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Be realistic! Even if BVI is ready to reopen for visitors, the world isn’t

While agreeing that tourism is important to the BVI, Premier Andrew Fahie has called on Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition to ‘be realistic’ in its calls for local borders to be reopened.

In a statement earlier this week, Opposition Leader Marlon Penn had recommended that the BVI begin to reopen the territory’s borders to overnight visitors by September.

However, Premier Fahie said reopening local borders now — without proper control measures — places residents at risk of serious illness and even death.

“Before anyone asks the government to just throw open our borders, look your loved ones in their eyes and then think again what their lives mean to you and what your life means to them. Your life and that of your loved ones is the price some people are willing to pay to grab hold of power, and may I add, put it in the wrong hands,” Premier stated during a live broadcast Tuesday night.

Travel bans are still in place!

In further arguing his point, the Premier said there are still travel bans in ‘most’ countries, as the globe continues to fight the highly-contagious and sometimes-deadly coronavirus.

“How will tourists get here even if the BVI opens its borders? How will they get here if their own borders are closed and airlines are not flying? Secondly, the economies in most of those countries are also in decline. Many persons there are also out of work and have no money. Do you think those persons will have the money for vacationing?” Premier Fahie questioned.

“Even if the BVI says we are ready for visitors, the rest of the world is not ready. So, I am asking, the members of the tri-party Opposition and their operatives; from where will tourists come if the switch is flipped in the morning and we reopen the BVI’s borders to international travellers? Does any of them have a crystal ball or a secret cure for COVID-19 to make pronouncements that global tourism and global aviation will be back up and running by September? From whom did they get this information?” he added.

100% destinations still have restrictions for tourists

Premier Fahie then cited the United Nations World Tourism Organization who continues to state that 100 percent of destinations worldwide still have active coronavirus-related travel restrictions for international tourists.

“Out of all 217 destinations worldwide, 156 (72 percent) have placed a complete stop on international tourism. Most significantly, the organization further states, no destination has so far lifted or eased travel restrictions. This is the global picture, and it is so until someone invents a cure for COVID-19 or a vaccine for the coronavirus.”

Opening up to USVI would retard BVI’s progress

As it relates to opening up travel between the US Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands, Premier said this would only retard the progress the territory has made so far.’

He then called on residents to avoid falling for what he termed “this uninformed hype and propaganda” from the Opposition.

“Are the members of the tri-party Opposition aware that flights are still being allowed between the USVI and the US mainland, and that yesterday alone there were over 17,000 new COVID-19 cases and more than 750 new COVID-19 related deaths in the United States? Already for today alone, over 900 persons have died from COVID-19 in the United States. Is this what our Opposition want us to open our borders to contend with at this time?” the Premier asked.

Opposition’s stance

In a six-page document outlining how to jumpstart tourism, Opposition Leader Marlon Penn said the territory’s size and population density gives the BVI a geographical advantage in managing any spread of COVID-19.

He said government should reopen the tourism sector in three-and-half months, one subsector at a time.

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  1. Covid lies says:

    Covid is far less deadly than previously anticipated.

    Only for the old, the obese and vulnerable it is very dangerous. As we all know our premier is at least one of these. Coincidence he wants to keep the borders closed? Probably not.

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    • Guest says:

      It is dangerous for elderly and people with underlying conditions. Do a quick survey of the BVI population with cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and asthma. I don’t know while you over night doctors don’t shut your imbecilic mouths……

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    • Lol says:

      You sound like one of those BVI pseudo intellectuals who started saying the flu/cold killed more. Sound so damn dumb the worse year of the flu resulted in 61,000 + dead after infecting almost 45 million plus over a year without taking precautions and constant cleaning. Covid has killed more than that 6 times over at 320,000 in less than 5 months with the world operating on super cleansing mode and taking every precaution in the book. Yet you jacka$& keep coming taking about the disease is not that bad. The one thing this disease has done is highlight that a lot of individuals BVI thought were smart are incredibly stupid. From them biting at every conspiracy to comparing this to the cold or flu……….

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      • Tongue Fu says:

        Where are you getting your figures from? You all need to post links please.

        As recent as 2009 H1N1 took approx. 575,400 deaths but yet they were zero border closures and zero shutdown. Now I am not by any means trivializing the seriousness of the COVID-19 virus but neither am I about to be caught up in the media hype about it.

