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Auditors ambushed by criticisms months after giving COI evidence

Inquiry Commissioner, the Right Honourable Sir Gary Hickinbottom.

Sir Gary Hickinbottom has expressed disappointment at the submission of a large document sent to the Commission of Inquiry (COI) criticising evidence previously given on several audit reports.

The Attorney General’s (AG) Chambers submitted the document on behalf of the Premier’s Office in response to what the Auditor General and government’s Internal Auditor told the COI at hearings months ago.

Sir Gary described the document as disruptive to the COI’s proceedings and said they were discourteous in the manner they were presented.

“The inquiry received a 34-page document running to 200 paragraphs, together with 79 annexes running to 859 pages. The index; that annex is not paginated, or those annexes is not paginated,” COI attorney Bilal Rawat said.

He said no proper notice was given that this was the sort of document the COI was to expect. Rawat also argued that there was no permission sought to submit the document nor were the COI’s protocols for such submissions followed.

“What, taken together, this document shows, is a complete lack of courtesy to the Commissioner to produce something of this size and this detail at this relatively late stage in the inquiry’s proceedings,” the COI attorney said.

He added: “You heard in June from the Auditor General and the Internal Auditor. This document contains criticisms of those two public officers. Their reports were issued earlier this year. They gave evidence on it earlier this year. And yet the response, if this is what it is, to those reports is now being provided in September, at a time when the expectation is that the Commission is reaching at least its final stages of its oral hearings.”

Criticisms a response to stimulus audit reports

Hussein Haeri, who appeared on behalf of Attorney General (AG) Dawn Smith, said the document in question sought to give “a fuller picture” to what the auditors said about government’s economic stimulus programme to farmers, fishers, and small businesses.

The each auditors’ report — both which were done independent of each other — highlighted major inconsistencies and concerns about the government’s handling of the programme.

Meanwhile, since the Premier’s criticisms were submitted through the Attorney General who is the principal legal adviser for government and the public service, Sir Gary directed that the AG set out what support she is willing to give the auditors, as public officers, should either them request it.

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  1. United Front says:

    The AG, the Internal Auditor, and everyone else need to stand up to the arrogant and dishonest F*t Albert

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    • Exactly says:


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      • Very inconvenient says:

        Why is the Commissioner so cross if he wants to get to the truth.
        Answer might be:
        The Commissioner has been sent by Gus to make findings against Andrew. The Auditors were critical of Andrew and previous Premiers. The Commissioner did not permit the AG or anybody (except his illegally practising Rawat) to ask the auditors any questions – in case those questions pointed out problems with the auditors criticism. Now the Govt has filed a response, and it appears to be a comprehensive demolition of the auditors. The Commissioner is really cross because it interferes with his plans to do what Gus wants.
        Is the commissioner is more interested in doing Gus’s bidding than he is in being fair and allowing others to ask questions.

        Hmm – something does not smell right about the CoI.

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        • Periwknkle says:

          The issue is not that there is a response. The issues were eloquently enumerated by the Commissioner.
          The elected Government,in an exercise of futility is showing ignorance,culpability,dishonesty,unprofessionalism in an effort to delay and to thwart the COI. Thuis curious behaviour came about commencing with the sitting of the current Premier and is the catalyst that has initiated the inquiry.
          Humiliating and embarrassing is an understatement.

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        • Thinker says:

          Though the Auditors provided their reports in June, they have, for a long time before that, been raising valid questions about unacceptable activities within Governments (plural) and the Civil Service. Before the CoI, Governments believed that they could just ignore the findings and bury them. Now the CoI has highlighted the bad activities, Government has hastily spent the summer trying to justify historic actions and throw mud at the auditors. Having not been able to “recall” so many things in the recent past, it seems like they have suddenly recovered a selective memory. Keep digging, politicians and incompetent civil servants. You are making your own graves.

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        • To Very Inconvenient says:

          Let’s assume that what you are saying is correct. So why not put your signature on the document and properly address it if that’s the case? Why send an anonymous document? (Unsigned and not properly addressed to anyone?)

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    • To United Front says:

      These UK paid bloggers in favour of the COI are out in full force trying to always make the COI look right when they are wrong.

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    • TruDat! says:

      Hey Hey Hey.

  2. F*t Albert says:

    Is now making the AG’s office prepare his personal defense to the detriment of the auditor general and other government employees. ‘Throwing someone under the bus’ would be an understatement..

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    • Yep says:

      Exactly on point! But I believe the AG signed up to be F*t Albert’s ride or die without knowing that F*t Albert is not loyal. It now backfire. F*t Albert used this knowledge of her sorry desperation as part of aim and intention to get away with the nonsense that now coming to light, or so it seems. When you realise how people scheming and how their darkness runs deep (allegedly), it is sad.

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    • Come on says:

      There is always more than one side to a story. The auditors rushed a report to help their friend Gus out and rush to give it to the COI. So now what is the problem with us hearing the other side of the story.

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  3. Sir says:

    Continue to let them dig themselves into a more deeper grave.

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  4. Smh says:

    Lock them up!!

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  5. Well Well says:

    So the HOA don`t want the AG to represent them ,so they hire outside counsel. now all of a sudden they want the AG to work for them so the AG can take the BLAME.AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH .

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  6. reporter says:

    It’s such a shame to see how untruthful our leaders and senior public officers can be . Who are they trying to fool by blatantly lying to the CoI day after day? While we understand that God forgives sins, we should also lead by example. And, from what has been presented thus far from the different witnesses this is totally unacceptable in the face of good governance. Help!

