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Bodyguards no joke: Premier accuses Opposition of mocking threat against his life

Premier Andrew Fahie in the House of Assembly recently.

Premier Andrew Fahie has lashed out at some members of the parliamentary opposition who he has accused of constantly mocking his decision to hire personal security.

The Premier was at the time responding to questions about the legal fees of the Speaker of the House of Assembly. Following his response in that July 31 sitting of the House, Opposition Leader Marlon Penn made what could be described as a snide remark about the bodyguards.

Penn made statements that compared the cost of the Premier’s bodyguards to the previous NDP administration’s controversial $7.2 million BVI Airways deal.

Premier Fahie then rose to denounced what he indicated were untrue and malicious accusations from Penn.

“The member knows that’s false. It (the cost of the bodyguards) is nowhere close to that [figure stated by Penn]. I need security and I don’t take it lightly whenever you make joke on that because that’s my family and me,” a seemingly irritated Premier said.

He continued: “I realise the Opposition has this for a joke — certain members — because you want people to think I am wasting the taxpayers’ money with security. But one of these days I will tell you why I need it since ayo pushing me to do it!”

Shortly after being sworn in as leader of government business, Premier Fahie announced that he had hired bodyguards to protect him from credible threats to his life.

He also revealed that the monies to pay the bodyguards was included in this year’s budget. This sparked episodes of criticism from the public.

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  1. Just asking.... says:

    We want Fahie alive so tell smurf to hush he cor***t ra**

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    • Taxpayer says:

      Mr. Premier, I would like to know the real reason for the bodyguards. I am not quite convinced that there was a threat as you are the only one that seems to have perceived a threat. What is the commission of police’s role in all this. Why has he been silent on the matter? I would also like to know the the cost of your round the clock security.

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    • Citizen says:

      If Trinidad and Jamaica where crimes are on the rise. Even Treats against the Police Force itself. Then why cant a small island as the BVI honor the service of the Local Police for Body Guard instead of wasting taxpayers money. Andrew do not need a private firm and that’s the point and concern from the BVI locals

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  2. Online Now says:

    I don’t know to what extent the threats are serious but I imagine the Hon. Premier is in more danger if he doesn’t do something about his ever increasing weight …

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    • Father Time says:

      @Online Now

      Really? Making fun of his weight? How unoriginal.

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      • Online Now says:

        No, I’m not making fun of his weight. I was offering some advice. He is m—— obese and far more likely to die from that than from a “death threat”.

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      • @Father says:

        That’s not making fun, that’s reality. The Premier is getting older, he is carrying a lot of weight and being the leader of the Territory especially at this time can be very stressful. Add all together and you have a recipe for potential health disaster unless he starts working on it. I don’t see the post as making fun but rather bringing something very serious to light.

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      • A Wing says:

        To me having private body guards make no sense what should of been done if he feels threatened then assign some of ur top police officers to work shift surrounding the premier I know it has country wen the prime minister etc is moving he would have a member of the police force with him maybe it’s time he really come out and tell the public why he needs body guards with some proper proofs

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    • @ Online Now says:

      You’re really making fun of someone weight he made himself what does his weight has to do with him doing his work never make fun of people and their weight because you don’t know how much they struggle to lose it

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  3. AK Draco says:

    The bodyguards go home with the Premier too?

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  4. Please says:

    Go have a seat

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  5. Reply says:

    “But one of these days I will tell you why I need it since ayo pushing me to do it!”
    Why wait for “one of these days” Mr. Premier to reveal what the treat has been or is to your life? Is this a historical threat or an ongoing one?

    I don’t understand the secrecy surrounding this. Seems to me that if the Premier’s life is in danger, the public should know, and has a right to know what is going on, given that they are footing the bill, and also given he underrepresented nature of the leader of the government requiring them.

    The Premier should understand the reason(s) people may be asking questions surrounding this. The leader of the government requiring body guards symbolizes a fundamental change in our political environment as no prior Chief Minister or Premier had required body guards before. That being the case, I think it’s in the public’s interest to know.

    Now, lets be clear, the Premier is entitled to protect his life as anyone else if threatened or is under threat and no one should minimize this, but the questions will not go away Mr. Premier when the public is witnessing something they have never witnessed before.

