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Border security may have to be expanded – Matthews

St Ursula in operation. Photo Credit: Andre ‘Shadow’ Dawson/BVI News Online

The British Virgin Islands may have to expand its marine and border surveillance capability, said Commissioner of Police Michael Matthews.

One of the areas in which he said expansion is necessary is CCTV coverage.

“My ambition in the future is to speak to central government about expanding their CCTV system further,” Commissioner Matthews said.

“Some of the cameras have failed us in the past, but we are getting them all back and working.”

The commissioner made the comment about expansion while he disclosed that the main policing vessel, St Ursula, has been fully repaired.

The vessel, which is one of three in possession of local marine police, was parked for months in Nanny Cay dockyard to facilitate repairs.

“I am very pleased that the St Ursula has just been refurbished. It’s our principle flagship marine vessel. So she’s back out there on the water again. But, again, there may be a need in the future to expand our marine capability,” the commissioner added.

He said he is cognizant that enough funds may not be available at this time to acquire all equipment needed.

“There is only so much money to go around, and other areas of the public service are going to need them too. I need to ensure that anything I ask the government for has been validated, and is something that is proven to be an advantage to the people of the Virgin Islands. Otherwise, it is of no point in pursuing it,” Commissioner Matthews further said.

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