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Being party leader does not guarantee you’ll win seat so all should debate

Andrew Fahie.

Amid the National Democratic Party’s (NDP) reluctance to push any of its candidates, except its leader, into a political debate, Virgin Islands Party (VIP) Chairman Andrew Fahie is describing the NDP’s position as impractical.

The NDP, whose leader is Myron Walwyn, seemingly believes political debates should happen among the leaders of the respective parties and not necessarily that of district candidates. But Fahie said the territory’s Westminister model of politics is what makes the NDP’s reasoning flawed.

Fahie argued that, based on the Westminister model, a person is not guaranteed to win the electoral seat they contest even though they are the political leader of a particular party.

“That’s why it’s important for debate by districts so that each person can understand the level of thinking and the quality of life that a representative wants to be implemented  … Every candidate that is running can end up the premier,” he said.

“For example, if you have Party X and the head [of that party] is an At-Large candidate and they lost their seat but seven other members win, then they have to make a decision on which out of the seven in the same party will become the head. That is some of the dynamics involved with the Westminister model that we have,” Fahie reasoned.

The VIP leader said he will not shy away from a leader’s debate but said such a debate should only happen after district debates have concluded.

He further ridiculed the NDP for refusing to participate in any further district debates. Before the NDP made its position on debates known this week, it had fielded Dr Hubert O’Neal to participate in the now-concluded Ninth District Electoral Debates.

The NDP’s Dr Hubert O’Neal’s performance in that debate has been described by some as underwhelming.


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  1. L says:

    Fahie is correct.

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    • BS says:

      He is NOT correct. None of the district candidates are assured a seat either so what is the difference? The party leaders are the ones that set the agenda so I don’t know what Fahie is talking about. Funny when Dr. Smith was there we always heard Fahie talking about leadership matters. Now all of a sudden the leader is Myron, leadership no longer matters? This is a lame excuse and we will not fall for it. Let the leaders debate in a town hall setting and let the voting public have a chance to ask them about their plans. A party leader isn’t sure of election BUT, if him and his party wins then he will most likely be Premier of this Territory and we deserve better. Lastly, so does Andrew Fahie think its fair for him to seek to be Premier of this Territory but he should only debate the 1st District Candidates? RUBBISH!

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      • To BS says:

        Another bald head fool commenting.

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      • Lol says:

        You sound very bitter. You must be one of his bed bugs.

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      • @BS says:

        You all in the NDP trying to cover up and hide those lame duck candidates that you all want sensible people to vote for but we the people are wide a wake. Go sit down.

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      • VIslander says:

        Hon. Fahie is correct in that the party leader is NOT guaranteed to win. Therefore all, I repeat ALL candidates should debate the issues and quit blowing hot air with their ludicrous promises. To all who believe and put stock into their promises, you are fools. I personally take their promises with a handful of salt. Not a grain- a handful. I will believe when I see the promises come to fruition. Until then I will be sceptical – 100%

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      • Haha says:

        @ BS are you an idiot? Only a total of 4 At large candidates will be elected. The rest guaranteed 9 members of the HOA will be a district representative. That’s why every single person should take part in debates but especially district representatives. You can form a government with district reps alone but you cannot form a government with At large members alone that’s why in this system district reps are important. If both Fahie and Myron fail the territory still has to move on that’s why we prefer debates for all. This is not an unreasonable request and any sensible person knows this. The BVI is bigger than any individual so it’s a spit in our face to suggest that our future hinges on the better choice between Myron and Fahie. All candidates should take part in debates.

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        • Oops says:

          Just playing around with this question. So Mr. Fair will be debating at the district level and at party leader also? Sure it will be a great theatre. I wonder though if there’s enough time to organize such debates while campaigning? The usual rallies, motorcades, meet and greets will all be affected. It will be a squeeze basically and nobody want others to dictate their agenda. So this all district debate while it would be nice is impractical at this time. Maybe we should have debates penned in as a must for all candidates in the next one but for the earlier lines it would be impossible to fit all parties schedule. But let’s have at least two for the bosses live and in colors with all the flare and fan fair to boot. What say you

          • VIslander says:

            If a date certain for election is mandated and if between Nomination Day and Election Day one had more than two weeks it would definitely be possible to have any number of debates. We need to mature politically and demand more of our elected representatives.