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  7. PT9 says:

    This Andrew Fahie believes that he is smarter than everyone what he doesn’t know he is up against the best, Andrew is like a hooked fish jumping in the air and fighting to get the hook out but the more he fights the deeper the hook goes. The COI said its purpose is to review the Territory’s governance and make recommendations for improvement, I think they have found what they are looking for so far with the behavior of the government ministers. Andrew Fahie is behaving like he doesn’t have to answer to anyone and thinking the UN has his back, the UK needs to show Andrew Fahie who is in charge. Sir Gary Hickinbottom stand your ground don’t let them slow you any more we need change.

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    • To PT9 says:

      The COI is just racist Gus trying to get back at Fahie for standing up and fighting for his people.

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      • unconscionable says:

        Fighting for the people? This government is actively obstructing efforts to rebuild after Irma and the pandemic. Quite happy to oversee poverty and privation because of a personal vendetta against the UK. Hope we don’t get fooled again.

  8. PT9 says:

    Sir Gary Hickinbottom and Mr. Rawat you are doing a fine job and most of the people of the BVI stand behine the COI Thank You.

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  9. Doh says:

    More evidence to bring the British in and rule over us. I cannot wait for that to happen.

    🇬🇧 flags for sale soon!

    Carry on

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    • x says:

      You have no idea what you are asking for. We will all suffer. It will be better to live with our mistake for the next year and a half.

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  10. Corruption says:

    Corruption everywhere.That young man in Virgin Gorda who’s house is for sale by National Bank.He was abuse by National bank look into that also.

  11. It's About Time says:

    It is clear to see that the Auditor’s reports in many of the cases were based on opinions and personal feelings rather than FACTS. Auditors should rule based on the accounting standards and factual supporting information. She has to held accountable for her baseless assertions!

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  12. Periwknkle says:

    The issue is not that there is a response. The issues were eloquently enumerated by the Commissioner.
    The elected Government,in an exercise of futility is showing ignorance,culpability,dishonesty,unprofessionalism in an effort to delay and to thwart the COI. Thuis curious behaviour came about commencing with the sitting of the current Premier and is the catalyst that has initiated the inquiry.
    Humiliating and embarrassing is an understatement.

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  13. @ THINKER says:


  14. Foolish Lawyers says:

    These Lowyers representing the Ag / The Govt. They no better. Why are they destroying their integrity for money…Mr. Bottom sure have them looking less than capable..We all kno that delay is the only way out for the Govt…There is no other way….too much evidence against them…There is an agreed process and protos these lawyers agreed to, they need to stick to it…


  15. Hmmm says:

    This site is working for the COI.

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  16. The Nation says:

    It makes us wonder if the conclusions has not been drawn from the beginning. The Commissioner needs to remember that the VIP Admin led by Andrew Fahie is responding to a COI in a pandemic. Is this being fair and balanced Commissioner? BVI People pray for your Territory as as much there is need for cleaning up, we don’t need more oppression from our captors.

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  17. RUSHED CoI says:

    Is the conclusion already drawn? Are we fools?

  18. Eye opener says:

    I watched this and THOROUGHLY enjoyed watching Sir Gary rebuke that Rowe fellow from Silk Legal. The only time I saw Rowe awake in quite a while.

    Also appreciate Sir Gary standing up for the Auditors. He firmly demanded they have a fair opportunity to defend themselves against the back stabbing by the people who tried to slip in that worthless document at the last minute.

    Betrayal of your own can be worse than racism by others.

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  19. COI says:


  20. Summer's over!! says:

    Prior to the break we were hearing how overwhelming the Commisioner’s request for government held information was and especially since the request came in the middle of a pandemic … Bla Bla Bla. But instead of using the break to get the requested documentation and prepare it in an acceptable for they use the time and government workers to prepare 800+ page response that was not asked for and now asking for extensions. What a laaff!!!!
    Continue playing games.

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  21. I tell you says:

    Those SILVER WRIST BRACELETS IS GOING TO BE GOING CLICK CLICK SOON. Someone or more is going to the pokey soon.

  22. HONEST SURVEY says:



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  23. Mr. Premier says:

    Take this bit of advice from one of the people you considered not on your level and you think is stupid, Stop adding fuel to the fire. THE HAMMER IS GOING TO FALL SWIFT AND HARD. LET THE COI COMPLETE THEIR INVESTIGATION WITHOUT YOUR INTERFERENCE. THEY KNOW EVERYTHING BRO.

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  24. Stupid Is... says:

    Plat stupid games, win stupid prizes.
    You think we stupid? You shall soon see.

  25. Hefty says:

    New consultant Hire

    Once again refusing to answer direct questions defense attorney at law ** S#K a legal representative of the HOA attempted to scotch rumors that famed Professor Dr Pavlo Blavatsky of the Montpellier Business School ,a recent recipient of the Ig Noble prize for economics 2021 is to baluster the defense team as an expert witness.
    In a short statement ** S#K shouted “Not wishing to add further weight to any rumor and having recently been advised to politely seek further instructions I can now confirm that a contract and purchase order without the inconvenience of a tender process has been agreed and signed by the HOA also a costs application hearing approved by the court.For the avoidance of any further debate, I can also confirm that as of yet the economic consequences of these dealings have not been fully assessed, in so far as neither the scale of costs or indeed the cost of the scale have yet been determined, although we do envisage both bills as is customarily will be Hefty.

  26. inadmissible says:

    This 800+ page document is simply inadmissible and should be filed in the round trash can ASAP.

  27. Jimmy Jowe says:

    All administrations from 1981 need to publicly apologize to the ppl of the Virgin Islands for leading us to where we are at the moment: broke and at the mercy of England. Over a Trillion pass through this place. Thanks guys!

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