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App launched to help fight high prices in BVI

In light of the frequent complaints about relatively high cost of goods in the British Virgin Islands (BVI), Jhon Samuel is seeking to empower consumers.

He yesterday launched a cellphone app he had created to help shoppers find the best prices available at different business establishments.

Samuel, whose price-checking app is known as VI DEAL, said he has created the app specifically for the local market – meaning it features only local businesses and prices.

The app, which should be downloaded, is available at App Store and Google Play Store.

Samuel further explained: “VI Deals runs on Android and iOS devices. It allows users to scan items using their mobiles to find the lowest prices, compare the prices of items, organize their shopping list based on the lowest available prices, get notification of the latest sales, and get alerted once they are near a business location.”

Samuel, who is a graphic artist with expertise in Mobile Application Development, told BVI News Online that, although his new app is more suitable for residents, visitors can also give it a try.

“VI Deals is targeting locals and visitors. However, locals will be our main focus point as visitors will most likely only use the app while they are in the BVI. In contrast, locals are more likely to keep the app on their devices, since they will be able to take advantage of any offer/discount offered through the app,” Samuel explained.

He said all efforts are being made to ensure the prices available to consumers on the app are correct, adding that he has been going to supermarkets throughout the territory and checking their different prices in order to add them to the large database that is linked to the app.

Goods can be scanned for the lowest prices

Samuel added that, although some supermarkets are resisting the effort, he, along with consumers, will continue to check prices in order to update the database regularly to reflect any change in prices.

“Besides a strong presence on the social networks and the web, the app will relay updates of its content by offering users accurate prices on the items they scan… The app will [also] help users to organize their shopping list.”

According to Samuel, consumers can check prices comparatively by using their phones with the app to scan any item they are buying at any supermarket. They can also browse to find the prices available.

Samuel, who works at Apex, is also the creator of the VI Bite application.

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