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Better days ‘right around the corner in 2017’

Andrew Fahie

Andrew Fahie

While urging persons to spend the new year focusing more on their future than their past, Chairman of the opposition Virgin Islands Party Andrew Fahie said a strong economy – among other things – is ‘right around the corner in 2017’.

In his message to mark the start of the new year, he said: “I encourage each of us to keep our eyes laser focused on the windshield of our lives rather than on the rear view mirror, because there is more ahead of us than what is behind.”

“Restoration of hope, a strong economy, transparency, confidence in leaders, accountability, good governance and a Virgin Islands that puts its people first is right around the corner in 2017,” added Fahie, representative of the First Electoral District.

He however noted that there will be challenges that, according to him, the people will overcome.

“I take this opportunity to wish everyone happy holidays, God’s blessings and a prosperous 2017 where it will be a time of challenge but moreso a time of restoration in many respect. I say thank you to all public officers, all persons in the private sector, all seniors, students and youths overall for ensuring that despite the challenges in 2016 we were able to weather the storm and – for the most part – turn those challenges into opportunities.”

Fahie went on to call for unity.

“As a people, we must continue to concentrate and build on those areas that we have in common because – truth be told – we have more things that unite us as a people than what divides us.”

“I am confident that, during this holiday season and during 2017, once we continue to trust more in the God of our forefathers, then our best days in these beautiful Virgin Islands will not be our yesterdays but rather our tomorrows. Together we will build a better Virgin Islands for all… Together we will rise again in these beautiful Virgin Islands because success is in our DNA as Virgin Islanders,” Fahie continued.

He also urged residents to support the less fortunate.

“Remember that caring for our fellow men is also in our DNA as Virgin Islanders…I implore each of us to release our hands and hearts from being full of the past, so that they can be free to embrace the bright future that is to come to these beautiful Virgin Islands,” Fahie said.

He, in the meantime, noted that visitors are welcomed to the British Virgin Islands.

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