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Another anti-Dolphin Discovery petition emerges, several rally behind online protest

Screenshot of the online petition

More than 2,000 persons have affixed their signatures to an online petition to protest the return of the Dolphin Discovery franchise to the British Virgin Islands.

The online petition titled ‘Stop the return of captive dolphins to the British Virgin Islands’ was created days ago by Neil Day and is seeking 2,500 signatures. It had already surpassed 2,000 supporters up to press time on Monday, October 7.

“Very little good news came about as a result of Hurricane Irma which decimated our Virgin Islands in 2017. One bit of positivity, however, was the destruction of the captive dolphin facility and tourist attraction run by Dolphin Discovery,” an introduction to the petition read.

“[But] now the Government of the Virgin Islands are in discussion with Dolphin Discovery to bring this outdated form of entertainment back to the BVI,” it further read.

Dolphin abuse

Organisers of the petition went on to describe the business as a violation of dolphins.

 “The practice of exploiting these intelligent, social animals is out of step with the modern world, basic decency and increasingly the law as countries — most recently Canada — continue to ban this vile exploitation,” the said organisers claimed.

“Many travel companies, most recently Trip advisor, have stopped promoting or selling tickets to captive dolphin programmes as they distance themselves from those that seek to profit from evil. This brings shame on all of us who call the BVI home,” the petition further claimed.

In the meantime, several persons who signed the petition used the platform to also publicly comment on their reasons for signing. 

“No animal should be used for human entertainment — it is inhumane. It is not an answer for tourism, it’s cruel and should be illegal! Don’t waste your money on this disgusting project,” one woman wrote.

“Keeping dolphins in captivity is extremely cruel. The BVI has so much to offer tourists without stooping to animal cruelty simply to make a profit,” said another.

“I do not see the benefit of captivating these beautiful creatures to generate revenue,” another local commented.

Similar petition done last year

This is at least the second anti-Dolphin Discovery petition which has been done in recent times.

In July last year, citing animal welfare as their reason, Dolphin Freedom UK created an online petition to urge local government to deny the Dolphin Discovery franchise the permit to re-open in the British Virgin Islands.

The UK based organization said they are concerned over what they described as the ‘harm and potential danger’ the animals were exposed to during significant weather events such as the September 2017 hurricanes.

However, Dolphin Discovery said all procedures were adhered to before, during and after the weather events in question.

“Thanks to the strict hurricane prevention protocols, professionalism, and dedication of the work team, no one was injured or hurt even though this was one of the most powerful hurricanes of the Atlantic in the last decade,” a media release from the company indicated.

Premier Andrew Fahie announced recently that Dolphin Discovery is expected to make a comeback in 2020 and will be one of the much-needed attractions for tourists and locals alike.

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  1. Me says:

    What about the horses and other animals, who are you to decide witch animal to live and who to die, you are the same who sale poison to kill dogs the ones to kill the caws but want to see the dolphins free. what a life.

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    • @me says:

      Did you attend a school? “Witch”? Really!! Try “which”. It works better. Also you might try “sell” in lieu of “sale”. Once again the education system of the BVI comes to light.

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      • @me says:

        To assume that everyone who cannot spell or grammar is bad was educated in the BVI is prejudice and only proves the mind set of the people who come to this little territory,and will like to make decissions that will affect us all. There is no good intention towards the locals if everytime you people see an opportunity you lash out at everthing that is BVI. That is the reason why we cannot spread the red carpeyt for everyone, because everyone do not have good intentions.

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      • You got the point. says:

        I understood her point. There are people here working for some of those petitioners who are more enslaved. Who appointed you the grammar police?

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    • Umm says:

      Um, I don’t think anyone is “deciding witch animal live and who to die”.
      Who tell you that’s what the petition was for?
      The petition was against keeping these animals in captivity when we know how much they suffer.
      You can say you don’t care – that’s up to you. But millions of people around the world know that these creatures are highly, highly intelligent, they are meant to roam the oceans, not live in small swimming pools, and that by doing this we are deciding to be CRUELfor cash.
      Some in the Caribbean doesn’t care about that. A lot of people do.

