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Balloon satellite makes its way into BVI waters

The satellite device recovered in BVI waters. (Photo provided)

A bizarre sighting of what appeared to be a balloon satellite, caught some residences by surprise after landing in the waters of the British Virgin Islands on Friday, January 29.

According to reports received by our news centre, the balloon satellite which is also referred to as a loon, descended in the vicinity of Guana Island before it was retrieved and brought to Nanny Cay.

Speaking to BVI News following the circulation of the many images which created a buzz across the territory, a local aviator who opted to remain anonymous, dispelled any rumours which suggested that the satellite device landed into the BVI from outer space.

He said: “I know it is not a satellite per se … What a typical satellite would do is they would be orbiting so high above the earth that if they were to fall; that is why we see what we call a shooting star. It burns up on the reentry into the earth’s atmosphere.”

“As you can see from the pictures that this item is not burnt or damaged by any sort of heat process, you can see that all the panels are all intact,” he added.

Could have been collecting weather data

While not 100 percent certain as to the origins of the device, the aviator said that based on his experience, it could possibly be a balloon satellite that was collecting various weather data across the Caribbean region.

“What that tells us is that where ever it was orbiting it was within the earth’s atmosphere and what I know about those things as an aviator, I know they launch some weather balloon from Puerto Rico and they fly about 60,000 feet, which is way above the height flown by normal passenger aircrafts such as JetBlue for example which fly about 35,000 feet,” he explained.

“These balloons I see them on my tracker, they leave from Puerto Rico and they come all the way up to the Virgin Islands, they go down the Caribbean and then they go back. There is apparently something up there collecting weather data and so I want to believe that this object is one of those that forever reason it crashed,” the aviator further said.

Speculation of device being a loon

In the meantime, further speculations from other residents suggested that the device is a loon balloon satellite instrument which is a network of stratospheric balloons designed to bring internet connectivity to rural and remote communities worldwide.

While BVI News has no evidence to either substantiate of refute the speculations, these types of balloons usually work by beaming internet connectivity from ground stations to an overhead balloon. 

The signal which is generated is subsequently sent across multiple balloons, creating a network of floating cell towers that deliver connectivity directly to a user’s LTE-enabled device below. 

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  1. larry says:

    check google

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    • JUAN PING says:

      Boss man that is a satellite tracker that they use to follow submarines and unidentified aircrafts for drug smuggling.

      The authorities don’t want to say but yes it is from out of Puerto Rico.

      DEA is on always on the look out.

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  2. duck1951 says:

    could it also be a satelite to detect illegal activities in these waters ?

  3. People please says:

    I’m not worried, I got a good laugh today when I overheard a man saying they send the balloon to spy on the BVI.

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    • Lol says:

      Well… it is.

      It was being used to track government officials from home to work. Then this information will be used to collect those people for detainment for the “transition period” when the U.K. takes back the BVI.

      The camera was also being used to map out real estate for new purchases by foreigners. Belongers will be asked to sell or “relocate” for reasons of duty to the territory.

      All facets of government will be controlled by the U.K. Taxes will be implemented on ALL persons living in the territory.

      Times will be changing

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    • stinky. says:

      yeah lets track a submarine….priceless

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  4. Lmao says:

    Did Foy arrest the satellite and charge a fine of $40k for entering the BVI borders without permission. He does need to build a war chest to pay lawyers after indicted.

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  5. Let it come says:

    Aslong no alien touch down i safe

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  6. kend says:

    My guess it is something done by some 3-4 letter agency to look for drug runners. They did it on the cheap to avoid any thing pointing back to them….maybe..

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  7. Liane Le Tendre says:

    It definitely looks like Google’s “Loon”. Check this out …

    This project was recently cancelled by Google BTW.

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  8. ?? says:

    Something they on the ship???

  9. WEW says:

    Spy equipment. UK keeping an eye of HOA

  10. Bill Gates!? says:

    That work to control the chip you get with the vaccine! They have 6-G tracking chips that will know everything about you including your bank account. Watch out!
    This just more evidence that we in trouble. I Staying away from that needle. God coming soon!

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  11. SMH says:

    Russian submarines embedded deep in the Atlantic Ocean.

  12. Of says:

    all the blogs, Loi/Lol is probably closest to what it was truely used for.

  13. Hmmmm says:

    I think we need to give Claude a big $$$ consultancy to figure this one out.

  14. lol123 says:

    everyone who help get the satelite need some $$$$$

  15. Katty says:

    well agree with lol it could have been used for tracking drugs and alot more…

  16. Katty says:

    well agree with lol it could have been used for tracking drugs and alot more… I mean, it gets one to know one.

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