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Back in business | Quito’s reopens after million-dollar upgrade

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Quito’s Gazebo in Cane Garden Bay has reopened after a six-week setback caused by scarce building materials on Tortola and subsequent shipping interruptions.

Owner of the tourist hotspot, Quito Rymer, said the million-dollar upgraded Gazebo was unveiled at a soft launch on Saturday.

The one-floor reinforced concrete building and beach bar now provides an alternative for persons seeking food, drink and entertainment in the territory.

“We still have a few things to fix up mostly on the outside but we are operating again,” he told BVI News on Monday.

Stronger than before

Like the rest of the territory, Quito’s Gazebo took a pounding in the 2017 weather events.

However, Rymer said: “We built stronger, we went deeper down in the sand and we used some boulders on the edge of the building to protect us from the high waves.”

“It’s all in an effort to make sure that we don’t get damaged as bad as we did if something like that (hurricane) happens again.”

Inside Quito’s Gazebo (Photo provided)


Meanwhile, the businessman’s 21-room hotel called Quito’s Inn, which was slated for a December 2017 opening but was delayed by the hurricanes, faced another hurdle.

“For a while, our containers were stuck on the port and a lot of things we needed we couldn’t get them. But they are cleared now … It’s now a race to the finish.”

He continued: “We definitely want to have it ready for February. That’s our aim.”

Rymer said Quito’s Inn is expected to be ‘very modern’ with cutting-edge technology.

“It’s taking some time [but] we are on the finishing touches now,” he said.

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  1. Reply says:

    Wonderful. The buildings look great. I really like the art deco like design.

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    • Reply says:

      Tortolan Art Deco ?

      • Reply says:

        I guess so. The structures just strikes me as something you can easily see in some areas of Collins Avenue in South Beach.

        On another note, I see people are complaining about it being a concrete jungle. Last years hurricanes apparently did not get some peoples attention. I think the owners wisely built buildings that are less vulnerable to extreme weather.

        People just like to complain and find fault with everything. Congrats to the owners; haters gonna hate. Life goes on.

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        • Anon says:

          So you use the excuse of a hurricane to pour yet more concrete on the beach?
          Firstly we should all know the old adage about where the wise man built his house. Anybody that builds their businesses and residences right on the edge of the sea in a hurricane prone area should know the risks they take.
          People obviously don’t learn from their mistakes.
          This new building will suffer the same fate as the last one in the next hurricane to hit (which could well be even more devastating since the human race is turning a blind eye to global warming) – but the ruins if this new concrete monstrosity will blight the landscape for many years to come.

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          • Reply says:

            Let me ask: what do you expect the proprietors of this business to do? Build a less secure structure that is more vulnerable to extreme weather? Or don’t build at all? Or let me guess, build what you will like to see despite you have not put forward a penny towards it’s construction.

            Look, many of you just complain. You are not the one putting up millions to build anything. You are not assuming the risk of building anything.

            The Quito’s are doing what is right for them. I am sure they will more easily get their building insured if they have not already knowing the structure is more secure. If disaster strikes again, they are covered.

            Until you folks come up with your own money and ideas to do things, perhaps you should be less critical/judgmental about those who have.

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          • Anon says:

            Money, money, money… that’s all that folk like you seem to care about.
            Just because I’m not the one spending money doesn’t mean I don’t have the right to voice my opinion.
            First and foremost this building has been constructed smack bang on a public beach. What if everyone else followed suit? There would be no beach left in Cane Garden Bay – just a concrete bulkhead lined with bars, shops and restaurants.
            If Quito cared more about the environment he’d have constructed a building that was more in style and keeping to the setting (say two of three stories max) and not built any permanent concrete structure on the PUBLIC BEACH. Yes maybe build a wooden gazebo if you like but be prepared the dismantle or rebuild the next time the BVI is whacked by a massive hurricane.
            Simply throwing concrete (and money) at a problem will not solve it.

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          • @Anon says:

            No one is suggesting that you cannot have your opinion because you are not footing the bill. I just disagree with it.

            Bottom line for me is that folks like you want others who are footing the bill to do things the way you want, and life does not work that way.

            Use your own money to build what you want and stop being critical of those who use theirs. If you want to build a 3 story wooden structure, no one is stopping you.

            Building a wooden unstable structure in that area is a bad idea, and you know it. We both agree that area is vulnerable to extreme weather. Why should an insecure building be placed there if one was to be built?

            Stop the madness. Rather, go down to Quito’s and have a drink on me, and help get our economy moving again. And by the way, the entire country is built like a concrete jungle, so if indeed those buildings are a concrete jungle, they are consistent with other buildings in the country.

