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Ask any question and expect full disclosure, Fahie tells Opposition

Premier Andrew Fahie (BVI News photo)

Premier Andrew Fahie has promised members of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition that his government will be fully forthcoming with any answers to questions they might have in relation to the governance of the territory — a courtesy he suggested was not always afforded to him while he served in the Opposition.

In fact, the first-time Premier said he welcomes those questions from the Opposition where he previously served as leader.

“This is the public’s business and we’re going to give you the answers straight up; unless it prejudices any part of the negotiations, as the Standing Orders (parliamentary laws) would say. But, even then we’ll try to answer,” Premier Fahie told Opposition members.

“Without the Opposition, democracy cannot function to its fullest,” he reasoned.

He made the statements during the final day of the 2019 budget debate in the House of Assembly on Friday. The budget passed and was retroactively ordered to come into force on January 1, this year.

In the meantime, during his stint as Opposition Leader, Fahie would often complain about what he described unsatisfactory and perhaps circumlocutory responses from former Premier Dr D Orlando Smith in relation to questions asked about national issues.


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  1. gm says:

    we shall see

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    • To gm says:

      Just say that it is a good thing and done. Some of you are so negative no matter what. I know you want to see Fahie fail but it will NOT happen.

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  2. My take says:

    I am appreciating this new Premier more and more. I think that he’s going to do well.

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  3. At least says:

    At least already he’s doing better than the last Premier and government.

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  4. Ausar says:

    This is where the NDP failed, over and over.

    Educated men, fumbling over answers to questions asked, was truly a sad state of affairs in our pilitics!

    I am so proud that Premier Fahie has decided to take the high road on this one.

    Truly a new day in BVI politics if implemented in its truest form!

    • Anonymous says:

      NDP thought that only the opposition cared for the answers. All now I still want more information on the BVIAirways deal.

      • Sam says:

        Mr Governor have pity on the workin man. You tell us you create the audit on the BVI Airline. May we please now see the results of your year long investigation?

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  5. BuzzBvi says:

    Then answer this. Why in the last 20 years is there not an hourly or every two hours or every 3 hours regular ferry service between the USVI and the BVI?

    Try answering this one.If you arrive on a afternoon flight into the USVI is there any doubt that you can be in Tortola the same day. Why is there not one ferry from the USVI to the BVI in the evening.

    This is not only a dis service to visitors but a great dis service to VIslanders.

    IF you are ready. Answer – why this has not been possible for the last 20 + years?

    More flights coming to the USVI and still you cannot get people from there to here.

    There has to be something better than racing 3 ferries against each other at the same time.

    Why is there not an agreed timetable throughout the day? Please answer these questions and with the answeres do something to put the BVI back on peoples travel itinerary. (And not a new airline, airport or runway.
    Ferries – For an already well established air route that needs one simple ferry ride through beautiful waters to a beautiful place.

    Everytime a passenger is stuck in St Thomas the money they spend stays in St Thomas.

    • Random says:

      You ask some very good questions, from my understanding, ferry companies rely on the regulations set by the USVI. It’s not that they don’t want to expand their services, the authorities in St. Thomas most likely don’t allow it. I will agree that it’s a conversation worth having on the government level though. Also, we do need better airlift. People that are traveling from all over the world that have to take multiple flights to get here, don’t want to have to catch a ferry at the end of the journey. Also, those visitor arrival numbers pad the USVI’s numbers before they pad ours. So when they’re looking at investors, they can say look how well our airport does. Noting that a massive chunk out of those numbers don’t stay in the USVI.

      • Concerned says:

        So that means it is a Government issue they will have to negotiate with the USVI Government to change the laws to allow late ferries. The late-ferries will not change the arrival numbers for the USVI. And you are wrong, people do prefer to take a ferry at the end of the day to get to their final destination instead of having to check into a Hotel, unpack, pack again and check-out.

        • Random says:

          Actually, they don’t. If you’ve been traveling for anywhere between 12 -16, sometimes up to 24 hrs, having to sleep on a plane, unless you’re in first or business class, is not comfortable.

          I’ve met some folks at a bar a couple times and in conversation, the travel time comes up. Northwest in the US, Germany etc, who take multiple flights with long wait times in between, they’ve said they don’t mind, because they showed up, but they would’ve preferred not having to take a ferry. They just want the traveling part to be over and done with. I’m not diminishing anyone’s traveling experience, but flying from East coast America isn’t difficult. Majority of our tourist come from there but we can’t only want tourist from there. We have to branch out, hence the reason why we need to fix our airlift situation.

          • Concerned says:

            Random I really do not understand your reasoning. I have come back all the way from Hong Kong and all I wanted to get on the ferry and come home, not to spend a night in St. Thomas

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