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Britain’s new Labour gov’t could bring UK closer to OTs — BVI envoy

Benito Wheatley

BVI Special Envoy Benito Wheatley has argued that the Labour Party’s sweeping victory at the polls offers the United Kingdom (UK) a significant chance to forge a truly modern partnership with its Overseas Territories (OTs).

According to Wheatley, after 14 years under Conservative rule, the relationship with the OTs, particularly in the Caribbean, suffered from heavy-handed UK Government policies that echoed colonialism. Additionally, political instability led to the UK appointing four different OT Ministers between 2021 and 2024.

He argued that former OT Ministers Lord Goldsmith and David Rutley made efforts towards the end of the previous government’s term to mend the strained relationship. These efforts saw some success, culminating in the adoption of a Joint Declaration in December 2023. The Declaration aimed to reshape the UK-OT relationship, urging the UK government to consult with OT governments on decisions impacting them to prevent future impositions.

Wheatley expressed that the Joint Declaration also sought to improve the UK’s standing internationally, especially with the United Nations (UN), Caribbean Community (CARICOM), and Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), where the UK had been perceived as reverting to its imperialist past. However, he said plans to publish a new OT strategy to guide future UK policy were not realised before the Conservative Government’s term ended.

He contended that the new Labour Government, led by Prime Minister Sir Keir Starmer and Foreign Secretary David Lammy, has an opportunity to craft their strategy towards the OTs and said a balanced UK-OT relationship could be achieved if Labour is genuinely committed to improving ties.

“Labour must be careful to not simply see the OTs through the narrow prism of Gibraltar and the Falklands that are the only two Territories mentioned in the party’s manifesto by name and to whom a commitment was made to their defence and right to self-determination. These commitments, however, should be affirmed for all of the inhabited territories,” the Special Envoy argued.

He added that the new government should not restrict its engagement with other OTs, especially those in the Caribbean, to issues such as corporate transparency, taxation, security, and marine biodiversity. The Conservatives’ narrow focus on these issues ignored the daily lives and aspirations of the island communities.

Critical areas for enhanced UK-OT cooperation include climate change, sustainable development, economic resilience, security, democratic governance, and self-determination, with attention to regional specificities. He noted that immediate collaboration is also necessary for disaster preparedness and emergency response, particularly as the active Atlantic hurricane season continues after Hurricane Beryl.

He further suggested that the UK, as the Administering Power, should support each territory so that it can thrive. He said the Labour Government and OTs must take this chance to reset and ensure proper consultation on UK policy and OT needs. The UK must show its commitment to helping each territory reach its full potential.


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  1. I wanna know says:

    So is it in our favor?

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    • Just saying says:

      What a f**kin !**ot. Look at the UK’s manifesto and then look at our stated plans (or lack thereof) and think do the two conflict in any way. There are at least 5 that jump out at you. One of which is their plan to expand their own financial services portfolio and their definition of fraud which is broader than past administrations

  2. Critical Fast says:

    Critical areas for enhanced UK-OT cooperation include legalizing the f-in medicinal herb the most studied plant on earth called weed, marijuana, cannabis.

    BVI has been stalled since 2020 four years straight you all are having discussion. Something isnt right someone is lying.

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  3. Critical Fast says:

    A young man died from seizure and a few politicians puff out their chest to talk about legalizing but here no change. They are silent again.

    Some said he was a smoker but he had no access to specific strains just what the street import USA rejected adulterated products for low & dish out as quality. Government & police stifle the local weed farmers over the years, giving smuggling gangs more power, more money.

    Then cry because weapons proliferate but guess what if essential traditional medicine is not grown here it has to enter someway. When that works other items will enter too.

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  4. Eldread says:

    Foolish Wheatley to make that assumption, white people share the same ideology, it doesn’t matter the side of politics they are on, the white agenda is unified, already the new pm is saying he is committed to Ukraine and you will hear Israel next.

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    • @Eldread says:

      So by the that logic, all black people share the same ideology? So, we can say all black people are violent, lazy, sex-driven gangsters?? Of course not silly. People are different and think and feel differently as a consequence of their socio-economic background, education, religion and cultures. Please stop labeling people in this way, black people come in every single political shade, and so does everyone else whatever their ethnicity.

      • Eldread says:

        Oh so you believe the branding that white people gave to black people? White pure and black evil, who am I to address your dilemma?

    • @Eldread@ says:

      Idiot. The new Foreign Minister David Lamb is black.
      True he is a supporter of Israel’s genocide and other terrible policies, but whatever the heck you say, his skin is black.
      Sir maybe rethink your b&w view of the world and use a little more I-telligence.

      • @@Eldread says:

        Just like David Lammy, James Cleverly was black. How did that benefit us.
        Remember Lammy is an elected representative in London, England first and foremost.

  5. TurtleDove says:

    Well it appeared that heavy hand was needed! We need a partnership with honest people on both sides.

  6. Me says:

    You speak with a forked tongue just like your brother one time you for next time a different time

  7. Well Fed says:

    Man in picture clearly eating well!

  8. Mad Max says:

    I would love to see his job description. What is his purpose in this role and what are the official policies he is following?

  9. Stooge in the picture says:

    This country is at its lowest ebb in every facuet of Govt and people are so blinded by politics they cannot see

    Loyal to the detriment of the country progress . We have no confidence in any oy you . Let UK come in a set of crooks,

  10. @ Critical Fast says:

    All this s**t is by design don’t believe these lying evil hypocritical monsters.

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  11. Sperm donor says:


  12. @ CRITICAL FAST says:


  13. Anonymous says:

    Every one with political maturity and racial sensibilites know the white agenda is unified against. the Black Caribbean people and agenda.

    Wheel and come again.

  14. Guest says:

    There is a concept which is referred to as “Deep State”. It is a clandestine network of government officials, often within intelligence agencies, who usually work independently of elected officials. They collaborate with high-level financial and industrial entities to exert influence and power within the government. They have tenure and permanence within government unlike the political directorate whose jobs are up for grabs every five years. They are the ones who call the shots. Let’s watch and see what has changed.

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