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And the Governor’s Commendation Award goes to …

The 2020 recipients of the awards for outstanding service at HMP.

Three female prison officers and two males were among the recipients of the Governor’s Commendation Award which is the most prestigious of all the awards presented on behalf of Her Majesty’s Prison.

The recipients were among 24 persons who were awarded on Monday at Her Majesty’s Prison Superintendent’s Parade and Commendation Award Ceremony which was held at the Balsam Ghut facility.

They are Acting Principal Officer Sonia Musgrave and Jenene Edwards, Prison Officer II Kesena Okoro, and Acting Prison Officer II Walter Barrette and Alan Jackson.

Edwards, who is also the Admissions Manager was further awarded the Minister’s Award, while Barrette who is also the Restorative Justice Officer received the Superintendent Commendation Certificate. Jackson, in the meantime, she received the Superintendent Commendation Silver Award.

Speaking at the ceremony, Governor Augustus Jaspert commended all the officers for their dedication to providing an important service to the territory and explained the nature of the award.

He said: “The award is presented to persons who excel in one or more of the following areas. These are acts of bravery, policy and strategic planning, loyalty and self-sacrifice and as I read out those three areas, I am humbled by the jobs that you do knowing that those three things have to stay core to provide exceptional leadership.”

He added: “Actually, the decisions we make are implemented by you, the decisions that we take to keep our people safe as a territory is on your shoulders and I am very cognizant that at our level we detect the plans, the strategies, the work and we can recruit excellent people. But, actually, it comes down to the hard work, the integrity, the commitment, of our outstanding prison officers every single day of the year.”

More to come in 2021

Superintendent of Prisons, Verne Garde also thanked all of his prison officers for their excellent work over the years and declared that more is to come in the next calendar year with the plans already in store for the facility.

He said: “I want to say that come 2021, we will work harder than we have worked for the last three years to ensure that we build a more professional service because the work is not ended. And I am sure that at the end of that period the ceremonies will go on, the rehabilitation strategies that we try will go on.”

Meanwhile, during the parade, Minister responsible for Prison, Carvin Malone along with his Acting Permanent Secretary Tasha Bertie inspected the officers during their ceremonial march.

Governor Augustus Jaspert hands award to female Prison Officer Alan Jackson.


Governor Augustus Jaspert presents an award to Prison Officer Jenene Edwards

Governor Augustus Jaspert presents an award to Prison Officer Kesena Okoro.

Governor Augustus Jaspert presents an award to Prison Officer Sonia Musgrave

Governor Augustus Jaspert presents an award to Walter Barrett of Her Majesty’s Prison.


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  1. Well says:

    Can the Air Traffic Controllers And Fire Officers get any commendations from the Airport?

  2. Eyes says:

    5 governor award no local? Someone please explain

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    • Explain says:

      Kindly read the requirements and see that the persons awarded were given to persons who achieved specific measurables. Everything is not about where you are from. Learn that and things will begin to change in this world.

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  3. looking on says:

    I don’t see any locals for the governor award, can someone tell me how this is possible? when we were told locals would be trained and be develop?

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  4. inquiring mind says:

    Is there a charge for giving the Governor and Minister a set of lies to read on paper in public?

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  5. Truth says:

    Haters everywhere we go. Great job to all those who were recognized for their work. I am sure if others do what they are paid to do, they will receive what they can celebrate also.

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  6. Explain says:

    Kindly read the requirements and see that the persons awarded were given to persons who achieved specific measurables. Everything is not about where you are from. Learn that and things will begin to change in this world.

  7. Tola says:

    Good job guys. Governor Jaspert …where is your mask? Please be an example to others…

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  8. mask says:

    the worst h*** of p**** ever; nothing he does have credibility including his Governors recommendation.

  9. real talk says:

    How can people with disciplinary charges pending against them be given the governor award?

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  10. Mantra says:

    @Real Talk
    It is apparent you are a trouble maker and instigator. I would worry about your file if I were you.

  11. Liz says:

    It is truly refreshing to see the number of female officers being recognized and making their way to the top in an institution that around the world has been and is still looked at as male-dominated. I want to encourage you all to keep your heads up, remain focused and dedicated and do not compromise your integrity or your values.
    To the males who received awards and even those who did not, continue to walk and work honestly and good will follow you. Congratulations to all.
    Awaiting the other agencies and their awards.

  12. Local says:

    Locals ain’t getting nothing in that prison they a lot of locals there that have potential they just not giving a chance the island people think they job will be taking from them. I can’t go to there country and run it so why let them come here to run our prison system. Yo talk about change but where is it u have farmable officers sexing for position high standards positions all the governor awards were fabricated not one truth in it. How can a civilian be a acting Po. How can a CNR instructor who didn’t pass in England be the BVI trainer which he doesn’t no anything the other females don’t no there ass from there elbows. “THE PRISON NEED INVESTIGATING “

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  13. wowed says:

    If xenophobia could kill like Covid the BVI would still be run by foreigners more than national or should I even use the word nationals in the same breathe. Not sure if I should say belongers or ,,,,,. Watch your residential status before you call your self a BV islander and the people you consider that too. People who work on your island many are invited because they were qualified.they did not come to take the jobs that you could have handled so well. This happens all over the world. Non nations in various position. You are to small mined. Get with the program

  14. Angel says:

    Congratulations to all who received awards. Special congratulations to the head of prisons on your wonderful and productive stewardship. Continue to highlight the good work of the employees to boost the staff morale and dedication. Good to see our women are breaking the glass ceiling and are being recognized for their performance.

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