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Boats gone; Thomas breathes sigh of relief

Ecedro Thomas

More than three months after two catamarans ran aground on his Paraquita Bay property hampering his ability to rebuild his business that was damaged during the hurricane, Ecedro Thomas is finally able to breathe a sigh of relief.

This is because the vessels were removed last week, charting the way for him to rebuild his beverage business.

“Yes man, I want them [boats] go a long time. I am going to rebuild,” an elated Thomas told BVI News Online during a visit to his home on Monday.

The man who has been operating his business in the area for over three decades said he has already begun purchasing building materials.

“Three-hundred-dollars I had in my pocket I used to pay for these pieces of wood. I want to buy some more but since the hurricane, I ain’t got no money,” he revealed.

He lamented that since the hurricane struck life has become more difficult for him.

“People may pass here and say, ‘see how relaxed he is’. They don’t know the pain of the old man, and nobody saying they going to help me. When I say that, me ain’t looking for no handout.”

While noting that he can hardly walk because of medical issues, the businessman said his troubles have been compounded by the fact that his bed and other belongings were destroyed during the hurricane.

He said he now has to be sleeping on a couch.

Thomas’ beverage business under reconstruction.

Seeking Compensation

In the meantime, Thomas’ attorney, Leroy Jones told BVI News that he will be taking The Moorings to court to seek compensation for the time that his client was unable to operate his business.

The Moorings is said to be the owner of the two vessels.

“For what he has lost monetarily, they have to compensate him for that,” Jones remarked.


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