        “The CDC estimates that between 151,700 – 575,400 people died worldwide during the first year that the (H1N1)pdm09 virus circulated. About 80% of those deaths are believed to have been people younger than 65 — which is unusual. During typical seasonal influenza epidemics, 70-90% of deaths occur in people over 65”.
        This was actually worse as it affected mostly people under 65.
        Too much scaremongering in this place.

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        • LOL says:

          ROTFLMAFAO!!! You pseudo-intellectuals are hilarious. You go run a lil google and post without even comprehending what you are posting. The 2009 H1N1 WAS NOT THE REGULAR SEASONAL FLU – 2009 H1N1 WAS THE SWINE FLU genius. Now yes the estimated death was 151,700 to 575,400. It did not say outright 575,400. But that is neither here nor there the fact remains as you say without shut down this 2009 disease had a potential tally of between 151,700 to 575,400 AFTER INFECTING 43.3-89.3 MILLION over the course of 1 FULL YEAR. Now stay with me, this may be hard for you to understand or comprehend. COVID-19 has CONFIRMED KILLED 326,000 over less time (5 months) WITH ALL PRECAUTIONS AND SHUT DOWNS IN PLAY, WITH THE WORLD WEARING MASKS and looking like Michael Jackson. All while infecting only 5 million. Less people, Less time more deaths with safety precautions. It does not take much brain cells to understand that this is vastly more dangerous than 2009. Again the worse seasonal(regular) flu was 2017. Do you not understand the tally this virus would have taken if the world had not taken these precautions? We are only at 5 months and we are already past half of what your 2009 comparison did in 2009 running free WITH NO SAFETY PRECAUTIONS RUNNING FREE. At this point I don’t know whether to fall out my chair laughing at the dribble you people post or view these nonsensical posts as an indictment of the BVI education system.

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          • The One. says:

            Stay in your toilet paper fort asshat. The world will happily move forward without you.

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          • Tonge Fu says:

            Well well well.

            Who was the one who posted this statistic without any source?
            “Sound so damn dumb the worse year of the flu resulted in 61,000 + dead after infecting almost 45 million plus over a year without taking precautions and constant cleaning”.

            This is Worldwide or America alone?


            More updated facts from the CDC state that up to 290k- 650 k die from respiratory illnesses caused by the seasonal flu( Yes I googled it). This is after including a wider more diverse range of countries. Who am I to believe you or CDC? Also if the flu is SEASONAL that means that it is killing people in a short space of time. So let us say it is some where in between 290 and 650 k that is around 470k still far more than the COVID-19 at this point. 470k in 4 months? Even if COVID- 19 kills more in 12 months than the flu in 3-4 months does that make it worse?

            The draconian measures like 24 hour lock-downs implemented could have lead to more mental and physical issues that can have far more lasting effects than COVID-19. I know persons who have died right here because they could not get their medication from overseas? Half the story will never be told. Why? The place lockdown.


            My point with the H1N1 is where was the urgency then? Why no shutting down of borders? No 24 hour lock-downs? But that flew over your head.

            I am not going to live my life in fear DUE TO MISINFORMATION. I will be cautious yes but Fear will never be my guide. Oh BTW I did not receive my education here.

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          • TT man says:

            Influenza kills 50-60K people a year in US. Since 2000 that 1,2mil died. The only recommendation is a flu shot and wash your hands. This is a once in 100 years event. INF is EVERY year. Standard face masks don’t work. Social distancing doesn’t work. This one size fits all is a disaster. Protect the vulnerable with N95 masks. We know who they are now. And I would add obesity to the current list. There is no doubt this is a highly contageous virus but in the end the survivability will be >98%. Let everyone get it and be done.

        • Daffy Duck says:

