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Brother of prominent businessman held on drug suspicion

Information reaching our news centre is that the brother of a prominent businessman — who is also a high-ranking member of a government statutory body — has been arrested.

BVI News understands that the man in question is in custody at the East End Police for a drug-related matter.

The circumstances of the arrest and whether the man has been charged is still unclear. But sources say the drugs with which he is suspected of being involved is cocaine.

Inquiries to the Police Information Unit went unanswered up to publication time.

BVI News will provide more information on this developing story as it becomes available.


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  1. Perfect timing says:

    COI need to look at this. Drug trafficking runs through the heart of BVI government. Well done RVIPF

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    • Hottie says:

      Suspect Jaspert only ever wanted the CoI to investigate the elected politicians, and did not want the public service (for which he had responsibility) to be investigated.

      Drugs was the one thing that Suspect was supposed to know about. However, with the exception of the barge hire, the CoI has not looked into it.

      Let’s see what questions lapdog has for Suspect today.

      Lapdog certainly upped his game yesterday faced with the knowledge that Sir Geoffrey would ask the current Governor any difficult questions that the lapdog did not ask.

      The Auditor General is also back for her proper questioning today – Lapdog took it easy on her because he did not know that Sir Geoffrey would be asking the difficult questions that he did not ask.

      Why did the current Governor say he did not need legal representation to answer questions from the CoI but that he would need legal representation to answer questions from the Attorney General. Does this suggest that there is some cosy deal between the Gov and the CoI.

      Is Suspect going to be seek representation before he faces Sir Geoffrey?

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    • @Perfect timing says:

      You sound so foolish.

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  2. Jah says:

    What a helpful news…I wonder how this reporter get their news..because no name,neither no description…in fact tortola have thousands of businessmen,,lol

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  3. Any guesses? says:

    Got to be more than 1

  4. Crystal says:

    Why, don’t you ask why the government giving residency to criminals against the advice of the board and law.

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  5. Cato says:

    Why is that the headline of the story. The person held is an adult with a damn name.

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  6. Thugnificent says:

    Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. 93 ***!!!

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  7. Who says:

    I wonder why he hasn’t been named

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  8. gossip not news says:

    this reads more like gossip than actual news, do you guys actually have any real reporters on staff or just a bunch of gossips???? New reports, report information, factual information checked and double checked.

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  9. Redshoes says:

    No name call that to tell he is a born tortolian

    • @Redshoes says:

      No, that doesn’t mean that. It means that there are people that is willing to protect the person. I can bet, if it was a Tolian that the higher ups has an issue with, the person won’t lay down and allow themselves to be brainwashed, the name would have been splashed across the news sight right now.

  10. Hhmm says:

    Ohh gosh if was an outsider you would have seen pic plus name lol

  11. The Nation speaks says:

    With all these high level drug bust which can only be UK intelligence marrying with local police work to shame this Government…Please can you send in some of your Crown prosecutors to prosecute these alleged drug dealers otherwise their cases going be botched and them going walk free….especially the police who was held…police don’t testify against police and that one was a working member of court and an orderly for the former criminal court judge. We need protocols to ensure that justice is done and seen to be done in these cases.

  12. The Nation speaks again says:

    Time to start reeling in the big fish-ees…

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