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Beach ban a crowd-control issue | RVIPF lacks manpower to effectively patrol — Wheatley

A section of the Cane Garden Bay Beach on Tortola.

Natural Resources Minister Vincent Wheatley has said the current ban on local beaches is as a result of the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force’s (RVIPF) inability to patrol every beach to ensure safety measures are being observed by residents.

The territory is presently under a partial curfew for the next week-and-a-half. During that time, persons are able to go to work, shop, pay their bills, and conduct other businesses. However, the beaches are off-limits.

Responding to the matter during an interview with BVI News on Monday, Wheatley said: “It is one of those precautionary measures of people gathering together. It is just part of crowd control.”

“It (the ban) is really something that came from the police. The police don’t have enough manpower to patrol every area on land, the businesses and go to the beaches too. That’s all it is. If you have people in a smaller area, you have more control over them,” he further explained.

The issue has been a hot topic on social media where residents are clamouring for the opportunity to once again be free to visit local beaches.


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  1. LB says:

    So we are now in a police state where police want to control the population? Versus entrusting the population to patrol ourselves. great governance! Welcome to the new regla.

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    • None says:

      There has been no basic logic from Foy and his henchmen. They read a partial story of what is done in St Lucia or Anguilla and apply it poorly to the BVI. Just like everywhere in the world, each location is different and so are the people. Here in the BVI the rulers assume that the people are dumb as bricks and have no sense. Soon they will put up posters to show everyone how to wipe their arses.

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    • Sad says:

      When the people can’t control themselves and follow simple instructions, as has previously been demonstrated, what else is government supposed to do? We elect an execute body to make decisions on behalf of the majority because individuals are not capable of doing so. Is your issue that you don’t think that they are acting in the interest of the greater good while looking at the big picture? or is it more that you’re an individual that resents being told you can’t do what you want as an individual, even if it is deemed to be for the benefit of the group?

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    • HA! says:

      Patrol ourselves? If the beaches open, there will be BIG parties!

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    • Citizen says:

      For thousands of years, the seawater has been used as a means of healing from all sorts of diseases, viruses, and plagues. The seas have over 100 different types of minerals that are helping the healing of the body form joints aches, colds, and even stress. Depriving people of going to the beaches is a mistake. The beaches should be open ASAP. Question: How often have you seen fishermen get ill as a result of a common cold?

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    • Albion says:

      Keeping the beaches closed is just crazy. Police can’t be everywhere – but sometimes you just need to trust people to do the right thing. People need to bathe, people need some space.

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    • BuzzBvi says:

      You are not in a Police State. You are in a place that needs to be controlled to protect the majority from the minority. They haven’t managed to do it with scooters yet but they should. We need protecting from idiots. Not just you, me, but everybody needs protecting from people who think they can do anything they want to do. With Covid 19 and scooters live are put at risk because people cannot police themselves we need a police force. It is not a Police State.

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      • komedon says:

        Protect the majority from the minority you say?

        The majority are not at risk from this virus.

        One mask on your face is all you need to study.

        The majority are at increased risk of stroke, heart attack and depression along with the stress of looming financial hardship.

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  2. No Sense says:

    Closing the beaches makes little sense. Majority of people go to the beaches with people they are already in contact with anyway. This is simply the government wanting to exercise control over the population.

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    • Pray says:

      Even in the Bible the beach is sea is used for healing of the nation. our government does not have to follow the world who don’t believe, The Premier must act as a Solomon and think wise. He knows the bible. Open the beach so we can be healed.

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      • Me says:

        Where in the Bible is the beach used as healing? Are you referring to Naaman dipping in the Jordan River seven times? Or the pool where the water was ‘troubled’ daily? Please do not spread inaccuracies about the Bible.

    • @No Sense says:

      So you are saying that the crowds on CGB over the three day debacle around 1 April all live together?

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  3. Eagle eye says:

    When the basic human rights are bein taken away such as to breathe proper oxygen and sea water healing it simply means that it’s man that is contributing to sickness then calling on god.

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    • Too late says:

      Your body does not belong to you they already dictate what you are allowed to put in it.

      Even if it heals you & harms no one else.

