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Booster shots for COVID-19 expected in BVI next week

Persons wishing to further inoculate themselves against the COVID-19 virus and those who wish to take a first dose of the vaccine will be able to do so within the coming days.

According to a recent notice posted by the government, boosters and third doses of vaccines will be available in the BVI by the second week of December.

The notice also outlined the categories of persons who will be eligible for Pfizer boosters and third doses of the AstraZeneca vaccines.

It was noted that all persons with chronic diseases or those who are severely immunosuppressed will be eligible for a third dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Furthermore, all persons who have completed a second or third dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine at least three months ago will be eligible for a ‘Pfizer’ booster.

All persons 12 years and older and those who were previously unvaccinated will be eligible to receive two doses of Pfizer vaccination.

Recently Premier Andrew Fahie said some 60.6% of the population had already taken the first jab of the AstraZeneca vaccine while a further 55.3% had taken both jabs and are fully vaccinated.

Persons wishing to find out more details about the vaccines are asked to contact the government’s medical hotline at 284-852-7650 between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm.

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  1. Bolly says:

    Shot after shot after shot

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  2. Yep says:

    When will it end? So are the vaccinated lining up and willing to take the 3 and 4th shots?

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  3. Real says:


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    • NoNonsense says:

      The BVI isn’t spending any money on it, it’s getting it for free from Mother.

      When Mother stops providing, then you will see how your own are wasting money lining their own pockets.

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  4. WHEN says:

    When will the public see that even though they are taking the vaccine it is only increasing their risk of contracting the virus which then opens the door for another vaccine which in turn is not curing the disease.

    Even the vaxxed with both shots are still getting sick and dying.

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    • PC says:

      You really should spend some time reading the real world stories from those dying of Covid who refused the vaccine.

      … and do it soon as it looks like the Omicron variant could be a game-changer!

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    • Accra says:

      Most folks got vaccinated from birth and they still ended up dead. Each one of us will die one day, we are not expected to live forever. Have you ever questioned what is in the vitamins and medications you take every day? We take them and still get sick then eventually die…. it is the same effect with the vaccine, but it does help with minimizing the effect of the virus but doesn’t cure it. It is better than not taking anything

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      • Tongue Fu says:


        You all with this fallacious point again about questioning what in vitamins or other foods or drugs we digest. The difference is that those drugs/foods have nutrition facts but more importantly we freely choose to take those drugs/foods. There is no COERCION as with these so called vaccines.

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      • Geeze says:

        #ACCRA where have you educated yourself on this subject. That comment comes from no where. Kindly go to the CDC and learn about these vaccines at least. This is irresponsible nonsense. Just spewing inaccuracy after innaccuracy

    • @When says:

      If an injection is needed every 6 months it’s not a vaccine. We need to stop calling it what it isn’t. We’ve been fooled long enough. This s**t is getting ridiculous now.

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  5. Common sense says:

    Out of the 38 persons who died from covid in the BVI, how many were vaccinated?

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  6. Yeah says:

    Yall can enjoy your boosters.. Could take 10 more even..

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  7. What's the Rush. says:

    Let’s wait on the science about the new variant to see if the present vaccine will work…Then they may come with a new or upgraded vaccine. Just wait. What’s the Rush…

  8. Drs says:

    Ain’t none of you doctors the vaccination like all other vaccinations given every so often this is a new thing they don’t know but it is a bad thing don’t get vaccinated and illuminate scores of ignorant stubborn uneducated people as it already has all over the world in Rich places were people refuse like the BVI. Sad thing is you may kill somebody who needs to go to the hospital when your dumb a** gets sick on this when you could’ve minimized it with the vacc. And there ain’t enough people in beds at the hospital.

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  9. @hmmm says:

    Hope everyone realize they are mixing and matching

  10. smh says:

    852 7650 NOT answering the phone!!! So ridiculous! Just NEVER ending.

  11. Phone Number.... says:

    …. and nobody answers the phone when you call that number!!!

  12. Sign Up? says:

    Where do we sign up for booster shots?!

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  13. Mom says:

    I tried to call the number but no one answered. Covid 19 is a killer. Why cant the anti vaxxers understand that? By the time they do understand it will be too late and you can ask God or the Devil why you didn’t take the vaccine.

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