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      • @umm says:

        Having an animal captive does not mean evil or cruelty. Why having a pet dog tied, pet bird in a cage, children in school, wife in a house, horse in a stable, an adult going to work, fish in a tank is considered cruel and evil? If having dolphins captive for amusement is evil and cruel i suggest we free all animals and persons and let them roam the earth as they please, with dogs and pets becoming wild and humans becoming vagrants. More important issues to cast attntion to and dolphins are magically important! Please just go SIDDUNG with this petition.

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  2. YES says:

    I will be signing this petition
    The BVI is better than this.
    Dolphins are intelligent, wild animals and are not a source of amusement and entertainment pathetic human beings looking for more likes on their sorry instagram accounts.
    The BVI should not be making money off captive dolphins. It’s cruel.

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    • So happy says:

      We cannot and will not allow this to happen. I am a animal lover and I think the dolphins should not be held in capativity, that is animal abuse.People here is very abusive to the strays on the Island. You mistreat innocent animals, things begin to go very bad for you.

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      • Scupzzz says:

        When you people talk about cruelty to dogs it is a dead giveaway just who you are. You come and enjoy the infrastructure that taxed businesslike dolphin discovery build but you have no clue how we got to this stage of country that is comfortable for you johnny come lately to live richly in.
        You talking about dogs and dolphins but talking about locals like they are useless scum – oh ye hypocrites.
        You bask in chlorine water as sport
        You walk your dogs and won’t pick up after them
        You segregate your children
        You steal our lands and block them off
        You don’t know a damned thing except self gain and would be as powerless as a feather where you come from as pale as you are. Go try your crap at longleat, seaworld, and the rest. No right? Because Monkey know what tree to climb.

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    • Plus says:

      We pride ourselves to be nature’s little secret. Keeping dolphins in captive is not inline with this.

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    • My 2 cents says:

      I believe that most of the people on this thread who are againts having dolphin in captivity are not from the BVI. Every time I visit a “developed” county I visit the zoo. Tell me where on earth do we have more captive animals than in these countries. Where are the anti captive elephants, lions etc. protesters.

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  3. the cuban says:


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  4. ?? says:

    Who are the people signing the petition? How many of them have ties to the BVI? Where are the petitions for better roads? Better schools? Better after-school programs? It seems like if it’s not about a cat, dog or dolphin we can just f**k off. So you sign a petition to stop the dolphins and then what? What are the alternative solutions? The pitch is that attractions are needed for tourists and otherwise. These types of attractions also provide educational opportunities for our kids.

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    • rrr says:

      Attractions are already there for tourists. Beaches, road tours, snorkle trips; none of these harm animals. Keeping them captive in an area vastly too small for them does. There is no educational opportunity for kids here. All they are seeing is cruelty. Developed nations around the world are moving away from this type of barbaric “attraction”. BVI needs to follow suit. We are better than this. (and yes- the majority of signatories to this petition have very close ties to BVI)

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    • Great logic says:

      Why not start a petition for better schools then? At the moment the only people who have a direct say in education policy are those allowed to vote. As far as I’m aware, voters can either demand an improved education system and hold politicians to account or they can’t. Back to the animal welfare issue – it does not seem unreasonable for a petition to be started to oppose the reintroduction of dolphin captivity. I think it highly unlikely that many people signing this particular petition wont have links to BVI. Very few people even know where BVI is unless they have links here. BVI is better than this. It’s nothing short of a cynical money making activity. If you want to see dolphins in BVI, support marine protection and get out in the water.

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    • @?? says:

      You hit the nail on the head.

    • I will says:

      Don’t worry I will F*ck off.
      I won’t visit the BVI and I won’t pay thousands of dollars to do so.
      That is my choice.
      And I will continue to press my government to close tax loop-holes that allow wealthy individuals and corporations to hide their taxes in the BVI while denying my community of the tax revenue it is rightfully due.
      Good luck paying your bills and feeding your kids with no tourists and without stealing the taxes from other communities off an outdated ‘swim-with-the-dolphins attraction’.

