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UPDATE: Victim in month-end murder named

Trumayne Daway is the third murder victim in the BVI for 2018.

Police have confirmed that the body found in Brandywine Bay early Wednesday morning is that of Trumayne Daway.

Police found Daway in the driver’s seat of a vehicle with gunshot wounds burrowed about his body.

He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Law enforcers are investigating the murder.

This marks the third murder since the start of the year and comes less than 24 hours after Governor Augustus Jaspert and Premier Dr D Orlando Smith announced a new security plan for the territory.

The other two persons that were killed this year are Michael Stevens and Clevaughn Sweeney. The duo was gunned down near Althea Scatliffe Primary in Road Town just over two weeks ago.

There has been a number of other shootings on Tortola and some have resulted in injuries.

I am deeply disturbed — Premier on latest murder


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  1. wow says:


    • Concerned BVislander says:

      This type of news is going to hurt our economy. Our young people are in trouble. Where is the social arm of our government. Our young people need the community to look out for them. Adults need to listen, love and support these our young with our time and resources. The youngsters are not bad youngsters but looking for something- love, family, resources, self, and a great life.

      • BoyBlue says:

        It is insulting to the young people with dutiful parents who have no interest or need for gov to be in their homes raising their children
        For starters these young people are being raised by single and too often rachet women with interchangeable sexual partners.
        Black women are the culprits, Respect yourselves, Honour your divine femininity, Close your legs to married men. Your body is a temple not a subway tunnel for every Tom dick and Harry. You know whether or not your potential baby daddy will or be willing to be a real father. Babies are not must haves so stop dropping them if you cannot value them and raise them to be humans.
        Women rule the world.
        The future of the Black race is in your hands and your wombs.

      • Online Now says:

        Unfortunately there are some very bad youngsters. Those same ones who would cause trouble on their bikes and in their boats who get their funds through criminal activity.

      • Observing says:

        I agree that the young men need love, support, help etc. For me I will say unconditional love has been working for my son. He had his days of trouble in years gone by. My advice to parents is: after your son continues to get in trouble, let him know that you will not continue to bail him (and that money for lawyer fees don’t grow on trees). Let him also know that while you may still visit him at the prison, you will do so less or not at all. However, on the proactive side, encourage him to treat his job LIKE GOLD (once he has one); also let him know that he can explore a part-time job or develop and use his skills to help him make extra money, as opposed to gambling or doing illegal stuff for quick money. Share wise sayings and a scripture with them now and then also e.g. “ask and you will receive, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened unto you”. This morning before my son left for work I shared with him that “The enemy comes to steal, to kill and destroy, but I am come that you can have life, and life more abundantly”. I did not grow up with love, but yest. before he left I asked him for a hug and told him ” I love you”. It may not be easy, but find little ways to show your sons love. It will make a world of difference in their present and future lives.

    • Concerned BVislander says:

      We can fix this and protect and assist our young people while on their journey!!!!

  2. yes says:

    UK should take this island back.. or get the Rockefellers to fix this mess

    BVI govt can provide safety, proper roads, power, water, or waste management. What are they good for?

    • Well look a thing says:

      all if the uk take back the territory you think that will stop the voilence?

      • We need the UK says:

        After the Hurricane the BVI was violent and out of control. Once the UK stepped in the violence stopped. Once they left it began. This is a matter of fact, not speculation. The BVI cannot control itself in the best of times, lest the worst. We need the UK.

        • Citizen says:

          And when they beat your son for reckless behavior you would have them deported back to the UK I guess. To dawn corrupt in this place. Take you kicks from backlog of retribution. Things done to others are on your door step today. Repent and change your ways BVI.

    • . says:

      UK cannot even solve their own damn problems what the hell make you think they can solve ours.

    • L says:

      You are so out of touch. Who are the Rockefellers? What can they do?

  3. OH HELL NO! says:

    Where are the drone lovers? This could have been prevented by drones…

    • Lodger says:

      Drone batteries only last at the most twenty minutes, and take time to recharge. So you will need dozens of them. How effective are they at night and will we have skilled operators working all night?

  4. Sailor Tom says:

    The BVI is (are) still one of the safest places
    to live, love, or vacation in the Caribbean
    I have been going there for 45 years, met my
    wife there and still go back to see friends.
    Governor, fix the problem fast. BVI Strong!

  5. Lover of the BVI says:

    I am saddened by this back and forth shootings. Really wish it would just stop. What were we born with except nakedness, that we want to take each others lives? Mercy me!I continue to pray for them all and I pray for the persons who hide the murderers (everybody knows somebody and not saying anything makes you just as guilty as committing the crime itself).

