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Beach hours extended! Midnight curfew remains for another 14 days

Residents of the British Virgin Islands can now access beaches across the territory for longer periods. However, the current ’12 am to 5 am’ curfew will remain in place for another two weeks. 

Premier Andrew Fahie made that announcement in a public statement on July 1.

He said: “Cabinet met and advised that the National Security Council instruct the Attorney General to … to maintain the curfew hours from midnight to 5 am for a period of 14 days, increase the hours of access to the territory’s beaches from 5:01 am to 11:59 pm, allow private vessels to continue to use territorial waters during full daylight hours from 5:01 am to 7:00 pm, and allow ferries to operate in territorial waters between 5 am and midnight.”

COVID-19 guidance for religious entities

The Premier said Cabinet also endorsed the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) guidelines now in place for churches and other faith-based organisations, and it will be subject to review on a weekly basis.

He said there appeared to have been some ‘misconceptions’ following a stakeholder consultation between the Ministry of Health and religious leaders who were working to develop the guidelines for Cabinet’s consideration.

“There seemed to have been some discussions in those stakeholder meetings regarding the length of time that religious institutions would meet for services. I wish to place on record that today was the first time Cabinet was able to see and review the guidance document that will support the safe conduct of religious proceedings and services in this ‘New Regular’ of living with COVID-19,” he stated.

“I wish to assure the public that the Government of the Virgin Islands will never try to put constraints on the work of the Lord, but will ensure that all is being done by all establishments in the territory to keep people safe and healthy. The Ministry of Health will make the guidelines available to the churches and other faith-based organisations in short order,” he added.

Fahie also said it is imperative that residents continue to practice the safety measures, such as standing six feet apart and using masks as well as washing hands often for 20 seconds.

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  1. well sah says:


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    • Why says:

      You are under curfew because this is the time frame your brethren decide to leave the Territory with their drugs and slip into the USVI and vice versa

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    • Why? says:

      We are under curfew because of people not following the rules. Wear the damn mask. And to you that complain about you can’t breath with the mask, BS. People in the medical field wear a mask for hours a day and they are fine. If you feel the need for air, simply lower the mask when you are away from everyone and get air or if you are in your car with the people that is closest to you, you can remove the mask.

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      • Think bro. says:

        The curfew is between midnight and 5am. Has nothing to do with people not wearing their mask. Sheep.

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  2. lol says:

    Is it for lovers to go skinny dipping?

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  3. Covid is not playing around with us says:

    However, Fahie keeps playing and fooling around.

    1) when does he start to tell people that it is important that they look after their immune system. You know, eat healthy. Exercise. Stop eating copious amounts of fried chicken, rise and all the other nonsense.

    2) when does he start testing people who come in. And release them from mandatory quarantine when they are negative. No, he prefers to hand out 2.5m to his friends in the hotel sector.

    3) does covid really spread more after midnight? So why is there still a curfew?

    4) they became so power hungry that they just included a ban on motorcycles in the curfew orders. Not very democratic as it has nothing to do with Covid.

    5) When will they come with a long term solution? This new regular nonsense about facemasks and everything is completely unsustainable. You really think any tourist will visit when they have to adhere to his new regular nonsense.

    6) yes our health is important, but the economy is too. Without life no wealth. But without income there is also no life.

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    • Facts says:

      But didn’t you know that people riding scooters after midnight are 10 times more likely to contract covid? 🙂

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      • Strupe says:

        Really, explain that because I would think if the place is case free and majority in doors at night where is the risk. You all caught up in the hype of the new regular a idea brought about by your leader who seek to only care about helping the rich get richer. We here wearing mask when the same experts the local government listening ylto now saying wearing mask isn’t a proofing defence against Covid 19. I down for the truth and I believe they know but feeding you enough so you buy into their agenda. I sure many of your parent told you this phrase ” if you dont use your head others will use it for you”. You heard it here first, covid 19 just like the countless man manipulated virus in the recent pass has been a powerful way of showing us whose in charge. Think about it they say knowledge is power but global leaders hide the truth about projects they created to define Gods authority over humanity and gain protection from c*****d law maker to protect they actions against humanity. Labeling things classified or for better terms on a need to know bases. Every day small time criminals are being arrested and convicted whiles the true g****ters and th**s the Government and they foot soldiers remain free to continue to suppress and oppress people innocent unknowing people, by innocent unknowing people I mean the ordinary people like you and I who struggle day by day while elected officials trusted to act as the voice for the voiceless but instead implementing test and study’s that result in what we all face today. I dont care who know what truly going on but I care that they be held accountable for the countless lives lost by their ingenious plan to control and regulate the world population. Crime against humanity and no one going to jail. Crime is a crime no matter how much tour cover up or plan it out. All I can say is a darker time is coming. Hope you are read and follow and remember I told u dont trust s**t a government have to tell you recieve the information and apply your common sense everyone has the ability to decide what’s facts and what’s a cover up.

    • Oh please says:

      You sound so stupid. Fahie is only doing his weekly update. Everyone like you are all of a sudden Covid-19 experts.

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      • @oh please says:

        Fahie is not only doing weekly updates, he is also only doing weekly planning.

        Leaders plan ahead. And only because he is doing weekly updates, doesn’t mean everything in those updates is all logical.

        Use your common sense and be a bit skeptical every now and then. A lot of things don’t make sense. For instance the 14 day quarantine even though that can be way shorter (and cheaper) when simply testing people. But he prefers to hand out 2.5million. Not taking the most efficient and cheap solution sounds like corruption to me.

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    • 7. says:

      Point 7) when does the medical hotline start acting like an actual hotline? Bunch of amateurs.

      Point 8) when will it be investigated that the lady who died was turned away from the hospital twice?

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    • Fact check says:

      Everyone knows riding a scooter after midnight increases covid spread by at least 23%

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  4. Jackie Long says:

    C*****d Andrew Boy you ain’t change one bit.

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  5. wha dis? says:

    pyour assishness if yo ask me

  6. Genius says:

    I’m leaving the beach 11:59 and the curfew is 12am

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  7. People says:

    Thank you Premier for the update. Don’t mind the noise. You and your Government are doing a good job.

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    • Nah says:

      There is too little noise. Government operating without checks and balances. handing out money and holding people in jail.

      Questions, critical questions need to be asked.

      Why was the lady who died turned away from the hospital twice?

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  8. Safety Measures says:

    The measures for mitigation are NOT being adhered to even by officials as observed by the recent basketball game. People are out and about not wearing masks, not practicing social distancing, and not hand washing? Why aren’t these being followed or enforced? Leaders need to be models and rules followed!

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    • Oh says:

      And one of their big supporters travel in and out of the BVI for the past few months without one day of quarantine upon returning.

  9. ??? says:

    What’s the significance of announcing that beaches will be open till midnight? I really don’t get it. Most people don’t go to the beach at night unless they are lining up some action.

  10. We need God fearing Leader says:

    I suggest that Mr. Andrew Fahie take notes from African Leaders who allowed their people freedom. The curfews and the six feet distancing to condition or way of thinking on what about to unleash very soon around the world. We have not really allowed the God almighty to protect us.
    Our leader has not put his trust in the Lord of host. The so call test, anyone can fo their research and find that they have been contaminated. The main Agenda black people must be exterminated from the world first. THAT IS why some corrupt African leaders started to have their people vaccinated. Why why there is now a merge of church and state here in the BVI. The government should never advise any church on guidelines to the service being held, never. GOD is the head not goverment. The mask are lowering your oxygen level and immune when wearing constantly. I pray that the leader, Hon. FAHIE would really seek the guidance of GOD. SOMETIMES, you have to be the only one standing, when all is against you.

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