    Furthermore, if their is a current threat to the Premier, what role is the RVIPF playing here if any? Seems to me whatever threat there was or is, the RVIPF should be involved to neutralize this apparent threat, and somebody should be in handcuffs already. If not, why not?

    What is really going on here on this tiny island when the government leader requires bodyguards? If it’s not safe for him, it’s not safe for anyone else I would think.

    At any rate, not to minimize any perceived or current threat to the Premier’s life, but I thought he was a praying man who speaks of God in almost every sentence? What happened since election? Has God failed him, or has his faith been challenged and weakened?

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  6. Lb says:

    We shouldn’t have to push you to say what the threat is. You are spending taxpayers money! We have a right to know why Mr. Premier. You can’t just hide behind “national security”! You don’t have to tell us every measure that you are taking, but there should be absolutely no issue with saying what the threat was! Is there still a threat? I guess you are the only person in the BVI whose life is worth protecting to the tune of $1 million?

    Can your Bajan and White pilot blend in a bit more to your public appearances? Those oversized suits look ridiculous at Festival, schools, softball game in Sea Cows Bay etc. It is a mockery and an affront to generally non violent community of the BVI.

    Yes your family comes first but if you have to revert to this questionable tactic then perhaps you shouldn’t be Premier and chose another profession. I am sure Uncle Ralph and Doctor Smith also received threats while the heads of this Territory.

    But I guess they didn’t have a private security company to benefit from.

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  7. Goodsense says:

    if the bodyguards for his “family and me”, does his wife also have bodyguards?

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    • a joke says:

      Everyone having a ball with the public money and don’t want to provide a proper response when questions are asked. Change of party but the spending continue as normal.

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  8. vip heckler says:

    $86000 per month for bodyguards while we have a police force with free police access ? WOW!

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    • I am not understanding this says:

      And the police officers barely making any money. This money he spending there can pay for a few more police officers, give more people on the islands jobs securing him via the RVIPF and also can give some of the current officers a salary increase, or work extra time to be his body guards. I am not understanding this at all at all at all!

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  9. school children says:

    But wait!smurf’s opponent ain’t suppose to have shares in that bodyguard company ?????????

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  10. Eagle eye says:

    Push him to tell us opposition.the BVI is safe unless some of us is involve in wrong doings.

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  11. Just saying says:

    His bodyguards are necessary so what’s the big deal

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  12. john public says:

    Foy could get vex all he wants but it is the opposition job to make sure that taxpayers monies are accounted for and not wasted on foolishness

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  13. BIG QUESTION says:

    Is the leader of the country involved in something that we don’t know about? Why all of a sudden our leader need extra security? If he was threatened why didn’t he call or tell the police whatever he is/was involved in? Did he make promises to party donors that he cant deliver?

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  14. Want to know? says:

    Who is next in command with the musical chairs deputy arrangement..!!! The Threat is so grave and yet we do not have a permanent Deputy Premier? Make that make sense!!!!

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  15. boss hog says:

    If there are real threats to the premier then he is consider a moving target and with moving targets collateral damage is likely. So my advice to the public is either avoid any place where he is or don’t invite him to any functions that might be keeping. He might be safe but what about the public.

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    • I am not understanding this says:

      I was thinking the same thing. Please advise me where he will be in advance because me nah go there! Not me and not my children. Cause sounds like he is in danger wherever he may go.

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  16. Lol says:

    Mr. premier not a souuuuuul chubbbbble ya talking bout threat, your important yes but not that ‘important’ … cancel that contract ya hear

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  17. Foolishness says:

    Nobody has your security for a joke Mr. Premier, but everywhere else in the world, security is provided for the leaders by the properly trained armed units of the Country’s Police Force/Military. Nobody is saying you cannot have security, what they’re saying is why should you pay $80K per month for private security when we have armed security forces in the BVI that can do the same or better on your behalf? Stop trying to murky the waters by giving the impression that people simply don’t want you to have security, because that is not the case. The Magistrate has security, the Governor has security, albeit it’s not always obvious, so the Premier should have security as well. The question is why does his security have to be private? Correct me if I’m wrong but nowhere else in the world have I ever seen or heard of such a thing.

