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Andrew Fahie would fix our horse racing issues — Parsons

Eileen Parsons

Former legislator Eileen Parsons has once again bemoaned the absence of horse racing events in the BVI, saying the territory needs leaders with courage to make the necessary changes.

Horse racing has been part of the BVI culture for many years but in recent times, the sport has been on pause because of an impasse between the government and the estate of Ellis Thomas that own the racetrack in Sea Cow’s Bay.

For some time now, Parsons has been advocating for the government to use eminent domain and take the venue by (legal) force. But she said such a decision would require courageous leadership — a quality that she saw in former Premier Andrew Fahie.

“I’ve been saying that if I were in power, I would have taken the damn land by eminent domain — get two appraisals for the land and pay (owners) the higher appraisal. If they don’t want to take the money, put it in the bank. They’d be taking the money for the public good, it would have been settled,” Parsons explained earlier this week on Tola Radio.

She continued: “But you need to have the courage — bad Andrew, good Andrew, he would have done settled this long time. It is a shame that Easter is coming up and there will be no race.”

Parsons also chided current Minister of Sports Sharie de Castro, saying she should be more vocal on the issue since it falls under her ministerial purview.

“There’s a Minister of Sports whose grandfather was a big horse owner. That young lady is totally silent. I hope she’s listening. Don’t tell me she can’t come out and say something, this is her subject,” Parsons said.

In the meantime, former president of the BVI Horse Owners’ Association Violet “Letty” Hodge, who was also part of the discussion, said there needs to be a collective call from the community to let legislators know that people want to see the return of horseracing.

“I don’t know if there needs to be a march, demonstration or something to let those higher heads know that we mean business and we want this thing back!” Hodge said.


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  1. Collective Call says:

    Seems to me that the community has a lot more pressing / important issues to issue calls about….

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  2. one trick pony says:

    This ladt goes on and on about this – and wants the Government to pay millions of dollars for her pet project.
    People like horse racing, but they also like going out for dinner, fast boats, big houses etc – the Government should not be paying for any of these things (except for extraordinary unaccounted for perks for government workers obviously).
    If Mrs P wants horse racing, let her pay for it.

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  3. Just Wrong says:

    Why doesn’t Lesmore fix the issues?

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  4. Mad Max says:

    Lot of drugs surrounding those names and others involved in horse racing here. Clean it all up first and then start again.

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  5. Overseer says:

    It is a pretty poor admission that you liked the ruling style of a drug smuggling, corrupt political leader. She should be hanging her head in shame! As for the horse racing, the sport was introduced by the British and therefore automatically should be given abuse and cries to ban it from the islands forever shouldn’t it? I mean, anything or anyone British is generally talked of as a colonial hangover who is racist, doesn’t know what is good for the British Territory and out to get you!

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  6. Horse racing says:

    Has been allegedly sponsored by the drug king pins of the BVI since the 1980s, I guess she is saying we need more drug money to support it again?

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  7. reality says:

    horse racing died when the DEA grabbed B** after watching him for 13 years. The kingpin of the drug trade was taken out and so all the killig began by the infighting with the young ones who think and wannbe gangsters.
    These new drug dealer have no interest in horse racing and so there is no money for it anymore, this is not and should never be a government funded pastime for the well off families in the territory.
    If they want it let them pay for it all, just like everywhere else in the world, horseracing is a business not a government funded activity.

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  8. Hmm says:

    Ms go and set your crazy a** down! We don’t want the horse track fix with drug money! Tell he send so good drug money leg for you!! Set of sick F’s

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  9. Hmm says:

    They just have you their living life good when poor people here need help! Government wasting money taking care of you and others!! You’ll spoil!! It’s Sickening

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  10. Hmm says:

    Governor need to look into all them stuff!! And cut them out!!

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  11. Elsa says:

    If Andrew Fahie would have fixed it, he would have concentrated on that as opposed to the other foolish things he did with the Social Security money. Well he cannot fix it now.

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  12. Kingfish says:

    I hope that horse racing in the BVI is dead forever.

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    • smallfish says:

      you sound so foolish bet your at home living in your parents house still

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      • Kingfish says:

        @Smallfish: My parents are both deceased and over the course of my lifetime I have owned 4 homes. Here is what we will do. We will place 125 pounds on your back and have you run the length of the racetrack with someone beating you with a whip to make you run faster. I believe you and others who enjoy this cruel so-called sport will enjoy it. Let me know when you are ready, and I will make it happen, give me advance notice as I no longer live in the BVI.

  13. hello says:

    It’s easy to focus on entertainment when your an elite without money worries.

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  14. Rattling says:

    I am under the impression that gambling is illegal in these Vi but then again so is prostitution.
    But here is this woman,pleading for the snatching of a BVISLANDERS most precious generational gift of ,
    Land and for the purpose of gambling.The owners terms and must be bypassed for illegal recreation?
    I have lost total respect for her.
    What has created this atypical mindset of hers?
    My guess is that she has not had the fortune of inherited land and us unable to relate. Is her largesse a result of gift/handout of the BVI Government or possibly hush hush payoffs from local cartels…Strange outlook and evil?

    Anegada flaaat and a small population almost empty..perfect for a horseracing venue.

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  15. Lube says:

    Well miss Parson he cant fix it now buddy. That big boi in jail lmfao.

    hold that soap big drew!

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  16. madea says:

    When she says fix it – what with drug money?

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  17. Shame on her says:

    Says a lot about her when she can say help would be welcomed by a convicted enabler for drug dealers. No ethics

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  18. Concerned Citizen says:

    ” But she said such a decision would require courageous leadership — a quality that she saw in former Premier Andrew Fahie.
    Yes, he courageously tried to make millions becoming a cocaine cartel member while we were paying him to lead our country.

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  19. We have tiime says:

    As she said good Andrew bad Andrew the funny thing is that he did had a chance to fix it and he ignored it

    She have alot to say she was in power why didn’t she do it at the time as well

  20. Problems says:

    As time goes on, it becomes evident that the problematic generation was never the youths all along. They were just getting the blame for the sins of the older generation. The country needs deliverance.

  21. Banana says:

    If Andrew did the job he was paid to do (with our tax money)instead of being a corrupt drug dealer then maybe the track would be open.
    On a side note, doesn’t the territory have more important matters to attend to than paying millions for a horse racing track? Aren’t things like rampant crime, crumbling roads, bad utilities, the state of the schools and public servant increments more important? Some of these old people need to sit down and examine how the BVI got to be in such a bad position to begin with. They want to blame the youth for everything but who raised them?

  22. BuzzBvi says:

    Looks like you day is done. Our courageous drug dealling, corrupt leader no longer here to help you down you own path of corruption. What a thing to look up to. No one can reapect you.

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  23. really smh says:

    WOW. just WOW…. Never ceases being AMAZED with people! WOW!

  24. HMM HMM HMMM says:

    same lady tells Mr. Fahie boy get the f from infront of me lol.

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