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Bermuda’s governor to replace Jaspert in 2021


Bermuda’s present Governor John Rankin, CMG has been appointed to serve as the new governor of the British Virgin Islands from 2021.

This is according to a media release from the Office of the Governor, which said Rankin will be arriving in the territory in January to replace Governor Augustus Jaspert whose term ends in early 2021.

“This will allow time for him to settle ahead of the key priorities that the territory expects to face in 2021. He brings with him more than 30 years of experience in the public service, most recently serving as Governor to Bermuda,” the release said.

Speaking on his appointment, Rankin said he looks forward to working in a partnership with the government of the Virgin Islands.

He said: “2020 has not been without its challenges. But the people of the Virgin Islands have shown great strength and spirit in meeting those challenges and I promise to do all I can to support the building of further resilience against the risk of natural disasters.”

“I look forward to contributing to life on the Islands and to carrying out my responsibilities under the Constitution in the areas of external affairs, security and good governance in service to the people of the Virgin Islands,” Rankin added.

Grateful for the opportunity

Meanwhile, Governor Jaspert, who will serve almost three and a half years as governor upon his departure, thanked the people of the territory for the experience over the years.

“I am very grateful for the opportunity to have met and worked with so many inspiring individuals and to have served the people of BVI over the past years. I know the new governor and the UK will continue to stand by the people of BVI and work earnestly to achieve the very best for the territory,” Jaspert stated.

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  1. vip heckler says:

    The VIP will be popping champagne

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    • Anonymous says:

      He came on a three year term starting in September 2017 (just before the floods that preceded Irma), and negotiated a one year extension until September 2021.
      Has he now been removed 9 months early? – it has nothing to do with his term ending in early 2021.
      Let’s hope the new Guv has the golden, rather than the Jonah, touch.
      Has he achieved anything during his term?

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      • Jane says:

        Do you not think Gus is done with this BVI sh1t? Here is a man at the top of his profession (read his wiki entry) who moved his wife and young family here and immediately led these islands through the aftermath of Irma when the local leader went Awol. He is accused of being racist and a colonialist, his wife is abused for having the temerity of continuing her career as a teacher. Why bother? This place stinks of corruption and crab in barrel attitude. I don’t blame him for leaving early, life is too short for all this BS.

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        • Yup says:

          go through every day of your tenure having s**trags like V*** call you a racist while having to shoulder a crumbling economy that’s being managed by a bunch of xenophobic know-nothings and after three and a half years it’s a blessing the guy doesn’t take a flamethrower to these islands

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          • Helllooooo says:

            You all sound so silly… We black people are still angry. Since when the UK is accepting of blacks. Them speak it but don’t walk it. Meghan Markle told you it an oppressing experience in the UK. You house slaves just don’t get it. Imagine slavery and black people had no place to run. Gus get a little heat and he uncomfortable. Weak!!!

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          • Giggl says:

            Why do you write like
            Tonto speaks in The Lone Ranger?

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  2. No wonder says:

    No wonder the Foy has been rude to the Governor. Let’s see how he addresses the new Governor who has many years of experience in OT. Foy will definitely be out of his league with this man.

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    • @ No wonder says:

      He will address him the same way if he gets out of hand. Some people believe that only white folks have degrees and experience. Black Educated People Matter! Black Experienced People Matter! Black Lives Matter!!!

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      • @@No wonder says:

        I see you haven’t figured it out yet. Black lives do not matter. You’re a burden on every society that you live within. Don’t believe me then look around the world.

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      • Who says:

        Who believes this? I’ve never talked to any white folks that believe this. Me thinks you pull castles from the sky

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  3. What skunkk Ayee says:

    Another UK Agent coming to sell us out to the rich, coming to combat drug trafficking, allow the uk to kill our financial services business with public registers of beneficial ownership. The UK is our biggest threat.

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  4. Bye bye says:

    Go fast your comments killed your career

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    • Rubber Duck says:

      Wow, big demotion. Bermuda, the jewel in the Crown to BVI , the pain in the a**.

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      • Well says:

        Duck, that’s because we are waking up and refusing to allow you all to make us your butt cushion any longer.

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        • Then leave says:

          Then leave. You can now see from Barbados how easy it is. In fact Britain formally congratulated them on doing so. The same could be said for the BVI and its people if they only had the balls to do so. Will probably elicit the relief of a lanced boil.

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  5. Interesting says:

    Author of the book “The Right of Self-determination: Its Nature, Content and Beneficiaries in International Law”. Perhaps independence for the BVI is on the cards?

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  6. Well says:

    What a sour way to exit. Hope he take all the house s***** with him. I’ll buy them tickets.

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  7. Some says:

    don’t like to hear it. Some love it. Some rejoice in it.

    While, others prefer to elect their own heads of state who also looks like and is one of them.

    The political reality of a European UK gentleman being the head of state over an Afro Black people population is an antiquated political system and practice.

    It must come to end one day. No man was born to rule over another, and each man has the right to self determination.

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    • Tell that to says:

      The people of London or many other cities in the western would. Your views are antiquated and fascist.