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    • Reply says:

      Your point is well noted. The Premier as the Opposition Leader railed against lack of transparency relative to the NDP when it suited his purpose. Now, that the shoe is on the other foot, all of a sudden he is not as transparent as he once preached.

      I agree with your thinking here. The Premier is an employee of the people who pays his salary. Given that he has in the past raised hell over how the NDP spent money, and his administration is even digging into their spending habits of the past even today, one would think he would be more conscientious of how he spends tax payers money.

      This is typical of politicians. Preach one thing, and when in a position of power, does the opposite. Pure hypocrisy, and double talk. It’s unnerving.

      Echoing your question: Why pay a private security firm to protect him from some unknown threat when a private security detail from the RVIPF can be assigned to him during his official duties? That would save taxpayers money in these difficult times as such a security detail will be on payroll already.

      Why should the public have to pay for his personal security? As it stands we have no idea if this presumed threat is all up in his head or related to hisr work as Premier, or personal.

      All we know is that he has armed men in suits shadowing his every move at tax payers expense without any specific reason(s) given. Unacceptable.

      IMO, if personal, he should pay the cost for his own security. If any treat is related to his work as Premier, then the RVIPF can aid him. Surely, he is not too good to be protected by the wonderful men and women of the RVIPF, isn’t he?

      What’s the problem Mr. Premier? Isn’t security provided by the RVIPF good enough for you? Do you not trust the RVIPF to safeguard your life? If you cannot trust them, why should the rest of us? If not, why not? And what message does that send to the community at large?

      The public needs some sunshine on this matter, and the Premier can begin by stating exactly why he needs private security at tax payers expense.

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      • @ reply says:

        I agree whole heartedly with your comments. Is the Premier creating his own private army on tax payers dollars? Let him utilize the services of the RVIPF.

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  18. Anonymous says:

    Are the other parties in the wings taking economjc notes?

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  19. Whfjr says:

    You guys ha e no idea how PERSONAL PROTECTION works becuase if you did you would know you dont use police for personal protection there’s a big difference for one if an all call goes out guess what the police have to respond to that call second you HAVE to be trained in Protection some Cops are most are not.

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    • Shorty says:

      Well then according to your observation if it is PERSONAL protection the PUBLIC purse should not have to pay for PERSONAL protection. This is the one time i agreed with Hon. Vanterpool inquiry. Was the threat to Hon. Andrew Fahie or was the threat to the Office of the Premier of the territory those are two difference separate things. Furthermore, the most troubling thing about this whole threat situation is up to this day there has not been a press conference, press release, statement, utterance, no comment from the Chief of Police and the Governor period!! A threat to the leader of the Premier or the individual sitting in the seat warrants assurance from police and governor of the safety of the territory as they investigate the matter thoroughly. The silence is deafening which leaves many to wonder. That is proper protocol a threat occurs an investigation is launched and assurance to the public that all measures will be taken to alleviate the problem. But in my BVI we hear silence and only one person has spoken about a threat.

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    • pure foolishness says:

      Everywhere in the world its the police service that is utilized to protect the leaders of a country. When you start utilizing private security you are heading down the road of a dictator state. private security should not be funded with public funds!

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    • @whfjr says:

      Stop talking nonsense. If the police are guarding the Premier they won’t leave him to respond to any calls. This is why the force should be properly staffed. Nowhere in the world would security forces guarding the leader or any government official leave their position to answer a regular security call.

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  20. Short man says:

    Only since u became premier u need security? U was walking all over the island before.all of a sudden u have taxpayers money to do as u please u have threats against u where those threats before how come you never mention threat against u in the campaign

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  21. Small man says:

    I think the security is to stop folks from just walking up to him and speaking with him. I really think it is to cut off easy access to him. He made so many promises that he cannot fulfill so he is nervous. I may be wrong, but God knows and once he knows, it will all come to light.

  22. Mr mm says:

    I think it’s part of job creation don’t think so? Since some of us a jobless.

    • @ Mr MM says:

      How much born here is in the security detail.
      They all look like foreigners. So definitely not job creation for locals

  23. One question says:

    I just want to know why he couldn’t use the RVIPF instead of hiring a private firm.

  24. soso says:

    but what the premier mean by saying one of this days he will tell ayo why he need security, i thought is because there was a threat on his life, so there is another reason?, if there is, the tax payers who are footing this bill should already know.

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