ticket.

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  20. Fare says:

    All this info but nothing about the airfare. How much money will this AA flight cost the various types of passengers? AA website not providing much info yet.

  21. Perspective. says:

    American Airlines has clearly taken a policy decision over the last year to extend direct flights in the Caribbean. They had specific aircrafts designed to accommodate smaller run ways. We saw their decision to come in to Anguilla and Dominica way before BVi. While we have to give some credit to the government this primarily happened because of AA’s new strategic position. They would have never made a decision to come to BVI alone because it would make sense for them.
    Let’s put things in the right perspective.

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  22. m vanterpool says:

    hey, i aint dead yet

  23. Bumble bee says:

    Please people while this is good news, it is only news, don’t count the chickens before the eggs hatch.
    We might hear after elections we have to make some changes, please watch and have patience we shall receive lots of promises remember elections are coming.

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  24. BuzzBvi says:

    M vanterpool dead in the water since he resigned after having people botherto give him their votes. Why he still there. Just collecting cheques like AF. Even AF had good grace to go eventually.

  25. long live fahie says:

    Andrew did all the groundwork for this to happen

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  26. @Perspective says:

    If you think what you said is so it needed a Minister with the balls to get them here and Minister Kye made happened. Even if you want to say it’s all about timing, he made it happened so give jack his jacket.

    I agree Minister Kye is the new action man.

    Time longer than twine!!!

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  27. @ MYRON AND NDP says:

    Wheatley credited Kye for this accomplishment.

    You should too.

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  28. @long live fahie says:

    Well said and it is factual.

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  29. Another one ah deM says:

    It’s called Broken Newz = is this copying the yellow site

  30. Your post makes me sad says:

    If the goal is to be mediocre.

    Beef is a 3 out of 10. Your suggestions don’t get another point.

  31. Nothing new says:

    LIAT was already bringing 70 passengers on their ATR 72 a few years ago. I’m not sure what all this talk about creating extra space and additional Customs/Immigration Officers is about. Make the place more presentable I agree. A press conference was held on the Government of the Virgin Islands’ Facebook page. Maybe you all should try watching it to get the answers to all the questions being asked.

  32. Eyes open says:

    Some people seeing with their eyes closed. When there was no AA service to BVI, you have one person who ended up being bullied into kissing behind to give unregulated access to the waters vs. a team who tried to create the flight service for the country themselves. Obviously AA’s business decision had NOTHING to do with the government. In fact, if government had a hint of a clue, then why did their non-leader sell out the country by giving unregulated access to BVI waters? If his basis was we need it since there are no direct flights, does this mean he was being untruthful, or does this mean he is completely incompetent or does this mean that the AA decision simply has nothing to do with the government. Now they trying to take credit for a decision that has nothing to do with them. They using it as a life line that they so desperately need but some people have to see with their eyes open. If the non-leader had enough balls to stand up for a little longer, there would be no unregulated water access to the virgin islands tourism product and the flight service would mean ‘leverage’. If I were him, I would be regretful in hindsight with the AA announcement but relieved as heck to know that people seeing with their eyes closed. That’s why the place in a mess.

  33. Can't be earlier. . says:

    How about getting the around the middle of May to coinside with re-start of our music festival. Let those who coming from far come straight, How nice that would be. Even better if we have Music Fest at different locations every year, help all businesses,, Trellis Bay, Cane garden Bay and WI khams Cay next to Yo Mama..One area for what ever reasons allow those business people become greedy enemies, we saw it happen in Cane Garden Bay, We can rotate those 3 locations.

  34. Bs says:

    Let’s look at the hard numbers.

    EIS runway length: 4,642 feet
    E175 takeoff distance: 4,137 feet at ISA 15

    Regulatory required threshold for safety is 1.3 x takeoff distance: 4137 x 1.3 = 5,378 feet

    That’s over 700 feet longer than available runway. Taking into account the hotter than ISA temps, passengers and baggage will have to be limited quite a bit to legally takeoff from this runway. Doable, but reduces the profit and viability to operate this route. How do you get around that? Raise the ticket prices.


  35. @Lester says:

    Action man and the roads are deplorable?????? Electricity is at Al all time high?????? You all are sick in this place! How often do you all travel?????? You drive on these roads EVERYDAY! You need electricity EVERYDAY! Let that sink in!!!!!!

  36. Lodger says:

    3rd Dec AA still only showing flights via SJU or STT and at around $1200.

  37. Jim says:

    So it’s operated by Envoy. Look them up.

    They have a record on par with LIAT. ugh

  38. @Bs says:

    im with you ninety nine percent.
    the figures just dont add up.and why is it that whom ever advertising the wrong aircraft type?

  39. Lol says:

    On our runway the limits on takeoff configuration will put seat cost per mile above the industry average. Good thing we have a little over 6 months to start saving for that ticket. It’s a great option for our villa and charter guests and locals who can afford it who have the disposable income and will likely pay the premium for the convenience.

    Thank you AA.

  40. Common sense says:

    Forget it, they just announced the fare, $2,200 round trip in the back of the plane versus $368 round trip to St Thomas, ain’t going to happen.

  41. Rubber Duck says:

    Stupid prices – nearly or more than $3000 round trip in economy.

    Dead before it starts.

  42. bvi says:

    $6,100 for business class round trip

  43. @bvi says:

    yup that’s your fare.

    Meanwhile $1100 to STT.

  44. very good says:

    Very good news. Hope the price is right,

  45. Hold On! says:

    Is this the same AA who under R.T.O’Neal promised reduce prices if they could refuel in the BVI? (Was it also for direct to Miami?)
    As I can recall, whatever they wanted was granted – no fall in ticket price (they increased), and shortly thereafter, they pulled out!

  46. state sider says:

    miami kfc is not the same as st thomas

  47. MH says:

    Omg this is good news

  48. Fred Flintstone says:

    Get Global Entry. Will save tons of time

  49. Now says:

    the powder gonna flow north

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