      No doubt a governor is very antiquated. Saying no man can be ruled by another [if a different colour] would change the world as we know it and dramatically alter the path of modern liberalism in allowing multi culturalism and allowing anyone to become successful regardless of color.

      Think your words through.

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    • What? says:

      What black people are there other than”Afro

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      • Problematic says:

        Australian First Nation (Aboriginal) peoples.
        Papua New Guinea and Timorese people.
        Fijian and some other Indo-Pacific island people.
        San/Bushman people of the Kalahari who are not related to black Africans.
        Arab people of N and E Africa and the rest of the Arab diaspora.

        So many experts in blackness on these sites and yet so many don’t educate themselves about anything else in the world or the past. People just grab a little slice of knowledge, run with it, and then want to use it as a weapon of violence against innocent, decent people.

        We are in a very dangerous phase, BVI.
        How far do you want this simple black and white view of the world to go?

  8. Teacher of Law says:

    Yes that is good for c—- s—– C—– he better keep his a$$ quiet this Governor does dot play yuo hear any trouble in Bermuda while he was there and is still there. C—- your goose cook you think you got power well you will see power now we cannot give the Governor ship fully to A,,,,, he pnly can act because he too has to keep a low and critical profile and donot try to exercise his power he has to work in a fair and honest manner, Arcjer is good but ENGLAND RULES C S—– C—– EASY SKANTING AND TO MR GLADSTONE DO NOT TRY TOHOIST YOUR KITE TOO HIGH

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  9. Yawn says:

    Are there no educated, qualified black British Citizens capable of representing the British Dependent territories as Governor? In 2020 where the spotlight on racial equality is shining at its brightest all around the World, the UK is still pushing white man after white man as Governor of majority black populated Islands. I would like to know the process on how Governors are selected. I dont know why I’m acting surprised as the UK isn’t exactly a leader in racial equality in their own Country so I dont know why or how we should expect them to be different towards us.

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    • Stamp duty says:

      Black qualified citizen, white qualified, Asian qualified. Any race the queen sends to be the Governor would come with the same mandate as all governors who came here.

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    • @Yawn says:

      I totally agree with you!

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    • Compared to what says:

      UK isn’t exactly a leader in racial equality in their own Country

      Compared to who? The multitude of African countries And Caribbean countries with Indonesian\peruvian\japanese\pacific islander et al leaders or even any part of the government at all.

      Now look at the UK government

      Those in glasshouses…

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      • Yawn says:

        My comment isn’t to say that a black man will give us any preferential treatment. We don’t need or want that. It’s just that when you look around especially at the non local owned businesses, black people are only good enough to take on minor roles. Sure there are a few exceptions. In these islands there is this perception like white is superior. White commissioner of police , white governor, RDA head was a white man, Trust companies, accounting and law firms when you look at the top spots for most of the larger ones it’s always a white man. We always have to look up to the white man. All the governors in my over 40 years have been white. We can’t make our own laws without the white man signing off on it. Although they abolished slavery they making sure that we don’t ever forget who run things.

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        • @yawn says:

          Then leave. As mentioned Barbados just did. Britain congratulated them, said thank you and good luck. They will do the same when the BVI announces its independence. No longer will the British tax payer have to support BVI government institutions. No longer will Belongers be able to come live in Britain whilst the vile BVI immigration officer treats the tourist like a piece of garbage.

          You will all be able to govern yourselves and also bear the responsibilities of doing so.

          The only thing that won’t change is the propensity of some to blame everyone else for their problems

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          • @@yawn says:

            For the record – Barbados didn’t just leave. Barbados is changing its status to that of a republic. Barbados has been independent from Britain since November 30, 1966.

          • Yawn says:

            We don’t have to leave, How about changing that backward mindset to get with the current times. It can’t be a coincident that there is no black governor in our long history.

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    • @Yawn says:

      It does not matter what color they are. Their first and only allegiance is to the Queen.

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    • Choops says:

      You’re racist. Why does the colour if the Governor’s skin matter? We should only be concerned that they do their job effectively, which I’m sure with be an up hill battle with this current administration. I’m patiently waiting for next election to vote them out!

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    • Easy answer says:

      Next question?

    • Logic says:

      So you’re saying only people who look like the majority
      Of people in a country should have power over all people in that country?
      So only whites can run Germany,
      England, USA, all Europe? A little racist, surely?

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  10. Thanks says:

    Governor Jaspert will be missed. He was a good one. All the best to him and his lovely family.

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  11. @Yawn says:

    It does not matter what color they are. Their first and only allegiance is to the Queen.

  12. Thank you sir says:

    Governor Jaspert is a good man he will be missed, all the best to him and his family

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  13. seriously says:

    Jaspert has just been doing his job. He is an employee, not the Queen herself. Absolutely nothing will be any better with Bermuda’s rejected gov. Bermuda ran him out. . .