          Everyone is blaming everything on Covid.
          All the nastiness in the BVI is Covid to blame for those too? The premier is not fat nor chubby, he is … is that covid doing? This is filled with lots of sick people , they eat crap, don’t exercise.
          Food can either build you or kill you, no in between, we no longer eat to live, we stuffed our piehole and don’t think that they gonna be some consequences after, just like death and time is the two greatest equalizer.
          Look all over this Territory lots of morbidly obese people, fatter than our cows especially the women, they drive a car and it’s as if that car wants to cry out, their weight is too much for these little Suzuki Swift, I saw a child at a grocery store and honestly I thought she was a teenager come to find out from her mother she is just 10 years old, the poor child look like she is 13 months pregnant, that’s child abuse, then Fahie gonna say he doesn’t care how you live just how you die.
          The Territory is too fat and stinks, it’s a damn turn off, too many lazy women and frankly some smell also.
          I have 6 sister in laws, they all look like Shamu and for year I have been begging pleading with all of them to walk , exercise watch what you eat and when you eat and they never budge, all 6 of them guts on their laps, early this year 3 was diagnosed with cancer, my toxic mother in law come asking me to help them out now after I talked until I was blue in the face, I told her , I won’t give them a sip of water nor a pint of blood.
          I’m a Vincy to my bone when I say I am done I’m finished. I change my clothes but not my mind.

  2. Hmmmm says:

    Absolute rubbish. The opposition plan called for a phased opening starting September. There are many Caribbean Islands that will be doing soft re-opening starting June so what nonsense is this? So we are expected to sit around crying about COVID, keep the country closed talking about safety, keep people out of work while telling them they have to wait a little longer for help because you are still working on it? That’s how you run a country? That’s why it’s called a PLAN! Is the Premier saying there’s NO PLAN at all to get tourism back on track?

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  3. Typical says:

    This is so typical of this Premier playing on words. September is 4 months away and the plan the opposition put out listed September as tentative, based on how things are going elsewhere. They did not simply say open the country tomorrow like the Premier is trying to impress upon the people.

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  4. Tongue Fu says:

    Premier Fahie needs to stop with the scaremongering. A leader needs to be more courageous and lead at this time. We cannot dwell forever in fear. By various firsthand reports this virus was probably here before March and we co-existed with it then and will have to learn to co-exist with it in the foreseeable future. Closing borders and 24 hour lock-downs is not a sustainable solution.

    I would not even wait until September as that is the peak of the Hurricane season but by July as we need to test our systems to see if they work. Fact remains they will not be that many visitors to our shores to begin with due to the economic restraints and virus fears so then would be a great time to test our systems. Allow the marine industry to open and small villas. Cruise tourism will have to be placed on hold until November.

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  5. Rich & Famus says:

    Let the RICH & FAMUS come on their own JET’S. Is it true we are known for HIGH END TOURISM. ?

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  6. Diaspora says:

    I have no pit bull in this fight between government and opposition but the Hon Premier A. A . Fahie (R1) is right about the travel environment and border opening. Prior to the abrupt border closing, there were neither any strong/reliable treatment protocols, cure nor vaccines and there still is not. Government strong and forceful actions, ie, social distancing, quarantining, isolating , lockdowns……etc kept the number of confirmed cases and deaths relatively low, ie, 8 and 1, respectively. Cannot squander that capital with rushed, poor planning.

    Most of the VI tourists come the US. The US has approx 5% of the world population and approx 30% of confirmed cases; it currently has and counting approx 1.5M confirmed cases and approx 92K deaths. It is projected that by the end of the month the number of deaths will exceed 100K. Though President Donald J. Trump celebrated these numbers as a badge of honor, these are some serious numbers.

    Tourism is a major direct, indirect and induced employer and workers are anxiously waiting for the border doors to be flung open so that tourists race back in so that they can geh wuk. Well, that is not how the script is written. The virus will drive the timeline, not workers desire, politicians……etc. Though the borders cannot be kept slammed airtight forever, opening them should be done with effective planning and with deliberate bud speed. Nonetheless, none of us want a rekindling of the past several months, do we?

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    • @Diaspora says:

      The Premier is NOT RIGHT! St Lucia and others are doing soft re-openings starting in June. The Opposition plan called for soft re-opening starting September, that’s 4 months away. Nobody is asking the Government to swing the borders open from tomorrow, people are asking WHAT IS THE PLAN! Are you telling me that 3 months later they still don’t have a plan?

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    • Tongue Fu says:

      @ Diaspora

      I beg to disagree with your position. Premier Fahie has had 4-5 months to come up with a plan for re-opening. Although I agreed with the closing of the borders we simply cannot keep our borders closed forever as that is not a sustainable solution neither economically or health-wise. I have heard of persons whose health conditions have worsened because of the inability to go to see their specialist doctors at this time. One guy died because he was unable to get his medication to him at this time. Fear is not a solution. Fear kills.

