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Another man charged in connection to attempted abduction case

K’vawn Choucoutou being escorted from court on Tuesday, October 23.

Police have charged an East End man who allegedly claimed that the gun which was used in the attempted abduction at Chalwell Marina back in August belonged to him.

K’vawn Choucoutou is charged for unlawful possession of an unlicensed Hi-Point calibre pistol, as well as unlawful possession of four .45 ammunition and two Winchester live cartridges of ammunition without a valid permit.

Choucoutou allegedly had the gun and ammunition between December 1, 2017, to August 4, 2018.

The accused man did not enter a plea when he appeared before Magistrate Shawn Innocent on Tuesday, October 23.


The court heard that police apprehended two male suspects who allegedly had the aforementioned gun during an attempted abduction at the Chalwell Marina in East End on August 4.

Prosecutors told the court that police then conducted investigations into the firearm and found that Choucoutou allegedly provided the weapon to the attempted abduction suspects.

As a result, police executed a search warrant on Choucoutou’s premises on October 19 but nothing pertaining to the crime was found. He was however arrested on suspicion of the offences for which he is now charged.

During a subsequent police interview, Choucoutou allegedly denied being part of the attempted abduction but admitted to being the owner of the gun.

He reportedly told police someone attempted to rob him with the same gun in December last year but he managed to take the gun away.

The court heard that he and two other persons allegedly has had possession of the illegal weapon since then.

When showed a photo of the firearm in question, Choucoutou allegedly identified it by ‘familiar’ scratch markings on the top, the court heard.

A bail application was not made for Choucoutou during his court appearance on Tuesday. This is said to be because the Magistrate’s Court has no jurisdiction over the matter. As such, Choucoutou’s attorney Valerie Stephens-Gordon will have to make the application in the High Court.

The accused will return to court on November 5.


Alanah Chalwell, Nyall Giovanni George and Daren Fahie – who appeared before the court on previous occasions – are jointly charged in connection to the same August 4 incident.

They were charged with attempted abduction with intent, unlawful possession of a firearm with intent to commit an offence, unlawful possession of ammunition, and obliterating or defacing identifying marks on a firearm.

Chalwell’s nephew, who is a boat captain, is said to be the target.

He was pounced upon at the Chalwell marina when he returned from his weekly trip from Anegada on the day in question.

Despite being held at gunpoint, he fought back and was rescued with help from family and crew members.

They are all on remand and is scheduled to return to court on October 25.

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  1. Gumption.Official says:

    Let me guess. None of his family and friends knew he had an illegal firearm because he’s the coolest dude and most friendliness dude alive. Just like all the others who was cought with illegal guns and drugs. P.s none of you ratchet people don’t @G.O at me cause I no longer go back and forth with ratchet people…. I’m not the issue the issue is the people who’s maintaining our community as a gun and drug town. The people most of you guys protect and encourage.

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    • gumptionthebigweedsmoker says:

      When you out here smoking away your joints you do not talk about drugs then huh?

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      • Anegada says:

        @gumptionthebigweedsmoker When you see him- snap a picture ( maybe he will autograph it based on his mood that day! Don’t hate because he may or may not smoke! Gumption ain’t our issue he’s actually help on the Solutions, don’t lose sight to what he posted. You sounded like a very jealous hater! Don’t mind them Gummy do your thing bro!

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        • @anegada says:

          Show me the “help on solutions”. Is he helping witha solution in this case to orrrr ? No hate over here but do not speak about drugs and talk about others when he himself is not any better! Do not found stones at a glass house !!! I rest my case ok ?

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    • DumbtionOfficial says:

      Save yourself the head ache and stop commenting on these cases. You’re very annoying and you’re drawing attention from the wrong ppl. U don’t want that kina heat on u in the screets

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    • Hypocrite says:

      You say the man who burglarized the super market on VG is your brother, and to stay strong, oh he will get a place in your company.

      And then come out to say

      “Let me guess. None of his family and friends knew he had an illegal firearm because he’s the coolest dude and most friendliness dude alive.”

      Never commented on your shh before but this is too much. Save your friends rep and destroy another. SMH.

  2. Lol says:

    Real detective work. Team A cudo!keep up the good work.

    • No real evidence says:

      Wow, this man must have been forced to corroborate the statement of others already charged and in police custody. With no evidence other than the words of criminals this man gives him self over to police?

      Did he have a lawyer before giving statements to police? Did police tell him he has the right not to say anything? That he can seek legal counsel before addressing these claims?

      This man was duped into a con—–. No evidence of that gun being his, and he takes the wrap. It’s all circumstantial at least. No prints, dna, powder residue, not in his home, or on his person, no documents of purchase. He certainly didn’t make it, so what in the name of god is he doing being charged?

      Police bend the law to get convictions all day everyday!

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  3. Adriana says:

    Prosecutors now let’s us see your talent.

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  4. East End gyal says:

    What a whirlwind story…smh

  5. What says:

    How that skinny a4$ guy manage to take a gun away from someone who tried to rob him.

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    • Mind your FUNKY Business says:

      He may be skinny but he has strength and balls so in order words MIND YOUR F*NK**G BUSINESS THANKS!

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      • Plump says:

        Skinny is a complementary word,consdering that in this priveledged tropical paradise, every other human alive,is grotesquely obese and suffering from one or all of several chronic and preventable illness, effectively bankrupting the health insurance system while whining about the high cost of health insurance.

    • wtf is wrong with you says:

      thank god he was able to wrestle the gun away! You ever think about the trauma he and his family went thru ? He had his little cousins there too you think those kids weren’t terrified and all you can do is talk about him being skinny ? Sick bunch of people .

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  6. Shock Wave says:

    I aint know dude was so dumb. I hope he made up his mind to do some serious time cuz with all these gun crimes some folks like he going have to pay. He might get a cool 7-10 years or just a 5years offa leniency!!

  7. Hmmmm says:

    We have them posing for the cameras now?

  8. Damn says:

    Caught up

  9. Facts says:

    He didn’t have the gun at his house or anything someone who had the fire arm approached him and snatch his chain from him last year n he managed to get the gun because the person ran once they got the chain

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  10. Tola says:

    I always wonder if this guy ——— Ill smh

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  11. The pic says:

    Do they usually block out the police officers faces from the pics?

  12. Tola says:

    Look at his face strupes

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  13. So Dumb says:

    If somebody had really stick him up with the same gun as he said, why he didn’t go straight to the Police Station and report the incident and turn in the gun to the Officers. Why would he gave it to that other fool to do such a horrible crime.
    That’s good that he implicate him as being the owner of the gun.
    His sad ass story will cause him his freedom for a while.
    A number of these young people are so stupid and don’t use their common sense.
    I’m happy to see that they’re getting all these fools off the street that have connections to gun crimes.

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