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  14. Hmmm says:

    It sad to see you people don’t like the UK people and still you bvi islanders running to the U.K. to live and sending ayo children to college there what a shame, the Queen should start send all the bvi islanders back to the bvi the same way y’all premier sending home work permit holders, y’all too wicked and bad minded

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  15. Please says:

    My thing is none of the investigations findings were made public. The pier park, the high school wall,nothing everything just pass around by by him and the commissioner like a hot potato.

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  17. Try Gratitude says:

    It s so unfortunate the people of these Virgin Islands have not a clue about living in Grace, living with Gratitude. Our Governor Jaspert served not only the Crown but the People of the Virgin Islands, through one of the most challenging periods in our history.

    Upon arrival he was greeted with the challenges of failed government, corruption, greed, nepotism, cronyism, mismanagement and failing infrastructure. Almost immediately he had to reassemble a civil service, abandoned by an absentee local government after IRMA, who cancelled a state of emergency to protect their c******l activities from close scrutiny.

    The Governor kept a cool head and moved forward, stewarding the Territory through an election and hoping for better days ahead. When the votes were counted, he welcomed the new regime. Turns out they were more hostile and just as self-serving as the last batch.

    You don’t get the government you need, you get the government you deserve. Reap what you sow. But, know this, we the people are watching you now. Your anger and frustration are beginning to show. The days of the big money grab, land grab and crony inside, back room deals are over.

    Thank you, Governor Jaspert, for your diligent service and kind-hearted governance. It was not in vain. We are grateful.

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    • @try gratitude says:

      Contrary to what you believe the truth is that the Govrnor , commissioner of police and the Head of disater preparedness and NDP handled the Hurricane Irma situation before during and after the storm poorly. Especially the operations of recovery and preparedness was his responsibility.

      The commissioner even had the gaul to say nobody never breifed him about hurricanes before he came. It was covered up by giving out these awards but the truth is it was handled poorly.

      All the people of this country wanted was for him to do his job and prosecute if he had to. Atleast come to the people and say there is or not enough evidence.

      The current Government ran circles around him. Maybe he just didn’t have the experience.

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  18. thank you gus says:

    did pretty reasonable job, particularly with Irma.

    whole Covid-19 thing has been a difficult balance, and some (including me) may take a different view on the appropriateness of some of the actions, but no government has got this one right. Even Saint Jacinda.

    Best of luck to you and the family in the next role.

  19. White is White is right says:

    U hate one White man, u think another one is going to like you…..You pushed out one White man you think another one will trust you…..These people we have in power need to get Sober..

  20. Shame says:

    He was a great Governor. I wish him all the best. The government of the BVI should be ashamed of how they have treated this Governor.

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  21. good luck says:

    Good Luck to the new Governor, you are going to need it dealing with the BVI Clowns

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  22. HHMm says:

    Rena Lalgie please goggle

  23. @Tell That to says:

    Since when a man’s right to freedom, not wanting to be ruled, governed, oppressed, and to be self determination, given the natural inalienable rights of he human being are antiquated?

    The truth is, if the Black man was dealing with a human being from the beginning these issues would not still be on the forefront of his existence today.

    Now tell that truth if your conscience allows.

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  24. Gouidiots says:

    Watch all the racist rants going…

  25. Dear America says:

    You need to cut off the US DOLLAR. These local fools need to be taught a lesson for the way they treat outsiders and the way they talk down America. If their children were born in the BVI, don’t allow them to go to COLLEGE IN THE US, don’t allow people that was born in the BVI to access MEDICAL CARE IN THE US, BLOCK THEM FROM ORDERING THROUGH THE US ONLINE COMPANIES.AMERICA DON’T need the BVI, The BVI need AMERICA. IT IS TIME FOR THE bVI to get back some of the treatment they have been dishing out to others. I really want to see the BVI fall to it’s knees.

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  26. C** **** says:

    The host of [a talk show] help caused all of this. Hate people who do wrong than act like they are so innocent

  27. @@yawn says:

    For the record – Barbados didn’t just leave. Barbados is changing its status to that of a republic. Barbados has been independent from Britain since November 30, 1966.

  28. hmmm says:

    Who gets the new car? Why buy a new car if you know you are leaving? hmmmmm

  29. welcome says:

    Welcome Mr. Rankin. May the good Lord bless and keep you as you are here in these islands… Enjoy the islands to the fullest…go to the baths, Anegada and don’t forget Jost Van Dyke.

  30. Smh says:

    The BVI Nationals are one of the most ungrateful set of nationals.I would love if the UK pull up their hands from the BVI.I would love to see how the economy and livelihood of the BVI turn out with independence.The nonsense you people make leave y’all mouth is funny as hell,y’all don’t see the benefits and privilege y’all receive just by ruling under the sovereign queen.Be grateful and count y’all blessings not much Caribbean islands have this.I welcome the new government with open arms,hope and faith,that he will change even a small percentage of the BVI people. The government too damn c*****t and the people who enabling these criminals are just as bad and quick to blame the Police.Yes! I said it,the same people complaining and making noise against law enforcement are the same ones enabling and covering these criminals.Why? Because everyone is family.We the people need a change and governor jaspert was that change,now Mr.Rankin based on his current post in Bermuda,he seems to be the continued change this Territory needs.

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