      Neither is 24 HOUR lockdowns a solution. Locking down healthy people or even those with pre-existing conditions for 24 hours is not a sustainable solution. It has adverse effects on their mental and physical health. All Fahie has done is taken a reactionary approach. That is not leadership Bro.

      Up to now you cannot come up with a plan for returning nationals when the borders reopen on 2nd June really?

      You mentioned the USA with a population of 328 million and 90k dying from some even saying with a disease? Quit with the fear mongering.
      We need a proper plan that details how we can co-exist with this virus because it is not going anywhere. Even if you get a vaccine how many people take these vaccines? What are their side effects? There is a flu vaccine now and how many people take it each year? Around 30%.

      I know for a fact that it was here before March and we unknowingly co-existed with it then so we need to come up with a plan to knowingly co-exist with it in the foreseeable future.

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    • VICKIE says:



    If we do not start planning with our Tourism partners another island will and when we decide to come to the table there will be no space for us.
    Start the discussion, start the planning with the partners, start talking this allows the best plan to mature and be effective. If we wait until we want to be ready we will miss the boat…
    This applies to all segments, boat, ship, hotel and villa.. build a plan with your partners, slowly implement and adjust as it is needed. No one expects the plan to be perfect from day one?

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  8. Laugh out loud! says:

    And people don’t forget if the BVI is going to be Corona free. We ALL must be vaccinated. And what’s in that vaccine???

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  9. Luckey 13 says:

    Send a NOTICE out that we will be accepting CHARTER FLIGHTS , be it from England , USA , Africa and other European Nations that we are open.

  10. Truth says:

    From day 1 it was said that VIP had no plans to run this Territory. They got in and started spending haphazardly and appointing cronies to boards where it made no sense. COVID has now highlighted the fact that the Government is not acting as a unit but rather one set doing all the talking/action. This reminds me of NDP’s last days in office and it’s not good especially at this time. To all the VIP defenders who can see no wrong in what they do, don’t worry you will soon start feeling the heat yourselves.

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  11. Thank you sir says:

    Thats putting it frankly and realistically.

    Well said Hon Premier.

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  12. true says:

    The country were well over 90% of our overnight tourists come from have already started reopening, the flights are restarting. I think October will be fine as there is no point opening in September when not many tourists travel to the BVI anyway.

  13. Ausar says:

    Pure nonsense, y’all talkin!

    Here in the USVI, we’re reopening on the first of June, and the hotels, villas, inns, and the likes, are ringing in daily, with reservations!

    People want to visit these shores and the sooner you guys reopen, you’ll see the floodgates of tourists, willing to come!

    On with the reopening, already!!!

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    • Be first like BVI cares? says:

      As of today, 69 Positive COVID19 Cases, 6 COVID19 Deaths for USVI, 8 Positive COVID19 Cases and 1 COVID19 Death for BVI. If USVI opens June 1, 2020, BVI needs to continue closed ports to all USVI planes and vessels, all period. USVI has 2 big fancy hospital and lose 6, well sir! Thank you Premier Fahie!

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      • Ausar says:

        “Be First et al.”:

        If I’m not mistaken, there are people “dropping down”, in the BVI like flies!!!

        Do you know what are the causes?

        Many have claimed that it’s the “Rona”!

        So there’s alot of clandestine information that are not being disclosed.

        So you can’t claim that you really just have ONE death from the “Rona”.

        Fez up to my query,and let us all read, about the true causes of these sudden deaths!

        Ah gurantee ya, MORE, will continya to “drop”!!!!

      • Voter says:

        What’s your point??

        USVI 9% death rate

        BVI. 13% death rate

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      • Tongue Fu says:

        @Be first like BVI cares.

        I believe if we are going to quote stats we must quote in its entirety and also analyze properly.

        USVI tested 1409.persons; 69 positive, 1314 negative and 26 pending. Out of the 69 positive, 61 have recovered, 2 ares still positive and 6 unfortunately passed.

        BVI tested 157 persons; 8 positive, 149 negative. Out of the 8, 6 recovered, 1 positive and 1 unfortunately passed.

        So BVI 8 positives out of 157 represents about 5% while USVI 69 out of 1383 is about 4.98% so about equal. I am sure if the BVI were to test more the percentage would be about the same or higher. BVI 6 out of 69 positive passed away which is 8.69% while USVI 1 out of 8 passed away is 12.5 %. Then USVI 61 out of 67 recovered represents 88.40 % while BVI 6/8 is 75%. BVI tested 157 out of 32k or .49% while USVI tested 1,402 out of 106,000 or 1.32%.

