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Bars, nightclubs to reopen! Curfew shortens to midnight as BVI reports no active COVID cases

Health Minister Carvin Malone

In light of no known active COVID-19 cases in the territory, the government has given the all-clear for the reopening of bars and nightclubs and has also shortened curfew hours to midnight.

Health Minister Carvin Malone announced this news during a live COVID-19 media update on social media Wednesday evening, October 7.

Malone reported that the only positive COVID-19 case that had remained has now recovered; bringing the total recoveries in the territory to 70, with one death.

He said: “Let me be candid! The fact that we have no positive cases on record today does not mean that the BVI is ‘COVID-19 free’.”

Bars can open once certified

Malone said the recoveries have prompted Cabinet to make a number of decisions that will help to facilitate the continued reopening of the BVI.

“Cabinet decided to allow all businesses to reopen, inclusive of bars and nightclubs, provided that those businesses pass inspection by the Social Distancing Monitoring Protocols and are certified by the Environmental Health Division in order to operate their businesses,” he said.

“Bars and nightclubs owners are currently in conversations with the Department and a date and time for inspections would be agreed,” the minister added.

Malone also said Cabinet decided to continue the present restrictions on the movement of vessels in the territory; limiting them to a 6 pm curfew while ferries can operate up until the midnight curfew time.

Malone said that the new curfew will run from 12 am to 5 am curfew for 14 days, starting from October 8 until October 22.

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  1. Doh says:

    Hooray straight to the club! Gots my money for the dancers.

    Line up the shots. Shots! Shots! Shots!

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  2. Carvin Is a sure winner. Good Job. says:

    Giving people the opportunity is always good, im glad all businesses got the opportunity….Now I would have prefer a 5am to 10pm Curfew and reserve the 5am to Midnight to coinside or to come in effect the border reopening day, Dec 1st..As part of the plan..Now, We just need to simplify our border reentry plans, its too complicated.Complication is a turn off in almost everything…

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  3. Heckler says:

    Whore houses back in business too?

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  4. No Plan says:

    So we open bars and clubs and can’t open schools. This government is the worst ever. Children have been home since March. Schools should have reopened before these businesses. Can’t wait to vote.

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    • :) says:

      Only adults should be in bars and nightclubs. Adults should be responsible enough to follow guidelines. Only children attend schools. I’ve seen children spinning their mask like a helicopter, mask fall on the dirty floor, then pick up their mask and put it on their face without even dusting it off. Even if COVID wasn’t a problem that alone is a potential health risk to that child. Children will be children and usually don’t follow instructions well. Trying to Keep them 6 feet apart will be the same struggle that parents face everyday with children. Those children will even end up using each other’s mask. Good luck getting them to follow guidelines.

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      • Confused says:

        I am appalled by this comment. It’s the same clubs/bars is where the covid spread, because owners failed to enforce guidelines. Schools all over are opened with strict guidelines. Officials are ensuring that the rules are adhered to unlike bars/club owners who only interest is making a dollar. BVI community need to wake up.

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      • Anonymous says:

        I see children wearing masks better than most adults

      • Smh says:

        Do you really think drunk adults will think about wearing masks and social distancing? I guess if that was the case people would not even go to clubs and bars. Clubs and bars are for socializing. Adults will remove masks to drink all night they will not dance and talk a certain distance from each other etc. In my opinion bars and clubs are not effective with social distancing rules and thats why whenever you pass a bar or a club people are jumbled and gathered without mask. A teacher will probably get children controlled before a bartender or bouncer gets drunk and entitled adults controlled. And thats just facts

        • John says:

          Finally someone with some sense. People that go out will not wear mask and stand 6 feet apart . The government is full of retarted people , doing the same thing and expecting a different result. When they opened the bars and clubs the last look at what happened . Watch another outbreak will happened and the government will do another lockdown. And that’s when hell will break loose.

    • Heckler says:

      Schools closed whore houses open

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  5. Kkkkk says:

    Ok then

    • 2Cents says:

      The children are the future and not the w**res. There are greater protection for our kids. Let them stay them backside home until the governor ready to let them loose.

  6. Schools says:

    So when will school be opened???

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  7. This is sad says:

    Those businesses can never truly practice social distancing. Plus most people that attend those places have no desire to follow those kinds of rules. They feel it makes them on cool, you try to keep a mask on a drunk man! Very bad idea!

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    • @This is sad says:

      This is the problem, you make points regarding one side of the coin but what about the other? What happens to the persons that rely on these businesses for their livelihood? They should just close their business and do something else because of the chance of contracting a virus that’s not going anywhere, that you can contract at the bank, supermarket or anywhere else? The protocols should be strictly enforced but the businesses should have a chance to make their money especially when they are not getting any financial assistance. Bars have been closed almost 4 months total with all this COVID nonsense. Picture yourself out of work/income for 4 months and no assistance. Add to that the bars have overheads even when closed, utilities etc. still have to be paid/maintained.

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      • John says:

        You’re right but the problem is the bar and club owners will not enforce the guidelines on patrons. If you go out with a group a friends how are you going to tell them to stand 6 feet apart. Its not realistic at all. They need to impose fines on the owners, that’s when they will enforce the social distancing rules

  8. Wait here 4me says:

    Y’all mean to tell me that a whole country had to wait until one person recover for the curfew to move.

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  9. Yes says:

    Schools need to reopen. If we have to stay home with the kids how can we make money to take care of them?

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  10. rrtrtt says:

    the wh0rrr333sss will have work now.

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  11. Hmm says:

    But still they have so much implementation in place for expats to return.

  12. John says:

    Watch another outbreak again , like the last time . Who is going to enforce the rules and guidelines at the bars and clubs? and i bet these bars and clubs will not follow guidelines. No one is going to drink with a mask on and stand 6 feet apart , be realistic.

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