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Attorney General should be a politically appointed HOA member

Senior Opposition legislator Julian Fraser has said he believes the post of Attorney General should be held by someone who is an elected official if he/she is made to sit in the House of Assembly.

Fraser made the statement in Monday’s session of the House where he argued that his proposal should be included as part of the territory’s constitutional review.

“The Attorney General of the Virgin Islands should be a political appointee and it should come from among the elected members and if we don’t have any lawyers elected, then it will come from civil society, but it should be made on a political ground.

“I think we’ve gone past the day when somebody should be sitting in our House of Assembly who is a civil servant,” he added.

Financial Secretary once sat in the House

To strengthen his argument, Fraser pointed to a time in the House of Assembly when another civil servant was part of the official proceedings of the House.

“They told me that the Attorney General is here to give legal advice. Do you know that there was a time when the Financial Secretary sat in the House of Assembly and the Cabinet and the argument was the same- – to give financial advice,” he said.

“How do you get financial advice now when you want it, Mr Minister? Don’t call the Financial Secretary? Well, he doesn’t sit here, you call him, [and] you will do the same with the Attorney General,” he argued.

Eases unnecessary pressures

With a politically appointed Attorney General, Fraser said the agenda of the ruling government can be better exercised with minimal interference from other outside powers.

“You know how it goes, you got a dispute between the elected branch and the governor’s branch. One guy has your appointment in his hand and you got a decision to make and the decision could go either way. [But] we know which way it will go. It is unnecessary pressure. It is pressure that no individual should have to endure,” Fraser argued.

The Opposition legislator said the BVI would not be the first Overseas Territory (OT) to implement what he is proposing, since an elected attorney general already exists in some OTs.


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  1. Ok Fraser says:

    Since you want to talk f**t, let’s make the Speaker of the House a political appointee…

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  2. Anything would be better says:

    The current AG needs to go ASAP

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  3. Me says:

    Boy Mr. Fraser does have some things to say that leave my mouth open!! Really Sir, how in the world will the AG be impartial and give a fair judgement? Not any lawyer can become an AG just because he get elected. Do some case studies, see who got the best AG’s , it’s not the elected members trust me.

  4. Oh Lord says:

    There are the judiciary , Executive and Legislative branches , dont you know about the separation of power ….AG should not be an elected official especially in a small society like ours. How will he or she be or remain impartial? Dear Jesus send us help quickly!!!

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  5. E. Leonard says:

    The VI has 2 options for picking an AG, ie, elected by voters or appointed by sitting government. The first option to me is not the preferred option, for it makes the AG a politician. He or she will operate in campaign mode instead of just focusing on actions that are solely in the best interest of the people, the VI. That said, the AG definitely should not be an elected member. It politicizes the position and it will be a royal mess. For example, what if the only lawyer among elected members is from the opposition? The AG should be a civilian.

    The AG serves in an advisory legal position/capacity; he/she is the top legal eagle. The AG serves in a staff position, not a line position. He or she should be eminently qualified to serve in position, bringing to the table the demonstrated knowledge, skill, ability and experience. One can be a lawyer yet not have the experience to serve effectively as AG. Further, though the AG is appointed, he or she must be independent minded and serve in the interest of the people, not in the personal interest of the people who appointed him/her.

    Yes, the AG is human and may tend to act in his or her self but he/she must act professional and ethical. True, people tend to leave with whom brought them to the dance. Yet the AG must do the right thing for the right reason for the right people at the right time. The biggest travesty will be for the AG to be a political hack.

  6. Me says:

    Lately, Fraser been talking a bunch of nonsense mission. Hog City residents, you all keep putting a c***y man in the HOA. Time for a new representative

  7. Frazer says:

    Wants to create his own swamp, just like sea cows bay!

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