  6. Dodge city resident says:

    Where is the Police Commissioner.? Oh sorry , too busy checking whether cars have repaired their windows after Irma while illegal scooters and crazy shooters do just as they like.

  7. Blogger says:

    Saw a picture of the dude and you could see the milk in his face. He’s a young man. A very young dude who could have been inspired. I wish I could reach this side iof town but it’s very hard for me. The people who can reach them faster and who they would probably listen to faster just might be (Band members including artist (artist who care) not for entertainment. basketball players, the members of the Horse association, Members of Bike and Scooter Club ). Those vast groups of individuals in those groups can do so much if they actually cared to do it.

    I’m willing to put aside petty differences and work with anyone (who’s seriously) want to be part of change. We can’t talk peace then promote slackness after. We have to be fully committed and be strong for each other, If so who’s going to take us serious? We owe it to our future tomorrow that is due today.

  8. Just me says:

    This sound like a setup, man drive to spoke where he think hes going to get some, woman leaves to go potty and man is ambush

  9. Richgdgy says:

    Liberal ideas and the do-gooders from outside contributed to your problem with crime!Get tough and stick together and get your islands back.God Bless the GOOD people of the BVI

  10. Vi says:

    don’t ever play with GOD he is real, what we sow we shall reap

  11. Citizen says:

    I had a job in Afghanistan which I turned down due to gun crimes. It seems like the BVI is not much of a difference this year when compere to population.

  12. Do the math please says:

    It says third murder for the year. Yeah, but two was dbl murders, meaning FIVE ppl killed for the year.

    • SMH says:

      You do the math. The year starts in January, when did the double murder happen in West End?

      • To SMH says:

        Clown I think the person was talking about the two guys that got shot next to Althea Scatliffe

        • smh says:

          ummm the one by the school was THE FIRST of the year… so you a clown as well. the one west was LAST YEAR. so it is 3 murders so far.. you still in 2017 to?

        • smh says:

          the one by the school was THE FIRST of the year… the one west was LAST YEAR. so it is only 3 murders for the year of 2018. the person on top trying say the first double murder happen this year and it didn’t… focus

    • smh says:

      you a clown? how much months in your year? the rest of us is already 2 months into 2018… the first double murders happened in 2017… the recent one was feb 10th 2018… so which five you talking about? it’s 3 for the year. smh

      • @smh says:

        12 months in a year . If the double murders happen in November 2017 den ain’t 12 months pass yet den A$$ so ain’t a ain’t year yet????..Rip Passion ????????

  13. Concern says:

    All of aya going back and forth with how many murders in a year. Math can be done both ways – 3 murders for 2018, but from November 2017 – November 2018 (also a year) – 5 murders by guns.

    Really sad for what is happening to our country.

  14. Archaic says:

    RIP Passion. I spoke to yesterday.. wow!!! You was always on the grind, smiling and working! Rip soldier!

  15. Profiles: says:

    Assailant(s): BLACK Male(s) either or both parents originating from the upper Caribbean islands.

    Victim: BLACK Male with either or both parents originating from the upper Caribbean islands.

    Summary: Participants involved have little or no loyalty to the Virgin Islands.

  16. local says:

    this young man wont go till brandy wind bay on the sea side by himself.. police force best do finger print of the passenger whom was in it with can only be he was out they with someone and they came out to act like going pp and kill the dude…to much hate, fake, envy friends out there.

  17. GT says:

    Most of these youths are known trouble makers. However, with that said the BVI government need to put stronger measures in place to help their young people.while living on the island. I noticed 11 year old kids on the street liming. No other Caribbean country donypu see that.

  18. BoyBlue says:

    Are you at all familiar the murder rate and other crime rates on other Caribbean Islands? Research and weep. The murders in the BVI and other crimes and juvenile delinquency are dominated by children from other Caribbean Islands and or parents from those Islands. There is something amiss regarding the propensity to kill in some of us and all the moneys and police wont change that, As a child growing up in a BVI with a zero murder rate,I was taught to distance myself from updeislun folks because ” they does kill people”
    The problem now is that the BVI,with good intentions, ignored the age old warnings and filled up the BVI with an incurable cancer. Only a natural disaster where the BVI could wash away the debris and rebuild and revise would remedy the demographics and change the culture for its

    • Reader says:

      @ Boy Blue…I recall that Immigration and Customs agreed to work together to screen persons coming to the BVI (e.g. taking photos and fingerprints- which the USVI has already been doing). Please don’t delay implementation. Yes, we need workers from outside, but it is wise for any country to control its population ratio…and there should be regular census conducted to help stay on top if our demographics.

  19. hmmmm says:

    There are more killings between same race as proven by statistics. Why do you have to kill each other?

  20. LIT says:

    Boy Passion, RIEP!!

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