        It is obvious that we are under-testing but if we were to compare our situation seems to be worse despite all the draconian measures that were implemented as opposed to the USVI who kept their borders open. You guys are focused too much on one or two sensational numbers how many cases or how many die which is sensational but does not tell even a quarter of the story.

        • Tongue Fu says:

          “BVI 6 out of 69 positive passed away which is 8.69% while USVI 1 out of 8 passed away is 12.5 %”.

          Correction this should be USVI 6 out of 69/BVI 1 out of 8. BVI has a higher mortality rate.

    • Drop dead says:

      Yeah right- a surge in infections and we start droppng dead like flies? F–k –f. Most of you talking nonsense here will stay at home tremblig with fear

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  14. :) says:

    The Premier may not have announced a plan since the situation is still fluid. We have to monitor the situation Worldwide not just locally. Now that all US states have officially opened it would be good to just observe and see what unfolds. If the situation gets better instead or worse then we can open the boarders. When there is a shooting you dont just open your doors while the gun shots are still loud and clear you wait for a consistent pause then you slowly put your head outside the door.

    After we reopen everyone wishing to travel to the BVI should be required to produce a negative test result for Covid19 dated within 2 weeks of their scheduled visit.

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    • Truth says:

      He hasnt announced one because he DOESNT HAVE ONE! Stop speaking to people as if they are illiterate!!!! We know full well that COVID is fluid and any plan must have flexibility! It is obvious there are no plans for the economy when you review the Premier release yesterday of what he called phase 1. One glance at that and you know that the Premier has no idea what a n economic stimulus even means which is quite scary.

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      • :) says:

        Some of what the Premier has done is part of an economic stimulus plan. An economic stimulus plan doesn’t necessarily mean giving residents money in their hand like Trump did. Waiving the stamp duty for purchase of land and the $2 million for the fishermen and farmers are considered an economic stimulus plan by the definition of the term.

        The big problem is people want cash in their hand or not paying rent for months. That’s what has been commented a lot on social media and the comment section. They want financial assistance. They dont want an economic stimulus plan.

        We have another dilemma, if the Premier was to reduce taxes or stop it completely for a specific time period not only will we lose revenue, the majority of the money from the tax break unfortunately will just be spent out of the territory so it wouldn’t actually be a stimulus for the BVI.

        Smart people are watching their money right now as the effects of the global pandemic are being felt everywhere. A stimulus package will not be effective if people aren’t willing to spend recklessly. We have already seen the high number of layoffs and business closures. You give me a tax break now I’m saving as much of that as possible. Only groceries right now is a necessity as clothes and luxury goods will take a backseat until things stabilizes.

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        • Tonge Fu says:


          “Smart people are watching their money right now as the effects of the global pandemic are being felt everywhere. A stimulus package will not be effective if people aren’t willing to spend recklessly. We have already seen the high number of layoffs and business closures”.

          I beg to disagree. The idea of a stimulus package is to target those who really need it. Meaning those who are unemployed or underemployed who at the moment cannot pay their bills, cannot buy groceries etc.This is a temporary measure until employment picks back up. Giving relief to those persons would also allow for them to now pay their bills, patronize the groceries while if you do not give them that help up they may become permanent burdens of the state as their bills will continue to pile up. It also allows for them to patronize small businesses and groceries, pay landlords pumping much needed money into the economy at least in the short term. Timing is crucial too as giving someone relief 3 months after they began requiring it maybe too late for some as their bills would have already piled up and any assistance may not be able to change their situation.

          Now you are right that those who have the money will be wise at spending it so giving them tax breaks will only mean they will keep it to themselves until things start to look up but is that what we really want? It is stimulus but it is poorly targeted so it is very unlikely that it would be effective in stimulating the economy.

          Now for the Premier who is saying there is no need for a long term plan due to the fluidity of the situation well perhaps he never heard of a flexible long-term plan.

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          • :) says:

            A stimulus is for mainly medium to low income earners or anybody that was affected by the economic crisis. A stimulus is to boost spending to revitalize the economy. During a pandemic or economic crisis spending stops, stock market crashes. That’s why its called a stimulus look up the definition of the word. The logic is, let me use the US as an example, I give you $1,200.00 you now will go out and spend that money that they hope will keep businesses from going bankrupt or shutting down.