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  5. unreal says:

    A world where people eat meats, exploit their neighbors and pay to see Humans at a Circus, but so piously cry over entertaining Dolphins.

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  6. What!!! says:

    Of their “dedicated work team no one was hurt or injured” because of the hurricane. What happened to the dolphins because of the hurricane???

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  7. Surprised says:

    It is unfortunate that those who denounce animal cruelty are the ones who are most cruel to human beings.

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  8. Cruel Exploitation says:

    Is there a difference between a capitalist, a scumbag, a greedy mind/heart and a dolphin captivator? None some would say. It this case, definitely not.

    Cruel, heartless exploitation of all animals, but especially the dilphin, should be relegated to the graveyard of history, just as physical slavery has been.

    Ubfortunately, for the greed of money, some will have no conscience in exploiting any possible resource to satisfy their addiction and immoral lust for money.

    Moreover, our government officials are equal in their thinking in allowing such low lifes’ masquarading as “business people” to defile the morality of the BVI for a few tourist crumbs.

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  9. fed up says:

    Of the 2000 signature how many of them live in the BVI? they support sport fishing and game hunting but they on their high horses for this. If you don’t like what we are doing the Air Ports and Sea Ports are open.

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  10. Confucius says:

    To keep intelligent beings in captivity and feed them frozen fish so that they will perform for tourists is just wrong.

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  11. The Truth says:

    When is Sea World, Central Park Zoo, Rhino hunting shutting down? Hell, even the circuses. Stay out of out affairs.

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  12. The Bible says:

    In the Book of Genesis God created the world and everything in it. He made man above all other creatures, and gave man dominion over all animals of the land, the sea and the air.

    As long as the dolphins are well taken care of, and not abused, there is no harm in the program as proposed by the Dolphin company.

    As I see it, there are zoos all over the world in all the developed countries, and those people who are against this initiative well know that animals are used in entertainment all over the world, in zoos and in sports, and yet they vilify the BVI as if we are backwards in relation to the rest of the world because of a controlled environment for dolphins. Maybe we are in terms of not having a public zoo to showcase our natural wildlife, as well as the imported ones that only rich island owners can have on their private islands.

    If this is a tourism booster, I say way to go, I would like to swim with a dolphin myself. They are intelligent and beautiful and love to be around people.

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    • read something more recent says:

      Great you have read the bible. You know that book is thousands years old by now?

      If you read something more recent you will learn that zoos all over the world face scrutiny. Since your lovely little book was written a lot was learned about animals. Perhaps you should educate yourself about animal wellfare instead of just reading one book that is by now extremely outdated.

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    • true says:

      well it would ay Man above all creatures, seeing as it was MAN who wrote it a WHITE man to subjugate the masses with the threat of HELL and they swallowed it hook line and sinker, its just a shame people still believe what their slave masters told them to be true……

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  13. Bogey man says:

    Does Andrew Fahie want to remembered forever as the man who allowed this? It’ll be your legacy Mr Premier, think carefully.

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  14. Ejuk8 yerself says:

    Watch Blackfish and The Cove and read up about the keeping of dolphins as intelligent mammals in captivity.

    The introduction of this sort of thing, which will benefit in rich family here plus a Mexican company only And the cruise companies, will be to the detriment of others in the tourism industry as people with any scruples will go elsewhere refusing to be part of condoning it.

    We have plenty of other things we could be putting resources behind, including seeing sea life out there in the natural environment.

    Who are we if we have dolphin prisons, a delapidated near non-existent tourist product in Road Town, the burning dump so visible to all who arrive and stay, unreliable diesel powered electricity, garbage all over the streets, no decent parks for families, untreated sewage flowing onto beaches and into the sea? Are we nature’s little secrets? We can do better and our children expect a better place to grow.

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  15. Hmmm says:

    If these same people who claim that they are pushing to protect animals had use this same effort to help BVI and its people after Irma then we would have already recoverded fully and have all the money the BVI needs. A set of hypocrites.

