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App created for residents to stand in virtual queues to access goods and services

Residents of the British Virgin Islands will soon be able to stand in line to receive goods or services without being physically present, thanks to a new mobile application called VI Queue.

App developer Jhon Samuel told BVI News on Wednesday that he believes the app is relevant in this social distancing era brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic currently affecting the territory and the wider world. 

“The main functionality of this app is to create virtual lines and allow persons to track their queue from their mobile devices. If you are going to the hair salon, for example, even before you leave your home, you could see how many people are in the queue and just queue up,” explained Samuel who is a Dominican Republic native living in the BVI.

He continued: “When your turn is about to reach, the app will alert you. This could be beneficial to the entire community.”

Appeal to business community

For the app to be effective, Samuel said members of the local business community must also register with the app.

He said when this is done, the respective businesses would be able to create a unique quick response code, which is a type of barcode available for customers to use.

Customers would then be able to scan the code and join the queue.

“Anytime the company serves someone, the app will alert everybody in the queue that the queue has moved. So when your number is like the third person in the line, the app will start alerting you.”

Additionally, the app uses a Global Positioning System, more commonly called GPS, that would inform users of how much time they would require to reach the particular business place.

In the coming days, new features such as delivery services capabilities will be added to the app Samuel stated.

“You will be able to send your shopping list and the app will interact with you. If persons are picking up your order, the app will notify you, if an item you want is not available, it will tell you — give you the total, the name of the person dealing with you,” he stated.

Samuel, who is also the owner of Apex BVI, said the app was released on April 20 and it is now available for free on the Apple Store and the Android Play Store.

He has been developing apps for the past six years.


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  1. true says:

    this cannot work due to the fact people will not use it and join the queue how does the app deal with that ???

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    • annudda2cents replying to "True" says:

      if the app gains traction with more and more companies buying in, it would only be a matter of time before companies make it mandatory for persons to use the app. the benefits outweigh the sacrifices each user/potential user must make, and it promotes Social Responsibility so I can see the Gov’t lending it’s support in promoting. I think it’ll work.

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    • Care says:

      Not every can afford internet.

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    • Box says:

      The service provider could register those people on the app and give them a physical receipt. They then have to wait outside and cannot jump the virtual queue unless the virtual customers are late or no show. Sort of like being on standby for a flight.

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  2. The Nation says:

    Wow, this is GREAT NEWS!! Kudos…looking forward to it!!! This kind of app is globally transferable so hope the developer has plans to put BVI on the global map for tech

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  3. Queue says:

    If I’m physically standing in a queue and some person tries to jump ahead of me with this app then that person needs to bring a police man with him or there will be trouble!

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    • @Queue says:

      Happened yesterday in line at the bank at the ATM in VG.

      Try correcting that wrong and arrogance, much trouble would have ensued.

      Acquiescence was offered and strife was averted. Sometimes, evil badmindedness and arrogance must be left to a sopreme reality.

      No dog lives forever, for to meet its final judgement, it will.

    • Q-less says:

      Likely you will be the one arrested for disrupting the operations of a business place that is using the app at the time.

  4. Banks as Well? says:

    So, help me understand:

    Customer ‘A’ visits the Bank in person

    Customer ‘B’ registers to be placed in the virtual queue

    Customers ‘C’ through ‘E’ visits the Bank in person and stands behind Customer ‘A’ thinking they’re up next

    Customer ‘B’ appears and joins the queue?

    Something about this looks like it may create some very angry customers.

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    • True that says:

      BVI invented ‘queu jumpin’..

    • Developer says:

      This is a very interesting question/concern

      In order to the app be successful, the businesses will have to include everyone in the virtual queue. The app offers the option to queue those person that may not have the app and visit the business physically.

  5. Gage says:

    This is a brilliantly idea for the times we’re in for instance I was standing in line at first bank from since 6:30 the line was all the way in the park and I did not get through some individuals were there the previous day and still didn’t get through the following day, it’s frustrating, we were even asking an employee why not implement a number system so we could just continue the next day instead of having to start at the back of the line again, so you could see how a system like this app would be ideal.

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  6. Barber bvi says:

    Una tremenda idea para esto tiempo de distanciamientos creo que funcionara a la perfección, solo que para darles impulso los lugares de concurridas personas como los banco, Supermercado, ect..Te apollen y comiensen a exigirles a sus cliente esta buena opción de una fila virtual.(hacerlas unica paRa que funcione…
    Te felicitos es buena idea, espero que la apollen y asi se comiense a consumir los de aquí.

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  7. Great says:

    You better get that a trademark for that

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  8. Anonymous says:

    This app might pose a traffic issue because people will wait until they are almost to the head of the queue to rush to the business place to pick up their goods this may cause a mad rush.

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  9. Randall says:

    Theme parks have a paid version “, fast pass”
    See people step ahead of a hundred or more. Hmmm.

  10. Joke says:

    And what happened when the person in this virtual queue shows up lates and has missed their ‘spot’? We all know west indians are always late. Do they go to the door and cause confusion demanding to be served? Of course they do. And then a fight will break out. This will happen all day long. This is utter nonsense and will cause more drama than benefit. Nothing beats an orderly physical line… it has been practiced worldwide for centuries and never improved because it works.

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