            When they are about to enact laws or make changes that would impact the environment they should be made to hold meetings to receive the input of residents.

            How many of us really know what is going on in the House of Assembly? Perhaps they need to have limits on the amount of time a politician can speak. Too often they get up and regurgitate the same thing that all of their colleagues have said. Too much time wasted and very little accomplished. Just spouting a lot of nonsense doesn’t mean that you are working in the interest of the people.

            Fellow Virgin Islanders, we have a chance to turn this vessel around and move it in a direction that will be beneficial to the many and not the few. Think long and hard. Listen very carefully. Go to the polls and prayerfully cast your vote and let us work together to make the Virgin Islands a place that we can all be proud of.

          • Haha says:

            All the talk about not enough time is BS. A debate can be organized in a few hours. All it takes is the willingness to participate by all candidates. Look how quickly the ones in VG and SCB were organized. The delays, cancellation were all due to the candidates. We live in a technologically advanced era where nearly anybody with a phone can live stream and broadcast the event on many different social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube etc. The interviews by 284 media with the various candidates on YouTube is proof that one could have been organized right away. All three 3rd district candidates took part in the interviews and gave their opinions on the same topics so why couldn’t they all do it in front of each other. The district debates can be held in a venue in each district. 3 debates each day for 3 days that’s all. That’s a great use for the community centers that we bought. We dont need unnecessary spectators or cheerleaders. We don’t need any preparation time for candidates as each candidate should have been ready the day they declared that they would be running for elections. Time is not an excuse. This is strictly strategical by candidates.

      • @ BS says:

        You talking BS…NOBODY that is running for election is guaranteed a seat unless they are uncontested and at least one person vote for them…EVERYBODY NEED TO DEBATE…NO MORE HANDOUTS…THESE POLITICIANS AND WANNABES NEED TO WORK FOR THEIR SEATS. paid blogger

    • Ahab says:

      What is Walwyn afraid of? Doe she want his team to avoid the whistleblower discussion? What does Walwyn have to hide from us?

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      • @AHAB says:

        Myron don’t have a d**n thing to hide from you. I will repeat, please stop using the incert word US. Us, meaning the public. I as a public Citizen, is not playing into your stupidity. I can think for my d**n self. By the way AHAB, when you see Myron,why don’t you ask him.I bet you won’t.

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  2. Tell Fahie says:

    Go get back the money you give the FAKE Pastor for after School program. Tell the FAKE Pastor to give Back the money from Pier Park that he lined his pockets with.Myron is right. All the FAKE Pastor knows how to do is FROTH from his DAMN mouth since he got booted out the Bently at the CURB.

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    • Truth Sayer says:

      @Tell Fahie: Will you also tell Myron to give the taxpayers’ monies that he gave away with the ESHS wall? Remember that people were paid and did not do any work! Will he gave back the money that was paid out on the steel frame building that went down with Hurricane Irma for which there was no insurance on the contract but the contractor received over some seven hundred thousand dollars? And there are lots more! Stop the finger pointing. If more audits were to be done, there would be lots to uncover!

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  3. My take says:

    All district need to debate. All At-Large need to debate. I think this is the safest way for us to know who all are leaders and what we they thinking and what they have planned.

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  4. People says:

    After listening to Fahie yesterday in that press conference I am convinced that this man is a born leader.

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  5. E. Leonard says:

    The BVI is a parliamentary/representative democracy and under a parliamentary democracy, voters elect the legislature (HOA) and the legislature elects/appoints the executive (in the BVI’s case the Premier who heads the government). In a presidential system (eg US), voters independently elect the legislature and executive; this is not the case in a parliamentary democracy; legislature/executive tends to be fused.

    As the Hon Fahie noted, a party leader leading his/her party into an election can end up not being elected. This can create an interesting and awkward dynamic. The expectation in parties in the BVI is if the party wins at least seven seats at the polls, the designated party leader will more than likely be appointed Premier by the Governor. However, the question/answer as to whom ultimately becomes Premier is usually answered when the dust settles and the all votes are counted. On the morning of 26 February, it may not be clear as to whom will become the next (3rd) Premier of the VI. A coalition government is not a remote possibility.

