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Be cautious, police response may be slower this weekend — RVIPF

File photo of armed officers patrolling Road Town.

The Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) is urging residents to take precautions to protect their property this weekend and warns that response to non-emergency reports during the period may be slower than usual.

The RVIPF gave the caution ahead of the Buju Banton Long Walk to Freedom concert which is expected to attracted thousands to the territory.

“If you are planning to be out all night, make sure your property remains secure or ask somebody to look after your home,” police said via public statement.

The law enforcers are also encouraging persons to park their vehicles in well-lit areas and to remove all valuables or any items which may be prone to theft, especially if parked in vulnerable areas in Road Town.

The RVIPF is also asking residents to be aware of their surroundings, especially if in possession of a large quantity of cash. The Force is also urging resident to carefully consider whether it is necessary to walk with expensive items or jewellery when attending events this weekend.

There will be an increase of police presence throughout the various events and normal patrols within the territory will also be maintained, but the Force is pleading with persons who may require police assistance to “be patient”.

“Our response to a non-emergency may be slower during periods of peak demand where our focus will be on safety and security of those attending the different events,” the RVIPF said.

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  1. Come on... says:

    BVI NEWS!!! Why would you make this a headline?

    We are advertising for the crooks to Rob us!!!

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    • SMH says:

      Thought the same!!!

      • Entertainment Tourism says:

        Another great idea from the people that bring you fire burning garbage dump and sewage into the water. Entertainment tourism. This is like inviting a hurricane to visit the Territory. These people will come in and s**t on everything, leave their garbage, steal and rob and then leave the locals to clean up. What a wonderful idea to stimulate the Territory. What a bunch of dumba**es you all are

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    • Curious says:

      Let the criminals come and let me use this Gen 5 on um

  2. OMG says:

    why would you put this on the news? u giving the criminals heads up or wa

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  3. BVIlander says:

    BVI news this is an irresponsible headline. Why would you publish this article in this way?

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  4. Wondering says:

    Can you fix stupid? Beyond belief.

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  5. Guys says:

    What if its an invite,so they can try and get caught??‍♀️ .I really don’t think they can be this dumb.

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  6. Observant says:

    Can you all just heed the warnings?

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  7. BVI says:

    No brains amongst the auditors????

  8. Kmt says:

    Like really come on man u guys need to think before u put up stuff like this.

  9. IN OTHER WORDS says:

    …they telling us EVERY MAN FOR THEMSELF.

    We can’t depend on them either way.

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  10. bull shiggidy says:

    When were they ever quick? So i shouldn’t call 911 then?

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  11. Observant One says:

    Witnessed today the man who sells plants outside a supermarket screaming at a family from cruise ship calling them crackers and other foul things. Perhaps we can make him the honorary tourist ambassador?

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  12. Quiet Rebel says:

    Some basic sound advice for staying safe. But Comish, why would you advertise that police response will be slower this week end, for the focus will be on Buju concert and related events. Publicizing this is an invitation to criminals to spring into action for the chance of getting caught has been lowered. How about creating a high level of uncertainty for the criminals. Publicizing this info may have been well intended but it is wrong-headed.

    Comish Matthews, Deputy Commish James, Supt. Vanterpool, ah wah gwan? Seems like the Buju concert is taking precedence over everything else. What is the hype about Buju long road to freedom. He is no Mandela. Anyway, hope no cops are off this week end. How about increasing mobile patrols throughout Road Town and Road Town proper.

    What happened to community policing? In a few months, it will be 2 years since the passage of Hurricanes Irma and Maria. Tell us why the Comish contract was extended again. Was it for superb performance or because he is part of the good olde boys club? How many unsolved murders does the VI have? Is violent and property crime on the rise or falling ? When Virgin Islanders look out for Virgin Islanders in their homeland, it causes an uproar but it is ok for others to look out for others of their own kind.

    Virgin Islanders get best up for the same practices that are practiced in the home countries of most of the 100+ nationalities that reside in the BVI. Only in the BVI. Well mai boi! Virgin Islanders are to docile to stand up and fight. They talk a good fight in private. They talk the talk but afraid to walk the walk. Courage and national sacrifice flew away wid Noel and PAM. All the warriors gone. Nuff rebels wid out a cause.

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    • @QR says:

      @QR, lawd ah merci, ease up pun de peeps nah mon. Mek dem enjoy dem selves nah. Mek the people mek a likle money nah. You know it is all about the Benjamins; BVI peeps are about the Benjamins. The estimated gathering for Buju Banton is 8,000. Let’s see how many show up for National Heroes Day (taking the place of St. Ursula’s Day on October 20) in celebration. Noel Lloyd, HL Stoutt…….etc.Who is St. Ursula again. Just another Brer Anansi, Humpty Dumpty, Guy Fox……etc tory.

  13. @quiet rebel says:

    Buju is bringing more people in the BVI than anyone else. Not even Mandela would do this so that’s the hype. Stop the hatred. But for the police force, why are we recruiting so many police officers and is it that all the police officers will be at

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  14. These people need help. says:

    The news headline should be police on patrol all over the islands 24 HR resident please enjoy concert.

  15. Smarty Pants says:

    Thank you guys for giving the criminals the opportunity to rob the citizens (slower police response), by assuming they will rob the citizens in advance.

  16. CW says:


    They didn’t say they weren’t available, they said that NON-EMERGENCY RESPONSE TIMES MIGHT INCREASE. THEY HAVE ALL NORMAL PATROLS AND AN INCREASE IN OFFICERS FOR THE SHOW. ITS ALL WRITTEN RIGHT THERE STRUPES. Do any of you lot read more than the headline before you spew your nonsense? Now we see why the BVI is in such bad shape- you can’t wait to year down your own people trying to make something positive for you. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO HELP THE BVI TODAY BESIDES JUMP TO FALSE CONCLUSION AND COMPLAIN

  17. CleanUP says:

    I remember when this type of bs wasn’t a concern, the VI is small those take what they didn’t pay for are known. Take them out to sea and drop them off before they strike!!!

    • The truth says:

      This should have never been advertise.That is Poor security tact’s or is it really been advirtiese for another reason. Sometimes I wonder why a people move backwards continuously . U want to attract more locals but yet u can’t even give the national security of the country which is the only one a ministerial Salary. How silly can we continue to b. Wwe make our own failures.

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