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Beautification continues: 460-foot mural being painted in CGB

The mural being painted in the community of Cane Garden Bay. (Photo provided)

A 460-foot mural is being painted in Cane Garden Bay as part of an ongoing beautification project in the community.

The mural is being painted on the back end of a wall located at the community’s beach. The wall was erected to prevent further erosion of the community’s graveyard.

Melvin Turnbull, the representative of the Second District where Cane Garden Bay is located, said the initial plan was to paint a plain scene of the sea on the wall.

However, community members and beachgoers wanted to add their personal touch to the painting.

“So, what should have been white and blue paint for the water, ended up being different pictures from the community,” Turnbull said.

“It is going to be quite a sight to behold when we are done,” he said of the nearly-completed mural.

A four-by-32-inch ‘Welcome to Cane Garden Bay’ sign has also been mounted on the wall.

“It is the first of five different posters that we are going to be putting up,” Turnbull said. “One is going to say, ‘I love BVI’, another one is going to say ‘BVI Strong’.”

Other walls to get attention

Turnbull said retaining walls in other communities in his district will also get some attention.

He said retaining walls in community’s such as Myers and Soldier’s Hill will soon have murals depicting cultural scenes of the territory.

Brewers Bay

The Second District community of Brewers Bay is also undergoing a number of rehabilitation works.

Those works included the recent construction of a wall for one of the historical sites located next to the campground in that area.

Brewers Bay Park – which was once a dumping ground for vegetative debris – has also now been transformed, Turnbull said.

He said works will also be done to improve the drainage system in that community.

Government is funding the district’s beautification drive while Harneys law firm and Island Paints donated the paint for the mural.

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  1. idk says:

    idk it is kind of tacky. not really the tropical paradise they are looking for

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  2. Albion says:

    What they really need to do is plant some palm trees and sea grape trees. Not only beautifies it, but we might also get the shade to grow back.

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  3. Wow says:


    Do not destroy it with jet ski

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  4. Cool says:

    The mural is cool but cane garden bay looks absolutely horrible! What are the businesses waiting on to clean up and fix up the place? Hon. Turnbull you need to crack the whip down there because it’s horrendous!

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    • Got that right says:

      Seems the blind eye is alive and well on western end of bay. One place is falling down, tons of wrecked vehicles all over and the numerous chained up dogs give the bay a nice cozy family feel. Clean this the f**k up!!

  5. Rubber Duck says:

    We are changing to a land of two halves. The north shore is generally beautiful with minimal numbers of rusting cars , house debris and general junk. Even the long time abandoned bus in Carrot Bay has gone.

    The South side looks like an Alabama junk yard on crack.

    Lets have a huge clean up campaign government if we want tourists back.

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  6. VI To The Bone says:

    Thanks you but we have so much local artist that good have give this a cultural fit we keep letting people change who we are!

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  7. What!!! says:

    “VI to the bone” Good point, ask the local artists if they will also donate their time for free as a community service.

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  8. Historian says:

    This is very commendable. Even if some of you bloggers are critical -it is 1000x better than in old times when we put out picnic baskets on the graves! Hon. Mitch – please look after the mural on the ridge road. For the past 3 years so many signs were gone. thousands of tourists are passing but wouldn’t know what the painting means. When Hon. Dancia Penn was minister, she made sure the paintings were updated and protected. Nobody cares for our history. So very sad.

  9. Jack says:

    Wtf is this? I was expecting something that told a story like what you see up fahie hill just pass the stickette. Why we not planting trees for added shade? If i was 1 of those 2 hour tourists i ain checkin for no damn paintin on a concrete wall. I wana eat junk food, drink booz. We are no longer attracting tourists that value the place for being unique, as far as the 2 hour tourists are concerned this is just another hub for getting stuffed, drunk and high till the next stop.

  10. Right Sed Fred says:

    4 by 32 inch sign so small. Why so tiny?

  11. concern says:

    Were experts consulted to determine if a wall is the best remedy? The wall could accelerate the displacement of sand. A geologist could have advised on what should be done.

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  12. Aragorn says:

    With no disrespect to the good intentions of those who decided upon this decorated wall….BUT it may well have been a hasty decision with out adequate research into the often proven negative consequences of stopping the natural shore line processes of waves washing up on the beach. When a wave hits a wall set in sand – the waters flow is blocked and as it retreats it has no option but to wash away the sand around and infront of the wall. I watching and filming this happen last Thursday.
    Bottom line – sad to say , this wall needs to be removed before the winter north swells set in- otherwise we will have a VERY ugly collapsed wall and a heavily eroded beach. The only solution is planting Sea Grape, Almond and other Indigenous coastal plant…. palm trees are not indigenous:-/
    The grave yard was conceived in a more stable period – prior to global warming and rising sea levels. Adaption is our only option at this point. Confronting nature with walls like this won’t work. Lets get it right BVI….

  13. a spade is a spade says:

    The wall looks absolutely terrible. No amount of paint or decoration can make it look good.

  14. sad says:

    Huge kudos to the initiative that put 22 buoys for a safe swim area. They are all gone. 🙁 With Cane being the cruise ship beach they are really needed. Can we do it again but properly? Moor Secure? (small buoys should survive a swell if properly anchored),

  15. Nature Boy says:

    This is the ugliest most tackiest thing eva! Plant the trees back! This is a cemetery for goodness sake! Have some respect! Plant the place up natural and nice. That is what we like to see! Not graffiti. Give us a break Mitch! What are you doing to Cane? No more votes from us! This is the last straw! Venders building bars all ova the beach and you turn you head. Now this?

    • Gumption.official says:

      Are you just commenting without actually doing anything to help boost nature? We always want people to do what we want! Why won’t you plant seeds yourself and when it grows you can tell your family and friends i planted that……

  16. Ugly Wall says:

    Seeing this ridiculous wall, nobody would believe Cane Garden Bay was once voted one of the most beautiful beaches in the world!
    This wall reminds me of pictures of East Germany. This harsh straight line of concrete is even worse than HMP Balsam Ghut!
    It’s tragic this was allowed to happen – hurricane restoration is no excuse. The folks responsible need to be fired as they obviously have no clue.
    Tear down this wall and replace it with something more sensitive – staggered steps/terraces incorporating planters for palm trees and sea grapes etc.

    • Gumption.official says:

      @ugly wall : why hide behind a fake username to express how you really feel. No matter what people will always not be happy.

  17. Really says:

    Really, it is pretty ugly. But uglier still – hiding a graveyard – why not move the graveyard. You know it is going to happen again. Let the dead lie in peace in a better spot. Need some live pants to improve it – really pretty flowered live plants.

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