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    • Vipers says:

      I wonder how much that signed the petition killed off our lionfish by the millions. They used to have lionfish hunting and killing parties and brag about it online. How soon they forget. Now they are trying to act all self righteous. All sea creatures want to live. Where do they draw the line?

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      • Smh says:

        @VIpers the line draws with Edcation. Once your educated you will be good to go. Right now your just talking.

        • At smh says:

          And right now you are brimming with that despicable white privilege. Not one of you have even acknowledged the wrong and over reach of killing off our lion fish. That is not a light matter. Anyway patiently waiting for you all to return to whence you came. And those who came to help the Islands progress, we will coexist in harmony. The separation has begun.

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  16. Haha says:

    They say chimpanzees and other apes are just or more intelligent but they are put in zoos, circuses etc. I don’t see many complaints around the world. Some people care more about animals over their own neighbours. How about we start selling dolphin meat as a delicacy instead. #Dolphin Fest to VG let’s make it happen.

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    • Free Willy says:

      “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way in which its animals are treated” Mahatma Gandhi

      What a great and morally upstanding place the BVI is, with its cock and dog fighting, its dolphin prison, with its starved cows, its chained-up hounds. Let’s all go and read some old Testament hate and burn some “demonic” cat artwork and give ourselves a pat on the back for showing those nasty non-belongers how smart we are #BVIproud #BVIDolphinprisonpride

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      • Hah says:

        No the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by their actions throughout history. Enslaving, killing and raping human beings just because of the color of their skin. Give them “freedom” without education, a place to live, money or anything other than the clothes on their back basically forcing them to return to their masters to work for free with the wages earned being their shelter and food. Shame on the savages that would treat human beings like this.

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        • Yes says:

          No one like to admit it but slavery was alive an well in Africa long before the europeans arrived.
          The Europeans just bought slaves from their AFRICAN slave owners.
          If you want to point fingers then get your history straight

  17. Question says:

    Owning a person, beating your woman, polluting the earth, persecuting someone for their religion were once all considered acceptable behaviors in the past – then laws were introduced to change that – lots of laws are introduced all over the world to stop humans behaving badly – so why can’t we do the same here? Should we continue doing something barbaric because it is done elsewhere? I don’t understand.

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  18. A moment of Silence Please! says:

    I lived at Prospect Reef some years ago and on several occasions I visited Dolphin Discovery to watch the Dolphins do their stunts.
    I don’t really have an opinion for or against Dolphins being used as entertainers or the person/s or business involved earning a profit doing so.
    Being intelligent and social creatures dolphins are they may very well enjoy the care, food and attention given them and are ever ready to display their skills and showmanship and interaction with human beings. It is perhaps true to, that in times of bad weather, dolphins would do better free to move as they please and roam the open waters and the depths.
    Pigeons are often kept as pets and are usually free to fly and peruse the skies and return to the safety of their cages and food. They usually fly and return and sometimes fly several times, then return to their cages and homes as if comfortable in their cages and around human beings.

    It is also likely, that Dolphins being quite intelligent and social creatures, might very well see their caretakers/trainers their as friends (constantly feeding and caring for them) may well love the the interaction with human beings.

    In a Youtube video a dog is seen traumatised, in anguish, barking and trying to get loose from persons holding and controlling him while an ambulance was about to take his owner lying on a stretcher for emergency care upon falling ill.. Breaking loose from the persons holding him the dog leaped onto the stretcher and across his owner’s body as if to protect him.

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    • small island says:

      I understand there is a dolphin swim in FL where the dolphins come in on their own to play and swim with the people..and probably to get the food. They are free to come and go..sometimes they come; sometimes they don’t..maybe this would be a good model for the BVI. The dolphins can play, and be free and an additional sight for tourists on boats.They have the choice.

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  19. Please! says:

    Some of you who signed the petition have taken your family to aquariums and seaquariums the world over, so put a sock in it.

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  20. Eagle eye says:

    Most of who is against this movement does eat chicken fish cows goats etc.if you do eat any of these pls don’t sign the petition thank you.

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  21. BVI Belonger says:

    They used to move the dolphins into the Prospect Reef swimming pool during storms/hurricanes (I witnessed this first hand when trying to swim the day before a storm a few years ago). Disgusting. I hope this business never returns.

