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Bill introduced in UK to legalise same-sex marriage in British OTs

House of Lords

A private members bill was introduced in the United Kingdom (UK) parliament earlier this week to make same-sex marriage lawful in all British Overseas Territories where it is currently unlawful.

Labour Party peer and gay-rights activist, Lord Michael Cashman introduced the bill that has already caught the attention of several overseas territories.

A media release by the Cayman Islands-based Colours Caribbean group, said it was overseeing those efforts along with Lord Cashman, other UK parliamentarians and a group of academics.

If passed, the bill would empower local governors such as Governor John Rankin, to make changes to the law that are necessary to legalise same-sex marriage.

According to Colours Caribbean, the bill extends to six British Overseas Territories in the Caribbean, including Anguilla; Bermuda; British Virgin Islands; Cayman Islands; Montserrat; and Turks and Caicos Islands.

The group said provisions in the bill would introduce equal civil marriage for same-sex and different-sex couples throughout the British Caribbean, aligning those Overseas Territories with other dependent territories in the region.

Colours Caribbean praised the UK Parliament for recognising its responsibility and seeking to redress an earlier disappointing decision by the UK’s Privy Council to deny marriage equality to both the Cayman Islands as well as Bermuda through this bill by legislating same-sex marriage in all of the Caribbean British Overseas Territories.

It said the Privy Council decision revealed a discriminatory system of ‘constitutional segregation’

Colours Caribbean said once the bill succeeds, it will not face the threat of being reversed by local courts on the grounds of constitutional incompatibility as the governors of every applicable jurisdiction will be empowered and required by Act of the UK Parliament to “make provision for the solemnisation of civil marriage of same-sex couples that is equivalent to the provision made for the solemnisation of civil marriage of opposite-sex couples.”

“The UK Parliament through this Bill aims to correct the serious injustices that the Privy Council’s decisions have manifested,” Dr Leonardo Raznovich, a Barrister and reported expert in the laws of the British Overseas Territories, stated in support of Lord Cashman’s bill.

Raznovich added: “It will put an end to the unjustified discrimination and segregation on grounds of sexual orientation that British citizens face in relation to access to equal marriage in Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, the British Virgin Islands, Anguilla, Monserrat and the Turks and Caicos.”

He argued that it must be noted that in the last four territories there is currently no local legislation in place at all to protect LGBTQ people, which is in itself a breach of numerous provisions of the European Convention on Human Rights or other international agreements.


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  1. Sodom and Gomarah says:

    We don’t want that in we BVI

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    • Why do you care. says:

      Why do you care about what other people do in the bedroom?

      Just so you know: you choose your book to apply to you. It doesn’t apply to others if they don’t wish.

      Let people life their life’s. It’s no problem to you anyway.

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      • @Why do you care says:

        Because it starts out in their bedrooms and then eventually ends up in our children and grandchildren’s classrooms and their everyday way of life.

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        • Father Time says:

          Oh my God. Your kids are not gonna “catch the gay”. Please unclench and go educate yourself.

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        • @@Why do you care says:

          You may not be an idiot, but this argument is idiotic.

          Sexuality is not contagious, and peadophlia (which you seem to be alluding to) and homosexuality are not the same thing in any way. Society will be a much better place when we stop judging each other, and that goes for gender and sexuality differences, as well as the ever popular arguments about race.

          Be kinder…

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      • Guess What? says:

        @why do you care. It is either you are decieved or you are part of the deception. It is no longer a secret that these people want to do what they want not just behind but beyond the doors. It is now a movement to destroy humanity and replace same with animals. As you know, animals do can do their thing anyhow and anywhere. Transgenders are destroying the Nations where they are legalised. See what has happened to American sports. The same Britain recently woke up from slumber to stop transgenders from competing in women sports. Transgenders have changed the systems in Government schools in Europe and America. People are moving enmass from Democrat States known to be the fuel behind transgender movements. Those people can do their thing in the open. No shame about it. God help you if they sit next to you on a flight. They can make their wild gestures and you can do nothing about it. They are pushing for children to watch porn and engage in sex as a right. There are States in America where preaching against homosexual is a hate crime. It is your business if you want to marry a tree, snake, lizard or fly. But dont do it to violate my feelings and spirituality. Do whatever you want to do but not at the expense of tax payer’s money. You want to promote harry Potter but you want me to get rid of my Bible. Babes why cry at night to prevent their mothers from sleeping will also not taste sleep except you now how to sleep while crying. Only a witch can do that