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  4. 123 says:

    Thought the with customs and immigration joining with the cops it would have enough manpower

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  5. inconsistent says:

    So its OK to sit and play dominoes on the roadside, or sit on the wall with your buddies drinking a beer…. but we can’t use the beaches for exercise or swimming.

    I think closing beaches is just an easy option… not based on logic.

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  6. let talk says:

    well4 it look like this gov. have something to hide because when growup your parents use to take you to the sea when you get a66 badcold or flu saltwater kill anything the best cure fo6r this virus is a seabath open the beach let the cure being aĺl this gov. is just talk about this vaccine all the time well god helpus with this one

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  7. Observer says:

    Why not re-activate the “Beach Wardens”. Give another few people something worth while to do!!

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    • Lifeguards says:

      Another example of gov. failure. The lifeguard/lifesaving service was started over 10 years ago and then downgraded to the current 1 or 2 lifeguards at Josiah Bay. If it had been properly funded and hired sufficient lifeguards for ALL the BVI beaches with the requisite civil service benefits then we would all be enjoying all beautiful beaches with plenty of lifeguards to ensure social distancing. This police ‘lack of manpower’ excuse is juvenile.

    • Lifeguards says:

      Another example of gov. failure. The lifeguard/lifesaving service was started over 10 years ago and then downgraded to the current 1 or 2 lifeguards at Josiah Bay. If it had been properly funded and hired sufficient lifeguards for ALL the BVI beaches with the requisite civil service benefits then we would all be enjoying the beautiful beaches with plenty of lifeguards to ensure social distancing. This police ‘lack of manpower’ excuse is juvenile.

  8. Tooth&Claw says:

    Meanwhile St Thomas has been fully open and back to normal for a week or so already.

    I think government here are so afraid to make a right decision in case it goes wrong, they have stuck with the wrong decision expecting it to come good.

    Sweden is doing no worse than anyone else and they haven’t had any form of lockdown whatsoever. Lockdown does more harm than good.

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    • And says:

      Hasn’t worked so well for Sweden at all, has one of highest death rates in Europe.

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      • BBC says:

        Thats what the bbc will have you believe

        When you check it out it is not true. It is a picture painted to make people not look over there at who is doing this differently. Enjoying freedom and success.

        They will get their herd immunity and move on.

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      • Because.. says:

        …Sweden is using their brains and not fear mongering. The health officials in Sweden said given that the virus isn’t going anywhere, the only way to fight it is building up immunity to it and in order to do so, you have to contract the virus. The virus is serious and is deadly in severe cases but so is the flu. Based on the so called facts a vaccine is 18 months out at best so do you think countries can lock down and mask down their populations and businesses for over a year? The virus isn’t going anywhere so it’s best to prepare for it.

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      • Snoopy says:

        Well thats not true – check the stats (‘supposed’ COVID-19 deaths per million of population):
        Sweden (no lockdown economy up and running) – 132
        Some Lockdown countries:
        UK – 276
        France – 335
        Spain – 482
        Italy – 423
        Belgium – 576
        USA – 152
        Check Japan (no lockdown) 3 deaths per million…

    • St. Thomas says:

      USVI has 54 cases and 4 deaths. You should go there.

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    • @ Tooth & Claw says:

      Sweden has a death rate of 8.2% right now- that’s pretty high. WHO says they are handling it ‘very well’ for having no lockdown. 22 of their own medical and public health experts warned the government and public last week that Sweden is heading toward ‘total chaos’ because their infection rates are skyrocketing.

      Today, the infection curve in Sweden is almost vertical- it just hit the country later than most others….that’s how it works. We’ll know if Sweden’s herd immunity experiment is a success in a few more weeks- but it’s way too early to call it.

      Our government is making considered decisions based on the medical and social experience of other places that got it earlier than we did. That doesn’t mean it’s been perfect or will be perfect- the entire world is making this up as we go along. We don’t know what will happen here or globally, but we are at least trying to mitigate damage to our health, society, and economy.

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      • Wrong says:

        You are counting confirmed cases and deaths within that number. Many people dont get tested and the death rate is much much lower than 8%. By the time you end up a confirmed case you probably have significant symptoms of illness.

        People presume to be intellectual without taking this fact into consideration.

