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At least eight arrested for breaking curfew

Governor Jaspert

Governor Augustus Jaspert said at least eight individuals were arrested at the weekend for breaking the 24-hour curfew that is currently in place for six days.

The Governor did not specify whether these individuals will be charged for the breach.

“These arrests are disappointing, but the curfew applies to all equally,” Governor Jaspert said via a statement late Sunday.  

News of those arrests follow reports that Bishop John Cline of the New Life Baptist Church in Duff’s Bottom on Tortola was also arrested for breach of the curfew. Following his release that same day, Cline described his arrest as a misunderstanding.

The clergyman said Health Minister Carvin Malone had given him consent to attend church to broadcast a live sermon.

The curfew

The curfew runs from 8 pm on Friday, March 27 and is scheduled to end on April 2 at 6 am. All residents, except for essential workers, are mandated to stay indoors.

Last week the territory recorded its two first confirmed cases of the Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19). 

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  1. Cline says:

    What part of keep your a** home and inside did Cline not understand. What’s his title “Arch Bishop of Tortola”. Other than deciding to call yourself a Bishop, who, where and how did he become a Bishop?

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    • Little Napoleon says:

      You know how them short men does try to make up for their little short coming? I am also wondering who made him a Bishop….

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    • Catholic says:

      I thought only Catholics have Bishops. Is Cline catholic. I’m confused. How did this man become a Bishop. Tell me please

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    • Cardinal Rubber Duck says:

      Anyone can give themselves a religious title. Lots of charlatan reverends and doctors and pastors and others preying on the gullible.

    • Privileged Few says:

      What is the Health Minister doing handing out Passes to his pals? Sermon could be broadcast from home. Cline has a phone, I’ve seen him use it. Look at all the LIVE and At Home entertainment broadcasts, You Tube videos, etc.

      He violated the law, which is supposed to apply equally to all.” But he gets a bi from an appointed government employee. Huh.

  2. True? says:

    Let the people hear from the Minister Malone. We want an explanation if he gave permission to the Pastor or not. Let the people hear the truth…this is very important to the health of our nation and our government. We were just starting to trust in them. Please tell the truth….

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    • Come on says:

      Ok you get the truth then what? How did it add to you’re life? To your bank account? To your spiritual account? Will it help you be a better person? Better child or parent?

      So many things you should try to figure out that can actually physically and spiritually helps you. It’s March 30th 2020. Think about it…

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  3. Musa says:

    He is rich can fork our $ 5000 of his poor people $ next time up the hill+5000.

  4. aplus says: christian loss them common sense.Them old ppl wan Carona na.

  5. MigoMan says:

    BISHOP, BITCHOP WHATEVER HE WAN CALL HE SELF.. whatever live sermon you wanted to do you could have done that from home. CURFEW IS CURFEW!!

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  6. Panta06 says:

    Nothing wrong with the Bishop going to church to broadcast a sermon. That is happening all over the world.

    The government could have given specific guidance to churches stating they could have no more than 5 people at the church to facilitate online broadcast (or some reasonable number).

  7. bishop 2 says:

    Maybe he thinks he is above getting a virus. He is exempt due to his exceptional place beside GOD.

  8. and still no word says:

    Malone please make a statement why you were accused. We want to know

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