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        • Jim says:

          That’s not a witch. It’s an evil cat

          Get your effed up story straight

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        • Old bible fools says:

          That’s the sad contagion still leaching into undereducated minds of my brothers and sisters here. Perpetuating the worlds view as dumb islanders. Closed to progress. Some trans stuff is bs. But for fools here to spout that obvious demand for gay lifestyle should be blocked, right up there with holding islanders back 100 years ago. Blacks calling the kettle pot.

    • don't want it says:

      because you prefer it for ‘it’ to be done behind closed doors with your church members, cousins and side tings..filthy hyprocrite

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      • Guess what? says:

        No! No! NO! To the pure all things are pure and to the unclean, nothing is clean. You are so dirty in your attitude without value for decency. There are consequences for your actions. If you think you can carelessly cast aspersion on the persons of Pastors the way you’ve done, be ready for a raw deal with destiny. You must have used your drones effectively to capture dirty deals of Pastors behind closed doors. Sodomy was well alive in the days of Sodom and gomorrah. Paul also spoke about their escapades over 2000 year ago. By the Grace of God, the Marriage institution will stand. Evil will not be renamed as good. Witchcraft will never find its way becoming a way of life. The Marriage Institution will survive this unslaught

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    • Boris says:

      Calm down. This is misreported.

      A private members bill, not a government bill , has been introduced in the second chamber, the House Of Lords. That does not mean it is law or that it is ever likely to become law. Private members bills, especially when introduced in the Lords, stand very little chance of becoming law.

      If the British Government adopts the bill, it could become law, but that is very unlikely.

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    • Anonymous says:

      Let them have civil rights as a couple but keep marriage out of it. A marriage is a sacred bond between a man and a woman to strengthen a couple’s union to help provide security for offspring. Since queers can’t have children there is no need for marriage

  2. buju says:

    Boom bye bye

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  3. Son of the Land says:


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  4. Homophobes heads are about to explode. says:

    Of all the problems the BVI is facing, same sex marriage is the most important thing for many. As such, many will be severely distressed by this development.

    I suggest they take their high blood pressure medications, mind their own businesses, and for Gods sakes abstain from marrying someone of the same sex if the laws are changed. Everything will be fine.

    On a serious note, its about time the OTs catch up with the UK on this.

    Just as important, its time OT like the BVI recognize that their are gay, lesbian bisexual and perhaps transgender people who call this place home.

    These folks should be free to love who they love and marry them if they wish. Another persons religious thoughts should not preclude someone who may not share that belief from marrying someone of the same sex.

    Its time the BVI come out of the closet into the Caribbean sunshine.

    On a personal note, I do not believe in any sort of marriage for myself. I failed at that and will never go down that road again so long as I live. It doesn’t matter to me. Man or woman, its the same interpersonal dynamics at play.

    My choice to remain unmarried should not in any way prohibit people who wish to marry either in opposite or same sex relations. In the same vain, other people with other opinions on same sex marriage should not prevent two consenting adults from deciding what’s best for their on lives.

    Its a highly deeply personal choice what one chooses to do with their lives when it comes to marriage. People who are not affected by such decisions should respect other people’s life choices.

    I personally support any adult who wishes to live their lives they see it. I believe in live and let live. I do not loose any sleep worrying over what people do in their personal lives.

    So, run out the closet BVI. Its about time that the subcategory of our population who may be gay, bi, or transgendered be allowed to live their lives in truth.

    As for the argument that the BVI is a religious community, please spare me. The BVI is far from a religious community and imo closest to a hypocritical community as one can get where all short of shenanigan goes down in the name of the Lord.

    This is a country where people are deaf and blind to crime. One where there are over 60 unsolved murders in a 14 square miles land mass. A country where the third pillar of the economy is arguably illicit drugs.

    A country where greed and envy rein supreme. A country whose former Premier is under house arrest in Miami Florida pending trial on drug and money laundering charges that could result in decades in prison if convicted.