            In the US it was anybody that made $99,000 a year or less, it wasn’t just the unemployed. People that earned more than $99,000 did not receive a stimulus check. A stimulus plan doesn’t have to be the same as anywhere else so we might do ours for only those that were directly affected but then again that wouldn’t necessarily be a stimulus plan that would be more like financial aid.

  15. Empty says:

    Empty barrels make the most noise.

    Foy no different from Trump. Afraid to make big decisions. Want big Premier/Presidential positions and titles but not the heat that goes with them.

    Everything good – Trump did it… Everything bad Obama did it … Everything good Foy did it … Everything bad Smith did it. SMH

    Get on it ?.

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  16. Diaspora says:

    @Diaspora and Tongue Fu, nuff respect for your points of view and civil debate. Nonetheless, what do you say about:” Nonetheless, none of us want a rekindling of the past several months, do we?” True, the VI should not let a perfect opening be the enemy of the good.

    Nevertheless, a premature opening can be disastrous, VI reeling, I though agree that the lockdown should have been used to develop a plan—-good, bad or otherwise. Ponder these three legs of a triangle: cheap, fast and good. All regional countries are hurting with populations expecting a US-style stimulus package.

    Well, regional countries don’t have the millions, billions or trillions to disburse to their population. Most regional countries barely make it from one budget year to the next; some have to borrow to make budget. Resident frustrated, the VIP got some tough decisions but that is what it sign up for.

    • Triangle ? says:

      @Diaspora, “Ponder these three legs of a triangle: cheap, fast and good.“ What is this triangle thing about?

  17. Anonymous says:

    Just to clarify… every Covid-19 listed death is not a death FROM Covid-19. You can hear officials even clarify this matter. If you have Covid-19 and die FROM a “clear,alternate cause” it is listed as a COVID death. The numbers you are espousing are not accurate for your verbage. This is not uninformed propaganda, here is a link to

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    • Guest says:

      Fact checked from a Facebook page pure genius at work. Because Facebook pages are truly infallible. All the while bodies pile up Italy,UK, Russia, Brazil and NewYork requiring mass graves for the first time since WWII yet you Imbeciles want to categorize the situation as fabrication because of a few miss diagnosed cases smdh. Idiots are truly alive and well in the BVI……….

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  18. Observer says:

    Those who want the country open immediately sooo bad why don’t you sign a petition identify yourselves let it be known. Don’t be keyboard champions writing these epistles. So if and when anything happens we can say you got what you ask for……..

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  19. Diaspora says:

    The Hon J. “Liberator” Fraser (R1), Leader of PU, Opposition member, former MCW, and former chairperson of VIP, has a point. Yes, citizens of the VI (not too sure about citizens of BVI) has a right to come home; I’m sure that it is tough on citizens that are Covid-19- trapped and-stranded overseas.

    Nevertheless, does the right of an individual trumps the health and safety of the majority? As the saying, an old saying, goes, it is sometimes necessary in order to save the village to torch it. Back from my digression, the greatest responsibility of governing is to protect the health and safety of the citizenry. The draconian measures imposed by government was to protect the health and safety of VI residents; it was for the public good. The draconian measures can, should and will be actively debated.

    Moreover, the VI close and friendly westerly neighbor the USVI so far has had approx 69 confirmed cases and 6 deaths. Conversely, the VI has had 8 confirmed cases and 1 death. Borders quick shuttering, can be attributed to the relatively low numbers. A major outbreak could have overwhelmed the health system, exceeding its capacity and capability to meet a large surge demand. This would have been an untenable situation for VI residents/territory. And the best management practice(BMP) was to prevent residents contracting the deadly Covid-19 disease.

    Thus, having yapped about the need to protect public health and safety, I’m not averse to the opinion that government should have moved with much more fervor to bring VI citizens/residents home. Returning residents needed to go into a strict quarantine setting for at least 14 days. The honor system of self quarantining at home???

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    • Tongue Fu says:

      @ Diaspora.

      Moreover, the VI close and friendly westerly neighbor the USVI so far has had approx 69 confirmed cases and 6 deaths. Conversely, the VI has had 8 confirmed cases and 1 death.