    All these comments spewing racist / religious nonsense further show how backwards we are as a nation.

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  22. #NeverAgainVIP says:


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  23. John says:

    Safe the Dolphins, it’s cruel to keep them in captivity. But let’s slaughter the cows the chicken, the pigs, turkeys and any other animal that we don’t deam “cute” LOL. I swear humans are so irrational sometimes.

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  24. Quiet Warrior says:

    Free Willy! The VI must transform itself into both an attractive and attractions destination. The VI definitely needs more cultural, historical, archaeological quality attractions to be a more competitive destinations. A dolphin exhibit may not make it a more competitive destination. Visitors journey to destinations to experience something different, something unique……..etc. Most visitors to the BVI come from the US; they can see dolphins at Sea World. Let the dolphins roam free.

  25. CW says:

    These comments are pitiful. STRUPE COMMENTS

  26. Concerned says:

    Racism very much alive here in these comments. Don’t forget most of your tourist are Caucasians, so keep it up. Also you do not seem aware how many beautiful places there are on this planet, without a burning dump, garbage littering the side of the road and beaches which need to be closed because of sewage.

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  27. @Concerned says:

    Racism is alive and live right here in segregated communities. It works in many offices, and treats many people of color worst than those dolphins will ever be treated. It does not support any thing local, nor is it ever seen entering a local owned business. There is more.

    It can also be postulated that 99.99% of the so called people that enter here as “tourist” are or have dire misgivings to out right hatred for people of color here and every where else.

    Black or Brown people did not create racism, they are victims of it.

    So take your self righteous comments, look in the mirror and cleanse your own racist soul.

    Everyone has the right to their own opinion and are not bound to take into any consideration the brusing of another denires’ ego.

    Lastly, “a burning dump, garbage littering the side of the road and beaches which need to be closed because of sewage” exist in every single city, state, county and town in the US, Canada and Europe.

    Hence, know those to be facts before seeking to place the people and the BVI negatively out of your anus mind and unto the world.

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  28. My 2 cents says:

    I believe that most of the people on this thread who are againts having dolphin in captivity are not from the BVI. Every time I visit a “developed” county I visit the zoo. Tell me where on earth do we have more captive animals than in these countries. Where are the anti captive elephants, lions etc. protesters.

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  29. your right says:

    I want to throw some of these ppl who want DD back,in the same pen,hold them by them dam wig/braids and ride them like a donkey till them froth.Swim nah giddy up guddy up.How you like…eat some sardine.

  30. Really says:

    These the same people that own cats, dogs and various rodents that they have in their beds, kissing on the mouth and drinkin out the same glass….. They have a special connection to the animals alright, half the flea medications dont even be for the pet, but for the owner….. All the existing issues there are to petition and they jump on the dolphins…… You cant blame them really because they share that animal gene as well.

  31. racism? says:

    Here we go again.
    This petition was about the welfare of the dolphins. Had nothing to do with race. But of course it was the black folk who made it into a black vs white thing.
    And then they preach that only white people are racists. What a joke.
    Racism exists in all communities. White folk didn’t invent it. Africans and Arabs and Asians are all racists too. Stop playing the pity card and open your eyes and take a long hard look in the mirror.
    And save the slavery talk…. Africans were enslaved by other Africans long before the white man was on the scene. Our European master purchased our Ancestors from BLACK AFRICAN slave owners. That’s a fact as much as none of you want to admit it. BLACK folk treat their fellow BLACK people worse than anyone else on the planet. But that’s supposedly okay because it’s not racist?
    And as these comments clearly show Africans have very little empathy for animals/wildlife… it’s a fact of life. But unfortunately the majority of tourists coming to the BVI and investing in the territory are WHITE and they are turning against animal exploitation and more aware of animal welfare issue so we risk turning them away from our country. Some say let them go but just ask yourself how will you pay your rent and your grocery bill without money from white people? You are all such hypocrites moaning about racist white people and yet cashing their checks to pay your mortgage and car loans.

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