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At wits end: ESHS student reportedly stones business

The Island Paints store which neighbours the Elmore Stoutt High School campus in Pasea Estate.

Students of the Elmore Stoutt High School (ESHS) were involved in yet another public fight and have seemingly graduated to damaging private property.

The latest incident reportedly happened among junior students shortly after midday on Wednesday when their school shift ended.

Elizabeth Hooper, who is daughter of the owner of Island Paints in Pasea Estate, said the company is now left with a $400 bill because of the fight.

She further noted that customers and onlookers inside the business establishment narrowly escaped injury.

According to Hooper, a member of the company was recording the fight on video to report to the school principal when an annoyed male student threw a rock through one of the company’s glass windows.

She said no one inside the business establishment got hurt when the student threw the missile. That is largely because the window was double glass, Hooper said. She told BVI News the rock broke the outer glass but left the inner glass intact.

“We have to put a hurricane shutter up tonight because our window got smashed. It is becoming too much,” she told BVI News yesterday.

The matter was reported to the police, she said.

A junior student at Elmore Stout High is accused deliberately throwing a rock through this glass window at the Island Paints building in Pasea Estate.

Fights affecting business

Hooper said ever since ESHS relocated to its temporary school structure in Pasea Estate, things have been going downhill businesswise.

She said customers are now refusing to visit the establishment during lunch hours, which is said to be peak hours for the business.

“I got recordings of customers saying that they are not coming to Pasea Estate around lunchtime,” Hooper remarked.

“One said today it is too dangerous and we should close over lunch time. So it is affecting our business as well.”

No regard for the elderly

Hooper noted that junior students are the sole troublemakers, adding that those schoolgoers have no regard for the elderly.

She recalled one instance when one of their employees had to rescue a senior citizen from being too close to a student brawl.

“He wasn’t involved in their scuffle but he couldn’t get away quick enough. They were knocking him about.”

Businesses fed up

Hooper said the Pasea Estate business community, which comprises TICO, Island Services, RiteWay, and Island Paints are at their wits end with unruly students.

Besides the incessant fights, Hooper said the students often sit at the entrance of business places, preventing customers from the ease of access.

She complained that students have also been impeding the free flow of traffic in the area.

“This matter has been going on for far too long. It has been happening since December and it’s now early April. Nothing has changed.”

Hooper told BVI News the business community has held meetings with the Education Ministry and have pleaded for increased security or police presence but the matter has virtually remained the same.

She noted that police has been at the location on a number occasions to direct traffic.

She is now renewing calls for help to restore order among the Pasea business community, which was once a relatively incident-free area

“I would like to see the younger students controlled,” she said.

Just recently, ESHS Principal Sandy Underhill called on local businesses to emulate the Tortola Pier Park by enforcing policies to curb public displays of student indiscipline.

She also underscored the importance of parents taking greater responsibility for their children.

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  1. Prosecute them now! says:

    Why are we reporting these hooligans to the principal. Report them to police and prosecute them to the full extent of the law. Make their parents pay for their illmanner, pesky offspring.

    • Mmhmm says:

      I am thinking because largely they were probably still in uniform and can be suspended for fighting. At least it was like that in my days.

      Not disagreeing that it shouldn’t also be reported to the police.

    • HMPH says:

      Bring back the cane and beat the kids senseless

  2. Caramel Diva says:

    I agree with Underhill, All the business in that area need to put a ban on them school children. As a customer its not right to the business. The police need to enforce they go home after school hours and their parents need to implement that at home also.

    Enough is Enough!

  3. snafu says:

    They all need six of the best on their a—s.

  4. Hold parents responsible says:

    It is time to hold the parents responsible for their children behavior. The parents should have to pay for destruction of property.

  5. Banks says:

    Yet we sit here and think the UK and rich investors are our problem. Keep up the good work, the world is watching!

  6. Make them Pay says:

    Make these students responsible for their actions. Make them work until they make the money to replace your window. They are totally out of control. They say don’t blame the parents but if I know my child has been in a fight I would deal with my child accordingly.