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          • At Anon says:

            FYI the building withstood hurricane Irma and Maria it did not suffer hardly any damage so before you come on here talking p**s get your facts a straight. You’re just another hater that doesn’t want to see progression

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          • Hmmmm says:

            The building was started long before the hurricane. Building it was not because it was destroyed by the hurricane. Get your facts straight

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          • Janice says:

            Global warming is a hoax!!!!!

        • Anon says:

          Wasn’t damaged? Really?
          So why has it been sitting empty for over a year?
          All I want is redevelopment to be done properly and in accordance with planning laws and in keeping with the environment.
          Throwing MONEY and CONCRETE at a problem is not the solution.
          And building on the PUBLIC BEACH is wrong!
          But no matter…. in a few years there will be no beach at all in CGB if nonsense like this carries on. Just concrete and rocks to protect people’s precious concrete buildings that they spent their money on! And with no beach, you’ll have no tourists to occupy all the hotel rooms and no tourists to fill those bar stools. Good luck with that when the bank comes to collect your unpaid debts.
          I remember going to Quito’s 30 years ago when it really was a GAZEBO on the beach. It, and the rest of CGB, has lost its soul now. Just another concrete bunker next to the sea. There are millions of places like that all over the world and I for one don’t care to patronize them.

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      • Tola says:

        Art Quito? Same as Art Deco minus any sense of taste.

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    • Eyes wide open says:

      That is one ugly building. Who designed THAT! It looks less art deco and more Mogadishu School of Architecture. We’ve allowed this all over the place. Few exceptions like Soper’s Hole. We must do better. It costs the same to build something beautiful as it does to build this trash.

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  2. wow says:


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    • Architect says:

      Just so people know; it’s perfectly possible to design a wooden building to withstand hurricanes; even where Quito’s is. You just have to care enough to either learn how to do it or employ someone who already does. How do you think Cooper’s Island managed to survive and prosper?

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  3. Anonymous says:

    It is needed in VI

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  4. Yassuh says:

    Kim Garden Bay Hilton.

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  5. true says:

    Building codes in the BVi don’t seem to matter as there is a 45ft max and that building at the back is way over that height and its on the seafront, concrete jungle is right

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  6. Hmmmm says:

    I would like to hear mire about how the containers ” were stuck at the port”

  7. Brad Boynes says:


  8. Anonymous says:

    It doesn’t look like the old Quito’s in 1989. We have gone through so many changes. Looks beautiful. Sorry I won’t get to see it. Sending good wishes to Quito for the New Year. Love Ginny

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  9. lawyer says:

    Great improvement for tourism in the Cane Garden Bay and the BVI. Happy that a local is involved. I hope the name ‘Quito’ lives on forever.

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  10. CGB man says:

    Yet more concrete in Cane Garden Bay… or should I say Concrete Garden Bay.
    How was all this concrete allowed to be constructed on the public beach. It’s a pure land grab.
    Quito needs to change the name of his establishment to Quito’s Bomb Shelter.
    The BVI is rapidly losing its USP, if it hasn’t lost it already.
    They sure ‘paved paradise and put up a parking lot.’ SAD

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  11. Ausar says:

    Congrats, Enriquito!!!

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  12. CW says:

    I love all the haters! The most authentic BVI tradition besides sour sop and goat water is hating your neighbor when he’s successfully recovering and you’re…. Still mad about it lol

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    • Yard fowl says:

      Not only haters a bunch of jealous bad minded people in this place it think he need build a sea pool right the bar Quito I am proud of you keep hitting those strings on that gutair fire to the haters

  13. what a ting says:

    Why can’t BVislanders be happy for each other. All the negative comments sounds like ” Crabs in a barrell ” Black people-Wow

  14. A million says:

    Everything costs a ” million ” in tola

  15. Looing Good says:

    I love the look of Quito’s new place. If we study the negative opinions of people, The BVI would be nothing but beach and pasture.

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    • Ganga says:

      I think what they want is sensitive development, not poorly designed structures built on public beaches, whether they are concrete or not.

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  16. Hmmmm says:

    I would like to hear more about how the containers ” were stuck at the port”

  17. Nonya says:

    That’s nonya bidniss.

  18. Congratulations says:

    I understand a solid structure but the place does lack character with the stark white walls. It definitely needs a Caribbean vibe and Quito’s personal touch. But extremely glad to see Quito’s open again and wish the Rhymer’s the best of luck. Wish I could be there!

  19. Tony says:

    Which construction company did the work at the inn amazing job was done

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