      Come on Bro stop posting numbers without proper context. 69 out of 1400 tests/ 8 out of 157 tests. 1 out of 8 dead 6 out of 69. USVI has fared better without the draconian measures. Guess what they are just one state of emergency call away from billions of dollars in aid what we got?

      You are a decent poster. I expect better.

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  20. Medical reasons says:

    There should be an exception to leave teh country for medical treatment and to be able to return for ALL residents of the BVI.

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  21. Mike says:

    Your premier has a problem with the truth.
    People are ready to travel, and many have boat charters in the BVI booked for the upcoming months.
    All 50 US states have started lifting their travel restrictions. Your neighbors in the USVI will be open to tourism in 12 days. Aruba, June 15th. Cayman islands, September 1st. Grenada, June 1st. St Lucia, June 4th. Bahamas, July 1st.
    I have chartered 2 catamarans in October,and will be flying to St Thomas with a group of 16 people. Our plan was to sail the BVI, but if they’re not open, we will sail the USVI, and possibly the Spanish VI.

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    • Dear Mike says:

      You are supporting the USVI economy paying for a boat chartered from the USVI and will spend more money provisioning the boat in the USVI.
      IF you wanted to support the BVI you would charter a boat from here & provision the boat here.
      It seems you want the best of both worlds….

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      • Mike says:

        I chartered the boats from a company that hase a base in the BVI, and a base in USVI.
        Since the BVI government can’t give a timetable for opening up, I had the charter company switch us to 2 boats from their USVI base.
        That’s on the BVI government, not on me.
        USVI, Grenada, Aruba, St Lucia, Antigua, Bahamas, and Caymans, all have anounced timetables for opening up for tourism. Every one has a much larger population then the BVI.

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  22. Mike says:

    Your Premier seems to have a problem with the truth.
    The world is ready to travel again. Call any of the BVI charter companies, and ask them how many charters they have for the coming months. Many of us tourists that have them, just want to know what the government is planning to do, so we can adjust our plans. I’m one of the lucky ones, because we chartered our catamarans out of St Thomas, so if the BVI isn’t open, when we head down in October, we will spend our vacation, sailing the USVI, and possibly the Spanish VI. The BVI is already going to lose millions of dollars, from the failure of the cruise ship industry. How much more can you stand to lose to your neighboring islands How long can your government provide for you, until they run out of tax money ?

    USVI-opens June 1st
    Aruba-opens June 15th
    St Lucia-opens June 4th
    Antigua and Barbuda-opens June 4th
    Bahamas-opens July 1st
    Grenada-opens in June

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    • Dear Mike says:

      Please stay home

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    • @Mike says:

      What is their population size and how many COVID-19 deaths have each of these countries had? What is more, how do their traveler stats compare with BVI? Does BVI have more entries than these countries? Where do most of our visitor population come from? Is it any of these countries????? For the countries that do visit BVI most…are they ready to open???? What is their COVID-19 track record?????
      If the World wanted to jump off a cliff…should we do that too…I agree with Premier…wait and see…nothing ain’t running away…

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      • Mike says:

        Every one of those countries had a much larger population then the BVI. A couple see about the same number of tourists as the BVI, and the others see many more tourists.
        As for Covid19, St Lucia, Grenada, Bahamas, and Antigua have lower infection rates then the BVI.
        USVI,Aruba, and Caymans have higher infection rates.

  23. British says:

    Premier Fahie…. you don’t seems to get it. The situation lies ahead is what the ppl are currently facing…., No jobs or income coming in, how will be able to sustain there financially bills are encore and no help from the government.

    Premier stopped tell us about food with the shut down… that’s pass and gone. You not making sense at all. You nothing in place, in re opening this country borders, we’re in May now and hurricane season around the corner. Premier you need to vise up shame ?

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  24. Just the beginning of Covid19 says:

    In the last 24 hours there have been 106,000 cases of COVID19 reported, the most in a SINGLE day since the out great began. Thank you Andrew for keeping the BVI safe.

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  25. Sam the man says:

    Such and shame the BVI threw away its agriculture and fisheries many moons ago to chase the cheep dollar with very little input , many people now will be saying I TOLD YOU SO the financial industry is fickle and should have been the extra $ in the pot not the be all and end all and tourism is also fickle and should be treated the same. imagine the situation now with COVID 19 if old island ways were still in place, we would still have jobs and food and our near neighbours would be buying supplies from us. Time yet again to think again BVI because this will happen again. Love to all and stay safe X

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