  7. VIMother says:

    This is a BVI societal issue, no consequences for any bad behavior, aggression, theft, corruption resulting in complete disregard of laws and societal rules..welcome to to the BVI

    • BVI! says:

      Absolute correct. This generation of parents have failed badly, but also the authorities have failed miserably by not enforcing any law. There will never be discipline and respect as long as the police is not doing their job. We must have the worst police force in the world and as a result they, yes they, are mostly responsible for the collapse of our society.

  8. VOW says:

    Until we hold some of the parents responsible nothing is going to change. How this place plan to move forward with kind of behavior. To the minister of education these business cannot afford to loose business because of these unruly children these business pay taxes to help the economy. To the Governor and Premier please do something to hold parents responsible and if these children really care for their parents they will do better but something has to be done it is going on for to long.

  9. Law officer says:

    time for zero tolerance on breaking of laws. Let them pay for their disregard of law & property

  10. Curfew says:

    A curfew should be imposed on these students and charged if violated. Parents should be held responsible if a child violates the curfew too. We have to start somewhere and being tough is the only other option. All other options are exhausted at this point. If we dont try to control them now then Govt have to start to look a new prison site.

  11. Protocol says:

    The great minister responsible for the youth and education system will encourage persons with concerns and complaints to follow ‘protocol’. Document and deliver repeatedly without expectations of favorable solutions.

    If these children and their parents were named and photographed in the media, then the wider community would be able to share in the responsibility of holding the guilty parties responsible for their actions.

    Teachers and principals are currently struggling to make the best of a difficult situation. Businesses are trying to stay afloat. It will take the village to shame those wrongdoers. Then, if they really care, willing persons will monitor, mentor and meaningfully engage these idle minds/busybodies.

    • @Protocol says:

      I totally agree with your suggestion of shaming the parents and the child/children. Mention is always of the school when it should be with the parents. When the schools try to take disciplinary action against a student, the parents quickly find themselves at the school to make a complete fool of themselves by defending their rude and disrespectful child. It’s about time the parents are shamed by their children’s behavior. Enough is enough!! Can you imagine what our country is going to be like when these children become adults in our society? If you think we have a crime problem now, just wait.

  12. Tell me says:

    Police needed out there….from time school starts to finished.

    • Nope says:

      @Tell me, the police is not a damn babysitting service.let the lazy nonfactor parents that is laying up all day not working, texting or gossiping be the ones to be out there keeping those kids in line from like you said when school starts to finished.

  13. Bettina Hooper says:

    The kids walk past Island Paints to enter and leave school. We are not gated and remote from the school like the Pier Park. We have been left to police our property ourselves; our Island Paints staff takes videos of fights to show the principal and breaks them up.

    What the article doesn’t say is that a staff member was assaulted trying to film a fight before the breaking of the window. I guess that’s under investigation.

  14. Parent, hear this says:

    If I ever hear or find out my son was involved in that type of behavior,I am going to string his behind up. My family said that I am to strict on my son but if I don’t be strick and keep his behind in line who will. The business owner should pursue the parents/Guardians of the kids and make them pay for the damages.Parents /Guardians need to start teaching and keeping their kids in line. After school take your little fast behinds home instead of roaming the streets getting into and causing problems.

    • Truth says:

      Thanks for being a responsible parent! This parent and child must be friends crap is what is ruining society! Children should be afraid of their parents! That’s how they learn to respect authority. All these people that pushing the ‘don’t hit your child’ agenda are the ones to blame for these out of control young people. Children that know there will be serious consequences to face for mis-stepping, behave themselves!

    • String is Joke says:

      Let any one of my children play mad and get involved in any kind of fight. So God help me. Trust I.

  15. Unhappy!! says:

    Move the school to Mariner Inn and let Myron deal with them and his customers; problem fixed immediately. Put circus tents in the yard, Myron can feed them so they aren’t wandering the neighborhood.

