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Arbitration centre eager for direct flights to US

Chief Executive Officer of the BVI Arbitration Centre (BVI-IAC) Francois Lassalle said he is in full support of the impending launch of direct flights between Miami and the British Virgin Islands.

He said the flight would be a good way for businesspersons who are based overseas to visit the Territory to do business with the centre.

The BVI-IAC was launched to provide international dispute resolution services to feuding parties.

“Perception exists outside of the BVI that it is difficult to get to the BVI in the business community. Saying that you’ve got a one stop from Miami is actually a really easy one-liner that I will use personally to kinda dissipate that wrong perception that the BVI is a really bad destination to get to,” Lassalle said.

The BVI-IAC boss went on to describe the upcoming BVI Airways flight between Miami and the British Virgin Islands as an improvement for the Territory.

“I think improved airlift is really good for the country and for business in general. Improving accessibility is one of the key things,” Lassalle continued. “I think the Government is doing the right thing in terms of new legislation to facilitate entry – for example – and things like that; or promoting a direct connection to Miami which will be helpful in accessing the country.”

He continued: “Accessibility and being able to move merchandise is one of the enablers for a successful and thriving economy. It is very important.”

Meanwhile, the National Democratic Party administration has pumped $7 million into BVI Airways for it to start direct flights between the BVI and Miami.

The airline recently received approval from the Department of Transportation in the United States to fly the route.

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