    The point is BVI, same sex marriage should not be a problem but if it is, it should be the least of your problems. This country should have bigger fish to fry.

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    • Rubber Chicken says:

      Regardless of the issue the UK Parliament ought not to be passing laws for the BVI or any OT, without the consent of the OTs. Neither the BVI or the other OTs have any kind of representation in said parliament. I would posit that such actions by the UK violate international law as it relates to a people’s ability to participate in their own governance (see the Internal Convention on Civil and Political Rights).

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      • Anonymous says:

        You apparently have not learned anything from the COI inquiry.

        The BVI does not belong to us like so many of us are believing. We are an overseas territory of the UK. They own this place not us and have significant influence over the eventual laws and governance of THEIR overseas territories.

        Clearly the local government has not shown a willingness to allow gay equality otherwise they would have accented to doing so shortly after the UK approved same sex marriage. I suspected that this intransigence has not been overlooked thus the current action which may or may not be approved.

        Im sure the UK overseas territories will/should have an opportunity to voice their opinions on this prior to any final vote.

        Until the BVI finds its way to independence, the UK will continue to have an input into the governance of its overseas territories.

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        • Rubber Chicken says:

          @anonymous Under international law, the BVI is not owned by Britain. Britain is an administering power (see the UN Charter). The COI process was a process started and constituted under BVI law, not UK law.

          @Rubber Duck, citizens of the OTs possess a type of British nationality which does not give them that automatic right of abode in the UK. But that aside, the people of the OTs have a right to participate in governance, either directly or through elected representatives (see International Convention on Civil and Political Rights). By passing attempting to pass this law without the UK

          But then again a majority of you commenting that the UK owns the BVI, are ignoramuses that know very little or are otherwise incapable of understanding international law.

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          • OK.. You lost me when you stated says:

            “ignoramuses that know very little or are otherwise incapable of understanding international law.”

            Please. Give it a rest. People like you are not as smart as you think you are. You cannot make a point without attempting to belittle others to elevate yourself.

            You are projecting yourself in the worst light. Intolerable of others opinions to the point you name call. Smart people do not have to resort to that. Only ignoramuses.

            I don’t waste my time with know alls like you who thinks their views are superior to others. Just responding to let you know.

            Get out of people’s bedrooms, and mind your business. Dont like marrying someone of the same sex? Fine. Then just have all the man/woman you like of the opposite sex if they can put up with your arrogance. Someone with your mindset will turn me off.

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          • Rubber Duck says:

            BS. Citizens of the BVI have full right of abode in the UK. So be careful who you are calling an ignoramus.

          • Rubber Chicken says:

            @OK.. You lost me when you stated . Yet you said all of that and you can say nothing to counter the point about the VI not being owned by the UK under international law. This just proves you have got no clue about the VI’s status or international legal relationship with the UK.

      • Rubber Duck says:

        As long as citizens of the OTs are also British Citizens they do.

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        • Rubber Chicken says:

          @RubberDuck, check your VI passport. There is no full right of abode in the UK. If you register as a UK citizen, then you get that right.

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      • smh says:

        Become a independent nation then , this shouldnt even be a issue because it doesn’t affect you in anyway shape or form . If 2 people of the same sex wants to get married then thats up to them , you live your life let them live theirs . Not everyone believes in the book of fairy tales.

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      • Crazy Joe says:

        Its a private members bill in the House of Lords.

        It has about zero chance of ever becoming law.

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  5. The TRUTH says:

    Overbearing colonialism must go.

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    • NoNonsense says:

      Then call a referendum and vote for independence. This place is a dump, Britain would be glad to be rid of it.

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      • @NoNonsence says:

        A dump that you fighting tooth and nail for. I cannot understand why you do not want to leave the dump, that says a lot about where you are from.

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    • the Truth says:

      This is a UK territory, leave if you want to..

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  6. ..... says:

    So here it is that legislation that affects the OTs is going through the UK Parliament, without any consultation with the OTs.

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  7. Progress? says:

    Seems like the UK will drag the OT’s into the 21st century no matter what the cost. This same sex marriage issue surely adds more fuel to the fire in the current contentious relationship between the UK and their OT’s.

