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Auditor General blocked because Premier’s PS felt audit was too early

Dr O’Neal Morton

Permanent Secretary (PS) within the Premier’s Office, Dr Carolyn O’Neal-Morton has revealed that the Auditor General (AG) was stymied from auditing the government’s COVID assistance grants because the PS did not feel it was the AG’s turn.

In a report issued by Auditor General Sonia Webster, it was stated that the Premier’s Office repeatedly blocked her team from accessing data that was critical to informing the audit.

While giving evidence in a lengthy hearing before the Commission of Inquiry (COI) last Friday, Dr O’Neal Morton largely confirmed the AG’s claim. However, the PS said she was of the view that the AG needed to wait until the end of the stimulus process before being able to review any data.

Because of her belief, Dr O’Neal Morton made no efforts to process data requests made by the Auditor General but instead only took steps to look at requests from the government’s internal auditor.

Dr O’Neal-Morton reportedly told the AG that the government’s COVID-19 assistance programmes were still ongoing and an internal audit was being conducted simultaneously.

I never intended to dishonour Auditor General

Stressing that she only needed more time to comply with the Auditor General‘s request, Dr O’Neal Morton said she never intended to dishonour the Auditor General‘s Office.

She said she also needed clarity about the sequence of the auditing that was being done.

The PS also denied any attempts to wilfully obstruct the operations of the Auditor General‘s Office, as was indicated in some reports.

In addition to the fact that she was a new Permanent Secretary at the time, Dr O’Neal Morton explained that staffing was an issue as well.

According to Dr O’Neal Morton, these were some of the things that formed her main challenges.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    It is now clear that was she intentionally was hiding critical information for the Auditor General? This is criminal behavior..

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    • Smh says:

      All their dirty deeds are being exposed. Miss PA you did not have the authority to withhold info from the Audotor General. Your hiding info is a clear indication that you had something to hide. Ypu guys are losing your integrity just for money and political alignment. Shame on you miss Ps..shame

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    • Perspective… says:

      I understand. The external Audit comes after the financial reports are prepared not before… and this is after the close out of the audit year. The internal Audit can come at any time during the process as was being done.

      There are so many outstanding audits from departments that the Auditor General cannot seem to get to…. This is one of the main reasons that so many departments are being persecuted for lack of external reports.

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  2. All says:

    All she did was make excuses that don’t hold water to protect the Foy. She is a loyal employee but an enemy of the people. Her clear attempt to talk in circles at the COI rather thsn reply with a Yes or No shows the training she received by the lawyers prior to her testimony. Another one that needs to go and is part and parcel of the cr***nal enterprise that’s presently in charge.

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  3. caught says:

    she was a new PS in other words she was a political appointee and so towed the line and blocked the AG, she needs to lose the job and even be charged alog with everyone elseinvloved in the cover up and fr**d.

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  4. Well Well says:

    A damn Educated l*e!!

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    • Nah says:

      The doctorate and degrees bought from online schools. Pay enough and you get whatever you want. Look her up then lock her up. All the locals sporting Doctorates from online and non accredited so called schools.

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  5. True Fact says:

    Isn’t O’neal Morton family to Andrew Fahie?

    Anyway, this behavior is the reason the COI is necessary for the BVI.
    Corruption at all levels!

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  6. heckler says:

    Did foy trained her?

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  7. L Ipton says:

    This requires immediate dismissal. However, that may not be possible given the political connections. I opined that this PS should be ashamed of herself for the role she has played facilitating corruption in collaboration with the Premier’s office

  8. @ THE COI says:


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  9. reality says:

    at least we all know where the millions in fees for defence are going, they are being taught how to not answer questions

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  10. Negrito says:

    Can’t blame the PS she got bills to pay. When Fahie say jump you ask how high. If he says don’t look or give it to anyone to vet you say ok boss.

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  11. POWER and AUTHORITY says:

    well now its WHO next and WHAT next coming down from their fake throne ( the power went straight to their HEADS) where is the BISHOP ? ABSENT again

  12. Well says:

    Just a drop
    In the slop
    Of dem old
    Slop bucket
    Tell dem no
    You get no mo
    Dem tell we all to
    Fk it

  13. After hearing the Evidence says:

    I conclude that the Auditor General was the only one in high office that had the public interest at heart and stood up against the Elites who were robbing our treasury blind…Good Job Auditor General, God is proud of you..I want to publicly thank you …You did your Job well..

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