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Better, safer child amusement area promised for festival

Families wanting to utilize the child amusement section at the festival village in Road Town are being told that they can expect a better and safer experience.

Chairperson of the Virgin Islands Festival & Fairs Committee Carnel Clyne told BVI News that this is because the committee selected a three-year-old company — I Land Rides — from the neighbouring US Virgin Islands for the job.

“In the past, we normally source the Coney Island rides from a gentleman from Puerto Rico but the rides that are here now is from a man from St Croix,” Clyne said.

He continued: “I made my research and these rides are made in Czech Republic, and they make the safest rides. And with that being said, I am confident that we should be error-free between now and the end of the festival.”

He said the company is also more affordable for the territory. Clyne also told BVI News the company is charging roughly $70,000.

“All the profits [made] are ours,” he then noted.

He said, from all accounts, the previous deal was more expensive and the profits had to be shared between the owner of the amusement section and the festival committee.

Getting set and ready

Meanwhile, Coney Island arrived in the territory last week and work is underway to prepare it for the upcoming festivities.

“We are happy to be here and we will try to make [BVI} kids happy,” owner of I Land Rides Zephyrinus ‘Zefo’ Thomas said.

This is the second time that they were contracted to come to the territory. The first was last year’s festivities.

He told BVI News that they brought a total of eight rides and patrons can expect other games.

“We started three years ago with this company when the Puerto Ricans used to come to St Croix they used to bring junk so the government step in and say they don’t want these junky rides no more,” he explained.

He said since then he took up the mantle and started importing new rides to the island.

“We spent over $4.5 million in rides, so we invest a lot of money into it,” he stated.

Some of the rides include the elephant ride. There’s also the Tilt-a-whirl, the merry-go-round, the roller-coaster, the teacup ride, among others.

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  1. Let's see says:

    With you Carnel, we shall see.

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  2. SMH says:


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  3. Truth Sayer says:

    Mr. Carnel you are not giving us any new rides. These were here last Festival and this is confirmed by the owner.

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  4. Lily Ann says:

    The Park will be Abusing kids???

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  5. Lol says:

    Is this a smart way of saying they dont want to pay for the fun rides?

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    • CW says:

      You lot will cry about anything. Good, bad, or otherwise. It makes more money with better safety WHAT IS THE PROBLEM? STRUPE THINKING AS USUAL

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      • #CW says:

        You are a bigot and sickening. Why can he be found and deported to the sun immigration officials? Tired of his condescending racism.

  6. Ummm says:

    Why is Carnel acting like he just brought in this company. This is the same company that was used last year and the relationship began there. Atleast give the credit where it belongs.

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  7. local says:

    Rides need to be open Gospel Night

  8. expats says:

    are the rides going to be open on Gospel Night which is the only night i am willing to attend ?

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    • VI says:

      No one is forcing you to attend. Stay your @$$ home

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      • You should be thankful for Censorship says:

        Obviously this person has to be a Christian why they said that. Why do you have to be so harsh towards them?… If only people could drink you instead of bush cause you # BITTER!!!!! m.s.

  9. Grow up says:

    Adults. Relax. It was be fun safe and amazing to the children. They will thank you the parent/s after. Well done.

  10. an option says:

    more than 25 years ago, the late Arnando Scatliffe , God rest his soul, brought in rides and had them situated in the empty lot across from the Girls Brigade….the lot was bigger then prior to the construction of the 4-lane highway. i remember a skating rink, octopus, merry go round, ferris wheel etc. i was about 11 or 12 years of age at the time and i, along with many of my peers, had the time of our lives when that was an option for kids. perhaps someone will do run a caribbean-themed park venture outside of festival season and give young kids an option for clean fun like back in the days?

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  11. Local says:

    Why did they take up so much space with the stage and the boots and left an area no bigger than a chicken cage for the rides to be placed?????????

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  12. Hope says:

    I hope that there is organization. No proper lines and hardly any ropes/rails to keep individuals in line is a problem. Causes others to jump ahead of the line while some parents and children wait for an eternity to get on a ride.

  13. Concern says:

    The bvi should have there own rides instead of bringing in these rides

  14. Hmm says:

    So if we dont want to go in the village during the big events do we still have to pay to go with kids just for them to go on the rides.

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