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Assessment to be made on any unused vaccines after May 31

Health Minister Carvin Malone

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The BVI government is expected to assess what will be done if there are unused vaccines remaining on hand at the end of this month.

Previously, Premier Andrew Fahie said the government would rather return its COVID-19 vaccines to their original senders than have them expire in the BVI.

The Premier made the revelation in an April 8 national address. He said while some residents remain on the fence about taking the COVID-19 shots, some batches of the AstraZeneca vaccine in the territory are nearing their expiration date.

However, in a statement issued late last week, Health Minister Carvin Malone said: “Without apology, this Government intends to intensify the education process aimed at encouraging the remaining 6,538 persons to voluntarily be vaccinated at any of the centres by the 31st of May 2021.”

“Following this date, an assessment would be made in relation to the remaining doses, of which I hope there would be none,” Malone continued. 

In his statement delivered last Thursday, May 6, the minister added: “For the next 25 days, all hands and voices would be required to assist in our ambitious goal.”

Meanwhile, Malone disclosed that the 34,000 doses of vaccines donated to the British Virgin Islands by the United Kingdom and Dominica will allow for a total of 17,000 persons to receive two doses of vaccines each.

Of this amount, 10,462 persons had received their first doses while 2,034 persons had received their second doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine administered in the territory at the end of last week.

Wasted resources?

Although the BVI has made down payments on COVID vaccines through the global COVAX facility, Premier Fahie said the government will reconsider taking these vaccines if residents continue to show scant regard for the vaccine.

“Our proactive steps in securing vaccines from COVAX in 2020 would have to be heavily weighed, in that: do we want it or not? If it is that we do it, will it work out well? But if it is that we do not want them, it would result in wasted resources,” Premier Fahie explained.

After an unforced error from the minister last week, Malone reiterated that government will not be making vaccinations mandatory. “To be clear,” he said, “the Virgin Islands Government will NOT be requiring mandatory vaccinations for its residents.”

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  1. 'Honestly Speaking" says:

    Maybe if the PROPER wearing of masks were enforced more people would be incline to get vaccinated so we can get past this

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    • Mitbe says:

      How useful of Malone to “disclose “ that 34,000 vaccines can give 17,000 people two vaccines.
      I’m eternally grateful.

  2. Rubber Duck says:

    After Vaccinating 60% of the population and virtually all the vulnerable groups, the UK recorded zero Covid deaths yesterday.

    Vaccination works

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    • Vaxtheirseam says:

      Who cares what the UK does in trying to kill of black people? It is no role model for us to follow. It was these same people who went all over the world pilfering for the Monarchy and lord or all they surveyed. Let the people make their own decision about taking vaccines.
      Why are we forgetting that there is a plan to depopulate the planet and this whole covid virus was man-made.
      A few pale-bottom people trying to tell “666-melenated people how to live. Sick ah the VIP Government buying and drinking the Kool Aid of the Edomites. Stop it, Andrew & Carvin. Stop listening to WHO and CDC whose aim is to kill off and steralize your race.

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      • Vaccinator says:

        You are so effing stupid

      • First to go says:

        Perhaps, with your ignorant opinions, you will be proof of Natural Selection. You will certainly be a strong candidate for the annual Darwin Award ceremony one day soon. Unfortunately, the venom you vomit may take a few with you.

      • You says:

        You are aware that the people, of all races, that were alive 300 years ago, are no longer alive, aren’t you?
        This has to be the most deluded, misinformed post I’ve ever seen here. And trust me, there’s been a lot of weird ones.

      • Vaccinated says:

        Did you have vaccinations as a child: smallpox, measles, TB, polio, diptheria, tetanus? We have all been vaccinated our whole life. Lets hope you dont get covid when the tourists come back in – if you get it and dont have the vaccine you could die . If you have the vaccine you may be ill but wont die. That’s difference folks and thats no what matter color or age or sex you are – covid dont care it targets and can kill anyone.

  3. Early June says:

    What about those who have appointments the first and second week in June for the second shot?

  4. Interested says:

    The U.K. has discouraged the giving of Astra Zeneca vaccines to persons under 4o because of the blood clotting issue.They are giving the phizer instead.
    Are we still vaccinating persons under 40 with Astra Zeneca despite the risk ?
    What measures are we taking to secure an alternative vaccine especially for those at risk ?

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    • Nope says:


    • Fake News says:

      That claim, made by loathesome EU pundits, hoping to punish the UK for Brexit have all been found baseless. There is Zero correlation between the Astra Zeneca vaccine and blood clotting. The same claims were made about other manufacturers, which were also found to be untrue. Check your sources.

    • Jolt says:

      That’s simply not true.

    • Vaccinated says:

      The very rare blood clots only affect people with a very low platelet count – if you are worried about getting the vaccine then have a platelet count test first. No-one is BVI has died from taking the vaccine. If you get covid very bad you will die. If you get the vaccine and get covid you wont – that simple mate.

  5. Vaccinated says:

    If there a surge of cases here those unvaccinated people could die. Don’t worry the BVI will be safe in the hands of the expats and other islanders as the majority have had the vaccine.

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