    • HLSCC says:

      The school children should be up at the College , plenty of space on campus, what about the Marine centre? Stop this half day nonsense. I disagreed with the extra year but now they are only working half days they need it! What a mess

  16. Hah says:

    This is a bad parenting issue. Parents can’t control everything their children do but they can direct and influence everything their children do as long as they live under their roof. A parent’s first job is to be a parent not their children’s best friend or peer. You break windows or fight you are not coming to TV, internet and cellphone. Put everything in a bag and stay in your room and hope you have an imaginary friend to keep you occupied. Then again most parents don’t have time to raise their children because they aren’t home because they’re out working or doing something more entertaining than being a parent.

  17. Empty Vessel says:

    Bunkum in, bunkum out.

    When a country allows mass economic refuges from across the globe without regards to screening into its home, it will continue to receive bunkum, which will then create more bunkum.

  18. Sunnyvi says:

    Police should be there to uphold order and protect public and businesses. Zero tolerance and prosecutions will be the only way.

  19. devon says:

    I was going to this paint Store yesterday but was unable to because of the kids ! Then I watched a police car drive past when it was kicking off and they just drove by and did nothing!

  20. Island needs help. says:

    Mark and his family work hard and contribute to BVI in a positive way. I feel sad they’re dealing with these unruly local kids.
    I feel the parents should be signing these kids in in the morning and out at the end of the school day. Make it mandatory that they all have to bring a lunch and stay on school property. They obviously don’t have the maturity or upbringing to be left unsupervised.
    Parents need to parent and schools need help and backup to teach.
    The system does nothing. I was broken into by a student and robbed of many valuables on a school day during the day….kid is still walking the streets and no consequence.

  21. Toto says:

    I stopped visiting that entire area during lunch hours and that includes RTW.

    I knew something was happening yesterday when traffic was backed up heading up the highway yet hoped it wasn’t the same tired nonsense.

    When she passed I saw a lady attempting to get students from overtaking the area and entrance to the store.

    Students listen please be mindful that as prospective employers we are observing your behaviour including on Facebook. Take a deep look at your lives, your goals, and ask yourself whether this is a step in that direction.

    Respect yourself enough.

  22. Hummmmm says:

    The school children when identified and prosecuted should be made to work at the store as part of their community service

  23. CGB Resident says:

    Do not allow them to,leave for lunch. Bring their lunch or provide sandwich at school. If they have money to hang in riteway buying cokes and candy they can certainly afford to bring a sandwich to work.

  24. Another Parent says:

    I have a 14 year old son and a 16 year old daughter. My children knows that after school they have to take their behind home. I keep their behind in check, I am mom, I am not their friend. I feed, clothe and keep a roof over their heads and they known i will knock their heads off if I ever see or hear that they start acting a fool. I don’t care who have what, my children have to earn what they have.Please, thank you and respect for yourself and your elders is the number 1 rule in our home.

    • Tutor says:

      I am so sure that your children will walk straight… Haha….more parents like you will fix this problem. Thank you for parenting!

  25. good to great says:

    This is a bi-product of “leh we do this thing”

  26. watcher says:

    Spoiled brats. They need a savage dose of reality.

    Not until we become a zero tolerance society will this violence end.

    Do something about the scooter noise too.

  27. One says:

    One of the bigest problem is the law trying to protect them from parents busing them a-s correcting punishing and beating them children can call police to have me locked up i can assure you if i beat punish or whatever i do to my child and a police or judge fine me for such trust me thats who my child would live with for the rest of their life and as for the teachers and principal of the schools when they correct or beat the children the parents comes in to fight them so some parents makes it ok for their child to operate in this manner time for the old days tamarind whip

  28. Parent says:

    These “men and women” are repeat offenders. From what I am hearing they only came back to school yesterday after being suspended for a fight on campus. I also understand that there is a set of twins that were involved in the fight that are a law unto themselves. My son told me that they are very v—–t and both students and teachers keep out of their way. I tell my son daily to stay focused and keep out of their way but sometimes I really worry for him when he comes home and tells me some of the things that are happening at the school: the disrespect to teachers, the bullying and the fights.
    The ministry of education needs to address the issue. You shouldn’t have to be worrying about your child when you drop him off at school.