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  9. Frigup says:

    Have early morning opening on designated beaches. All closed again at 9am. Simple! People need exercise, fresh air, sun and sea…PLEASE govt. make some good decisions on this.

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  10. Rastarite says:

    And don’t worry about beach police… there are enough tittle tattles who will rat out those who disobey the rules

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    • @rastarite says:

      too true my friend. The community board social justice vigilante brigade will be out in force. Heaven forbid someone break into a jog and not wear a mask.

  11. french indo china says:

    We must admit,sea water is a very powerful healing tool. helps with cold and flu. helps with aches and pains from head to toe

  12. Stainlessbloke says:

    According to latest from CDC in USA the virus lives for a mere 1.5 minutes in direct sunlight and humidity.

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    • tough road ...... says:

      That’s why the ‘powers that be’ wish you to be locked inside all day, or rush you out into massive crowds over a short business day! Even a brainless individual could tell you fresh air and open spaces is far better.

    • Repost: Google it. says:

      According to latest from CDC in USA the virus lives for a mere 1.5 minutes in direct sunlight and humidity.

      Someone is making big money off this orchestrated recession.

      No way am I taking a vaccine or downloading a tracking app.

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  13. Pay Attention says:

    When people learn to follow instructions then our beaches would be open.

    If they’re still meeting with their friends having drinks, chatting, etc., no mask covering their mouth and nose, right in each other’s faces obviously they don’t care about themselves or others.

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  14. MrMotivator says:

    Can we lift the curfew now? What’s the point in a curfew when basically everything is now back open and there are no restrictions on social interaction.

    Keep the social distancing but let us get back to business.

    The cure cannot be worse than the disease.

    There is a human rights issue here. Tyrants beware. There will be a reckoning.

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  15. No nonsense says:

    The trick in this whole PLANDENIC is to get us to follow and not lead. So that they can control and add tactics to their benefit. So after lock down which has crowded us in our homes and spread the virus more. But them preaching social distance. Instead, we should have been out soaking up some sun to kill the virus. Look out for them saying about the 2nd wave. SMD!!

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  16. Yea man says:

    Why you all dont just give the corona a slice lime or lemon vascine sun and tequilla and kill the damn thing and send it back to wuhem…its about time. You better soak up all the sun raysnow huricane riht here on us May month starr
    Ts the season… soon time to prepare …next ta money to prepare…..pray we have bad weather cause they aint got no money for stimulus package much hurricane releave fund …..all who get 2 and 3 care package better pinch it …..cause you getting no recovery god help us

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  17. Ausar says:

    I think the beaches should be allowed to open; Openings, however,based on good practices of social distancing protocols.

    You know, six feet apart and so forth…

    The problem comes back to reinforcement, and herein lies the dilemma!

    Hopefully, Premier Fahie and his cabinet,will figure out a plan.

    We can all use some soaking up, with a bit of sun and fun!

  18. Come on now says:

    F-ing ridiculous. People!!! WAKE THE HELL UP. Your civil liberties are being taken away. Read the constitution. Government doesn’t have the power to put the public under house arrest.

  19. Wow says:

    Open Long Bay Beach . The police station is only a few minutes away . You cannot suffer every one for lack
    Of man power . When they go on the beat through the community let them drive into the beach area . Something to consider . Swimming or just being in the water takes away stress . If we continue like this mental strain would affect more lives than Covid 19 .

  20. Windy says:

    The police can’t enforce social distancing on the beach so there closed.
    The police can’t enforce regulations controlling scooters so let’s ban them. Sounds good to me.

  21. Mike Savage says:

    The failures of the governor and local officials to manage and prepare for the lifeblood of the island, namely tourism is one of the most epic failures in our history. Following models that have no relevance to our conditions is borderline criminal. Distancing means nothing unless you have a plan in place to execute for the future. We live in one of the safest places in the world. When everyone re-engages and tourists arrive, THEN WHAT?? The risk was never today it was always tomorrow. There are ten million people in the Unites States who have been infected. Ten million. Therefore the number of cases being reported are but a fraction of accurate and the death rates are a significantly less percentage then reported. So unless the powers to be wake up to taking the necessary actions readily available to protect us for the future, the current actions is thunderstorm protection when IRMA is soon to arrive!

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