    Moreover, debates are emerging as a tool in the campaign tool box. However, debates are optional and are typically pushed for by challengers or by weak incumbents or by candidates for an open seat. These candidates pushed for as many debates as practical. Strong encumbents avoid them and for good reason. Further, great orators, persons with a gift for gab, effective debaters…..etc feel comfortable with debates. The jury is still out on the value of debates.

    Many believe that they move the needle little, if any. True, a major gaffe in a debate can sink a candidate so too is wilting under the hot debate lights. Nonetheless, performance in a debate should not be only metric used to evaluate candidates. Poor debate performers can be superb legislators. Who should debate?

    Should there be debates among all at large candidates, all district reps, all party leaders…..etc. Election Day is February 25 so is there ample time to put on all these debates? Should there be a myriad of debate organisers or a just a few? Nonetheles, debate moderator(s) must come across as being neutral and must command and earn the confidence, respect……etc of debaters.

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    • BuzzBvi says:

      Watch NDP and VIPM miraculously come together to form a Government after the elections. The VI will have been cheated and we will be back with more of the same. NDP. What a scam.

  6. LOL says:

    Myron them trying to make sure his candidates that are weak do not be exposed through a debate. He knows that his team is weak and not capable of helping to run a government.

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  7. What Time Is It? says:

    Time to Froth All the way to the polls to get these Dictators out of our HOA. While the members of the current government are there begging for another chance to further destroyed what we have, they should at least Represent the people for the remaining weeks they have in office.
    Here’s where we can at this late hour be represented. To Pay our phone bill we have to go to Tortola if we don’t have a credit/Debit card, Pay Electricity, same thing; that’s $30.00 ferry alone extra cost. When you do get to the bank, no Express line so Sister Island residents can do their business and get back to their homes or jobs. Every business is responsible to government how they do business and must comply with Reasonable demands of government.
    But, if you are not thinking of someone or have their interest at heart, this is how you will be treated. Thanks NDP for squandering our future, Bankrupting our country, Reducing us to the level were we are not even allowed to handle our own moneys; Prioritizing your own concerns and not the people.

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    • Oops says:

      Are you suggesting the NBVI set up a branch in VG? It would be something that will alleviate the woes of those in the sister isles i.e. JOst, Anegada and VG. Something to ask your district rep about or suggest. Can the government order a private bank to stay is any of the Isles? Do hope the future leaders have some plan to relieve the distress being felt/meted out to people on the sister isles? Let us ask them their position, plans on that and other vexing matters. Let’s ask them about timeline and how well be able to hold them to their promises. Prepared to be wooed?

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      • @Oops says:

        I am not suggesting that the government command any business to stay in business or do whatever. What I am saying is leaders who truly have their people at heart find ways to accomplish things. The premier is in charge of Finance; including Insurance and Banking. He signs off on the licences.
        Virgin Gorda had 3 banks at one time, and were there for more than a few months.
        True, while we are not fully back, we are well on our way. Though our on island tourist numbers are not as large as they would normally be, Little Dix Bay, the largest employer is in full gear with their repairs and upgrades and employing at least 200 workers. They are expecting to reopen by November in grand style and and an unimaginable new look. Meanwhile they along with Oil Nut Bay, Necker Island, Mosquito
        Island, the villas and homes are employing hundreds of builders who need Banking Services. There are 4 Supermarkets with employees. Currently Scotia Bank has 2 Teller Machines. Today I went to the machines get some money.
        One machine was totally boarded up and the other displayed “Out of Service”.
        Here’s my argument: Perhaps a bank, at least one can operate with a slimmer staff, a bit smaller space. Offer basic service. Loans for example made at the main bank in Road Town. Perhaps instead of regular 5-day operation, the teller machines, if topped up can be relied on for one or 2 days. This manner of operation is not meant to be permanent; but only for the next few months.
        Again, real leaders find ways to make things happen. They lead.

  8. Mr.Fahie says:

    Continue to FROTH like your bussom buddy C—-. Ohhhhhh, you promise C—- position if you win. C—– only align himself with anyone who can grant him favors. You will see A—-.He is going to turn on you soon. You were warned.

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    • Claude says:

      For eight years you were all up in VIP tank. Since his contract wasn’t renewed he is now lying in bed with Fahie. Don’t know if the bed big enough for the two a them.