  29. Sad says:

    A little birdie told me that the day before the police had to be called to the campus because a student was swearing and threatening staff.

  30. Tell me says:

    @nope….you sound uneducated. Its a must police has to do their job. They are here to protect us.they can also help with the traffic. Police not going to baby sit anyone. If police are there they the kids will conduct themselves better.

  31. Nope says:

    @Tell me, uneducated you said? What you need to do is READ and understand what you are reading. I also need you to research what a babysitting service means. Oh, I also have a feeling you are one of the nonfactor parents. You have a wonderful day with a cherry on top.

  32. Hugh Darley says:

    Corruption leads to poor leadership and with poor leadership comes no control. One rock thrown is not the problem.

  33. HYPOCRITES says:

    Bunch of hypocrites on this post- most of you chasing the dollar bill and then come here and criticize the children- shut it and do your part- the kids more important than the fr—— g Paint shop- and ain’t nothing gonna change- so there! We put the children in Pasea in the first place to put money in someone’s pockets- Stupes

  34. Pillar says:

    Society has gotten to the point where everybody has a right and no-one has a responsibility.

    When persons are not held accountable, expectations are reduced and complacency runs a muck, which is becoming this society’s downfall.

  35. Common Sense says:

    This behaviour is nihilist; if you don’t believe me, go watch it on your lunch hour. I don’t think promises of rewards in heaven and a good beating are going to help these kids. We need to give them hope for the future, give them a voice in our society and ways to help create a better world for themselves.

    How? I don’t know- but has anyone thought seek outside advice about rebuilding education & faith in the aftermath of a disaster or war? To ask the students? Is anyone asking our children where they see themselves, the Territory in 20 years? Has anyone asked what they feel the important aspects of the HS rebuild are? What areas of study interest them?
    (All of them, not the ‘good students’)

    Adults have gone through- are still going through the worst thing that’s ever happened to most of us….so have our children. Are we helping them to deal with this, to regain some sense of meaning and hope? No, we got moldy, flooding and fly-away schools open as quickly as possible and called it ‘normalcy’. This is not normal, and it’s starting to look like Lord of the Flies.

  36. Richgdgy says:

    The result of LIBERALISM!

  37. Anonymous says:

    Community service monitored by teachers or up standing members of community.
    The streets need cleaning….. get these naughty kids to start picking up their trash and helping the elderly on weekends.

  38. Lush says:

    I will not go anywhere near riteway at lunchtime
    With all the kids in there pushing and making it caos inside
    It’s not a place to be
    I have even gone to a different supermarket if there at that time
    Security need to be in the store as well as at the door

    Riteway are you listening ???

  39. . says:

    All junior students should be put on a bus after classes are over, and the busses take them where their parents want them to go.

    I heard that Ministry of Education will split the school into two in September. They were going to put the seniors on the ESHS campus, and the juniors at CTL, but maybe it should be the other way around?

  40. My2Cents says:

    They should not be allowed to loiter near the businesses at Pasea when school lets out. So for instance, when Junior high let’s out at 12, you either stay in the vicinity of CLT or walk straight home. Same when Senior High lets out at 5. I’m not sure if it’s the businesses or the police that will have to enforce the anti-loitering rule but IMO this is what’s going to make the difference. We keep talking about holding parents accountable. Yea fine, but that’s a long term problem that will require long term solutions. What is needed right now are right now solutions to a right now problem. Ppl (parents) who haven’t been disciplining their children are not going to start tonight.

  41. BitterPill says:

    National Service in the British Army would sort out a good number of these young boys who have no respect, no direction and absolutely nothing to do except play GTA and watch rap videos.

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