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Be warned! BVIEC can now disconnect you remotely

Residents with outstanding bill payments to the BVI Electricity Corporation (BVIEC) are being advised to settle their debts now that the power company has improved its disconnection capabilities.

The BVIEC announced yesterday that it now can make disconnections remotely.

With this capability, the Electricity Corporation is warning residents of early-morning power cuts for unpaid bills.

“Customers in arrears are remotely disconnected as early as 8 am,” the BVIEC said. “The Corporation is therefore advising all customers to pay outstanding bills to avoid disconnection.”

This news comes months after the conclusion of the BVIEC’s amnesty programme in which select consumers were exempted from making electricity payments for three months.

At the time, Premier Andrew Fahie said the amnesty was part of the government’s economic stimulus-response to COVID-19.

To minimise the risk of individuals taking advantage of the initiative, domestic consumers could only receive amnesty on electricity payments of up to $80 while small businesses had amnesty for up to $150.

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  1. Wicked man says:

    Can’t you dunce ppl think for ayo self y’all only coping from other countries
    Nothing this government doing by himself
    The only thing this Andrew doing with out copy is thief the citizens money

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    • Edmond says says:

      I have been paying online for years. I used to pay automatically by a direct debit on my visa debit card, but BVI Elec no longer know how to deal with that sort of payment and I have to actually log on every month to make the payment.

    • Dismiss him says:

      There is a Montserrat guy at pock wood pond power station who needs a remote disconnection from the company asp.he’s there trying to get every local fired.

  2. Question says:

    How do you go about paying online? Can you post the link please ty.

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  3. wow says:

    nothing to help poor people…vip gotta go

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  4. WEW says:

    A scare tactic. The BVI couldn’t handle such technology

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  5. This government says:

    Is all about pressure and displaying power…no sort of help for the people at all..we see 2023.

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  6. Bviec worker says:

    Hopefully they can reconnect you remotely too

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  7. pay any place says:

    Where is this web site?? Puerto Rico has a web site and does every state in the US for over 10 to 20 years. I don’t want to drive and wait in line….We are in the 21st. century.

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    • you serious? says:

      I can’t tell if you’re joking or not, if you just look up “bvi electricity” it’s literally the first result on the page and the hyperlink that says login, takes you to the payment page and the second that says register tells you how to register online… I mean a simple google search would have answered your question.

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  8. lol says:

    as long yall can reconnect remotely too

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  9. Future is Now says:

    Ah so that means no more long wait to get reconnected as well. No excuses on both ends!

  10. Resident says:

    its who you know, just ask them anegadians who don’t pay electricity

  11. Mick Mars says:

    They been had this power for decades. I think they used to call it ‘load shedding’ or something like that.

  12. Grid leaver says:

    Solar cells make plenty of current on sunny days. The wind generator works great at night and cloudy days. The standby generator works fine when there is no sun or wind. It’s easy to stay disconnected forever so why connect to the grid?

  13. Soo says:

    They just now informing ppl of this move that will happen within a few hours. People working off island did not see the message until later today. I had my kids home today and my electricity was cut so they could not get into google classroom. What a good thing bvi electricity kudos to you hope who is in charge of this sudden move get a bonus for doing this.

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  14. my question says:

    to all the bloggers above and i say bloggers because that’s what you really are. I gave been paying my electricity bill for about NINE YEARS now. where were you people?? paying electricity bill in the British Virgin Islands online is something that started yrs ago. I am going to say thank you bvi electricity corporation good going.what is wrong with what has been introduced?? I do not see any need for any negative comment about this method of disconnection. we should all be glad that we are moving sounds to me that it seems that some people that have bills overdue was getting away with it while some get disconnected. this is exactly what was happening. well time up.

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    • Fo tru says:

      The belonger does not believe in tech nor science and would prefer to pay for things in person. Note how we wait in lines for the bank, cell phone, electricity. We prefer to waste our lives being underserved by the staff of these locations who provide inferior, unfriendly, and couldn’t give a shitte service

      Grow up people. Go online and avoid the lines and these awful people.

  15. States Side says:

    If you lights get cut off once you make the payment be it on your phone or in person, in a matter of seconds your lights is back on. Same thing goes for the Cable Company.

  16. Dan says:

    This is great news. Now can you PLEASE fix auto pay so it works automatically like its supposed to!

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