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  9. HLSCC says:

    Please Minister of —– stop using HLSCC to get what debates you want. We are up to your tricks. You cannot hide the weaknesses of your candidates any longer so let them debate district by district and At-Large with At-Large. Stop the games. Blocking Aaron from debating in the 3rd District proves that you are a d——-r and your weak candidates are yes people.

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  10. Anonymous says:

    “Thanks NDP for squandering our future, Bankrupting our country,Reducing us to the level were we are not even allowed to handle our own moneys.” Some of us are drinking the divide and conquer kool aid left right and centre being distributed by the on the ground spies.

    Nonetheless, until concrete facts are provided to ascertain those allegations, they are just that, allegations.

    Meanwhile, some do not, contrary to what is being portrayed without concrete facts to clarify, believe that the NDP is responsible for our government not being able to spend our own money.

    Many believe that this is the number one hostile act against a country that has gotten to rich for its size, and the beginning of the process of reclaiming absolute control over these territories and their finances by the UK.

    These islands, they were taken in the past through war, death and extermination of entire peoples, solely for the wealth and resources that they could produced for the crown then.

    That mentality is no different today. When wealth was no longer being made due to the abolition of slavery, they were gone for 150 years.

    They left behind our ancestors to ear rock, sand and dirt for breakfast lunch and dinner, while they took all the wealth they made and built up the UK and it economy.

    Now, they are back because we have turned this once rock of human misery, brutality, oppression, death, blood letting, rape and constant fear and tears and suffering into one of the richest little territories in the western hemisphere.

    Our ancestors brought this country to where it is today, and now they are taking it away from us, just as they have taken it away from others in the past.

    This is why we can’t spend or manage our own money any more. Any one who thinks and believes differently are being brainwashed and fooled.

    Not nothing the NDP has done. Any mistake the NDP may have made may have magnified a billion times to justify and give them the opportunity they were seeking to intervene and take over our finances.

    Given that they already have colonialist links to the territory, they now have a foot in the door to return and seize what has always been their only concern, the resources/money.

    Unfortunately, for us, most of us are too mentally divided that they will come back, enslave us, take all control of our resources and most of us will simply say, yes sir, it is your to take, here, have it. Set ah damn ignorant fools we still are.

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  11. Our Future says:

    If we don’t do anything else on 25 February 2019, we need to do one thing, DO NOT VOTE FOR MYRON AND MARK, or else the BVI is DOOMED. PLEASE LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, they need to be toppled.

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  12. @Our Future says:

    Don’t tell me who I should vote for. My goodnes,you are so obsessed with Myron and Mark you canot see straight. Here’s a news flash for you. MY X IS GOING FOR MYRON AND MARK. Go marinate on that and have a wonderful day.

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  13. Blah says:

    I don’t know who’s gonna win the election but one thing I know for sure is that if NDP win that will be a very weak government. You can protect them from performing poorly by not holding debates but If elected there is no protection from reality. Time will decide who was the best choice after another term is done and we look back and see what was actually accomplished.

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  14. Diaspora says:

    The NDP limiting debates to party leaders is a smart move. It is a managerial practice in some circles to focus on strengths, not weaknesses. It is stopping a slow boil frog outcome, is it not? The hope is that the strengths will bridge the weaknesses. Nonetheless, the word is out on NDP district reps debate. School chiren say that the D-9 debate was an unmitigated disaster for the incumbent.

    Another managerial or political principle is if you are in a hole stop digging. Clearly, debates are not the NDP strong suit. Does this mean that candidates will not be sent overseas to represent the BVI? Facebook, other social media, town halls, public meetings, old fashioned tennis shoes voter interactions…….etc are available for campaigning.

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  15. OH DEAR says:

    @ PEOPLE…What is a ground sea mumu…we don’t have those in England?

  16. Nope says:

    I would never vote for someone who’s suit can’t fit right.

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  17. No more Claude says:

    Claude need to keep it on as a commentator…he going do that same do as he do with NDP…Claude not for the people…he for himself…his record speaks for itself…the country need him as a radio commentator…not anything else….he and Myron is pot calling kettle bottom black. 2 peas in the same pod. Enough said

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