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Back on track | New Immigration policy tweaked, resumes Wednesday

Premier Andrew Fahie

The VIP’s government’s fast track initiative to regularise select expatriate residents is back on track and is scheduled to recommence on Wednesday, Premier Andrew Fahie has said.

In a media release on Monday, the Premier said the recommencement is indicative that his government listened to the people of the territory.

“Having listened to the people, adjusted the policy accordingly, and having given the Immigration Department the time needed to put the necessary measures in place, it is now time to implement this fast-tracking programme,” he said.

The Premier said applicants will have a three-week period to collect and submit their application forms along with the required documents. All documents are to be submitted at the Immigration Department based at the RJT Edifice Building, Wickham’s Cay I.

In the meantime, applicants in the ‘third generation BVIslander’ category, will have six week-period to return their completed application forms and supporting documents to the department.


The Premier who is also the Minister of Finance said: “Relative to the grant of certificate that a person Belongs (Belonger) — $800 per applicant. Persons qualifying for both Resident and Belonger Status — $1,500 per applicant [and] Third Generation descendants — $800 per applicant.”

He informed that an additional $10 fee would be charged for the issuance of the relevant card bearing proof of the status received.

Notably, the fees did not change from the initial introduction of the programme when it was referred to as an amnesty earlier this year.

In the event that persons are unable to meet the aforementioned deadline “for one reason or the other”, they will be able to pursue applications for Belonger and Resident Status through the regular channels and at the regular fees, he further said.

Premier Fahie also urged persons who are suitably qualified to take advantage of the opportunity.

To become eligible for Belonger status an expat must be residing in the territory for at least 20 years.

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  1. WHEN? says:

    When does the 3-week period begin? Also, please tell me it won’t run into festival week which is only 2 working days. Will we have 3 full working weeks?

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    • Anonymous says:

      The 3 weeks will most likely start from this Wednesday when the fast track begin. Serious people will not complain about the time and will do what they have to do in fact some are already half way there since they jumped on it the first time it was announced back in May. Do what you have to do now, stick to what you know and dont worry about what you dont know just remember the early bird gets the worm.

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      • @Anonymous says:

        It’s not about serious or not serious, it’s about what makes sense! Lots of people, including locals use this time when school is out to do their travelling etc. Some expats who would benefit from this initiative may be travelling and not back in time to meet the short window. If this was a wholesome exercise they wouldn’t be doing it at this time.

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        • Anonymous says:

          Its a privilege not a right so if they miss out they can always try again the long way. I’m sure the fast trackers prefer the ones that stay and celebrate with us instead of running off during the 3 day holiday.

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  2. Ausar says:

    Quite an exorbitant amount of fees just to “Belong”!

    And for third generation Belongers, wanting to belong, in a hurriedly manner, 800 USD, WOW!!!

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  3. Charnele says:

    Does this mean that person’s from the sister islands have to travel to Tortola to submit their documents.

  4. son of the soil says:

    Mayson stop trying to sell out/give away the country. We ain’t owe nobody nothing. They have a privilege to be here and that’s enough.

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  5. And, Critical Important Work? says:

    Political campaigning did not end with the election finals. it appears this team has not stop campaigning yet. No disrespect intended, however.

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  6. Obvious says:

    Because its obviously a dog and pony show. Delayed fast track and said coming soon then waits for the one time of year when lots of expats leave island in vacation to reintroduce the scheme and with 3 weeks to get it done.

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  7. casper says:

    Looks like the same fast track again. Andrew bowing to UK pressure in a hasty rushed manner.

  8. Atlas says:

    Great news but now am still hurt you started off and say 15 years I done went and spend all that money to do all my requirements and was waiting until they put a halt on it now it’s back on track but the time has now change to 20 years living omg what happen to all of us who prepared to submit for the 15 years?

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    • Blah says:

      First of all ingrate, it was never an automatic approval so regardless if you did everything that was required you still could have been declined after the background check. You should be thankful that he tried to help. The people gave him hell for it and he listened to his people and increased the years from 15-20.

  9. Creme says:

    can someone explain to me what is a third generation bvislander?

    • Rubber Duck says:

      A person with a BVI grandparent. This is pretty much the same throughout the world. One grandparent entitles you to citizenship.

  10. TBS says:

    I am NOT living in another man’s country for so long. I would have definitely overstayed my welcome!

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