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  8. Hmmmm says:

    As much as I do not like to see PDA’s by same sex couples I really don’t mind being around them. They are some of the nicest people. What they do behind closed doors is their business not anyone else’s. And we do have a lot of them here so why shouldn’t they enjoy the security that marriage brings. Plus this can be a boost for tourism.

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  9. BuzzBvi says:

    Ha.The very idea that the VI will embrace equality for anyone. Once VI have independence there will be more active hate on all sorts of people than happens now. Whilst the VI is a territory of the UK more appropriate laws in line with the UK should And will be in place. Many people have reason to truly fear the discrimination, corruption and family favours that will come with so called independence. Watch the bigots and people haters come out now!! Better we live and let live. Better the VI moves forward from the archaic thinking that dominates currently.

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  10. Come out come out where ever you are says:

    I hope if passed it would encourage all the dls to open up..Go be you in peace…lol once you try it there is no im not this and that.. you’re full blown and can’t come back from it so live in your truth…

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  11. Down2earth says:

    Why should Cashman and Caribbean Colours group seek to make such a decision for OTs? In my humble opinion each OT is capable of looking at their way of life and make decisions best suited to them.

    If one feels that their life is richer by being with the same sex working that which is unseemly, so be it. Just don’t feel that others need to be forced to accept your lifestyle. That in itself sends a red flag.

    Governor, I see no good coming out of this for the Virgin Islands. Don’t let us have more of God’s displeasure heaped upon our heads.

    I don’t hate the sinner, just the sin!

    A Virgin Islander to the Nth generation

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  12. world War 3 says:

    this is the norm worldwide so live and let live.

    while they are at it please free up the marijuana; it’s a healing herb.
    I am in need of some tea.


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  13. truth fact says:

    some may consider this to be funny but in actuality, it brings about great grief to so many out there, who have been forced to live a life of secrecy just to be considered normal for others’ approval in society.

    People’s lives have been torn apart due to hate crimes and religious beliefs and so many other reasons simply for following their hearts in loving the same sex.

    Nevertheless, it’s about time the UK gets with the rest of the world, you can’t stop one from feeling what their heart desires the most.

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  14. wallwind says:

    I wonder about the yellow site with those pop ups

  15. Watchman says:

    We don’t want that nastiness to be legalized here in the BVI.

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  16. OH YEAH @ walwin says:


  17. Rex FeRaL says:

    The nastiness must stop.

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  18. fyah says:

    Want a remix of Buju Banton song,boombye bye in all homo head,the whole of them must dead.

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  19. informed says:

    The Demographic of LGTB is something to consider. The Pink Pound also refers to this demographic as they are two adults with a high disposable income. Bringing this demographic to the BVI for a wedding destination will generate a lot of income.
    Its lots less harmful than the Legalising of marijuana or Gambling to the society. This would be a good way to generate revenue to the BVI.

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  20. My Voice says:

    The Warning:

    The world is coming to its End. Everything in the Bible has been fulfilled

    The Next Thing Coming …………

    Jesus Christ is Coming!

    The Ani-Christ is Coming!

    The Mark of the Beast 666 is Coming – Soon

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  21. I happy says:

    it’such safer here than jamaica for our guys trip..see ya soon.

  22. Sickness says:

    With LGTB comes lots of social issues
    We are deviating from the natural laws of health
    1. Who would bear our children when mam and man ; woman and woman cohabit . They might adopt and the adopted child would be forced to accept an unnatural environment they might not want
    A series of sickness that goes with gay men . Where poop hole is made to excrete waste from the body is used for pleasure . Filth in unhealthy and unclean
    Wow can’t believe this

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  23. Tt boi says:

    Let’s see who going march now

  24. Anonymous says:

    You’re suppose to k**l these people or they will drag the whole of society to h**l with them.Let them call themselves having a pride parade in the B.V.I that would be interesting. Stand on the word or get what you have coming.

  25. Arthur James says:

    What does it means when the Constitution says the people of the Virgin Islands believes in God? This bottom thing is a serious insult to God and the sanctity of marriage. Let him who is filthy remain filthy, God fearing people flea the wrath to come, seek God and live. God will not forsake those who have chosen to live godly.

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