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Baronville slapped with more prison time for burglary

Kyle Baronville. (Facebook photo)

The construction worker who reportedly burglarized his employer’s home during a so-called ‘bathroom break’ has been slapped with an 18-month prison sentence at Her Majesty’s Prison.

Twenty-eight-year-old Kyle Baronville was sentenced after pleading guilty to the May 2018 burglary when he appeared before Magistrate Shawn Innocent recently.

His sentence will run concurrently to the prison sentence he is currently serving for cocaine and marijuana possession.

In a addition to this latest prison sentence, the offender was ordered to seek drug counselling while at the adult penitentiary. Magistrate Innocent pointed out that drugs were the underlying issue for Baronville’s run-ins with the law.

In handing down his sentence, the magistrate said Baronville’s failure to cooperate with the police during the time of the offence, as well as the fact that he forcibly entered a private dwelling for economic gain, were factors that aggravated the crime.

Magistrate Innocent said the offence was an ‘absolute betrayal of trust’ of the employer whose home burglarized.

In response, Barronville said: “I would like to apologize. I ended up getting rid of them (the items I stole).”

He, however, said he spent the quantity of cash that he had also heisted from his employer’s abode.

What happened

The court heard that Barronville was hired as a temporary construction worker to help repair his employer’s Rogue’s Bay property when he stole items amounting to $1,998.

Before he committed the offence, he excused himself for about 60 minutes, claiming he had to urinate. And after breaking in, the offender took two gift cards, a wallet containing $200, a gold bracelet, and other valuables.

The matter was subsequently reported to the police and Baronville was arrested and charged.

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  1. Please says:

    What is the use to sentence someone concurrently especially a repeated offender stuppes.

    Like 10
  2. Jaigon says:

    @please, I was saying the same thing, this prolific burglar is already serving time, he was brought back to court on other charges and was sentenced. How can the magistrate ruled that his sentence run concurrently with those he already serving. I would think that this sentence will run consecutive but this seems like a joke.

  3. vi says:

    He should be sentenced consecutively. This fellow is a ——- to society

  4. Woww says:

    Just send he jail for life. Period

  5. exactly says:

    Don’t know why all of them are running concurrently.
    that’s blatant disrespect to the people he stole from. WELL i guess when I commit an OFFENSE, might as well commit TWENTY(20) more at the same time, because if all of them carry a year sentence, then i would not do twenty years but rather one year if this foolish magistrate is in front of me.
    Think about the message you sending to the criminals.
    quantity of weed, coke and burglary. America would have afield day with you. Also on top of that he is a repeat offender with criminal records. All thats going to happen is that he comes out in close to a year and becomes a terror claiming how much charges he had and how he was in jail, just to gain street credit, and when nobody pays attention to the fool, he will try to “prove himself” and there is where you will find out the mistake you made.

  6. Anonymous says:

    If he was Hispanic or an expat he would have gotten 5 years for each offense and they would not run concurrent. The court system confirms to the young born on the island that crime does pay and when caught not much will happen. Raising and fostering a generation of criminals

  7. SMH says:

    In spite of all this, prayers are going up for this young man. He can be redeemed!

  8. John says:

    Sad that so much of our young men are ending up in prison. I remember this young man going to primary school. Absentee fathers has a lot to do with the plight of our young men

  9. Kyle says:

    Just when I thought you was doing good.
    Looks like you’re fated to be a f****** w**** man and if makes me mad to know this is what you sit down and choose

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