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Budget for local festivals will start coming sooner – Clyne

Chairman of the Festival & Fairs Committee, Carnel Clyne

In an effort to improve the delivery of festivals in the British Virgin Islands, government has pledged to provide funds to the festival organising committees sooner.

This was revealed at the opening of the Roy O’Neal Festiville on Saturday night.

“I’m happy to mention that every year going forward, with this new administration, the [festival] budget will be passed in December,” Chairman of the Virgin Islands Festivals & Fairs Committee, Carnel Clyne said.

Clyne said in so doing, festivals will be planned earlier.

“Our aim is to improve all the festivals throughout the BVI and improve the culture of these events,” he added.

Plans are also afoot to reintroduce activities such as gospel fest as well as the pageants to next year’s staging of the Easter Festival.

The lack of funds is among reasons for the Calypso and pageant shows being shelved this year.

The festival was scaled down this year because the Andrew Fahie-led administration inherited a $300,000 festival debt.

While no specific budgetary allocation for this festival was made public, roughly $700,000 has been earmarked to host all the festivals in 2019.

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  1. tell me ..... says:

    where is the cultural wear, why are none of the culture official wearing them? BVI is still BVI and the behavior now being displayed is concerning!

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  2. Que? says:

    Seriously, what cultural wear? The one manufactured by the NDP with a map of our country on the clothes? Cultural wear/heritage is organic, not made up in Cabinet.

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    • Rise above says:

      You should be ashamed of yourself. It’s people like you that impede the progress of our country by playing politics. I remember there was wide consultation on the territorial wear. Our territorial wear is excellent in my opinion. Not because it was done by the NDP.

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      • Anonymous says:

        What consultation??? That cultural wear was the will of one person. The people wasn’t yearning for cultural wear. We wanted consumer protection and landlord tenant act that was promised.

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  3. Tom cat says:

    So happy they did not wear that ugly funny m*n culture wear

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  4. VILander says:

    The cultural wear was a foolish thing dreamt up by NDP out of touched fantasy land minds. So glad that nonsense is over with. We know our culture we don’t need props.

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    • @Vilander says:

      Really now, how can you know your culture when you can’t seem to know your A** from the back of your hand idiot. You are the prop.

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  5. vip heckler says:

    I wonder who is texting Clyne and telling him what to say?

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  6. !!!!!!!!! says:

    @Tom cat,It is people like you that makes the Country of Tortola look like a very ugly place to live or visit. Even if you dont care for someone,there is no reason for throwing salty shade. One thing I have noticed about the BVI is you can give a person the last dollar in your Pocket and they will turn around and throw you directly under the wheels of a moving bus.

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  7. No nonsense says:

    @que, I agree with you.I NEVER see my grandmother dressed like that in all my life. It was ALWAYS a white no skin showing blouse and skirt of different colours and print or a dress of the same. All dem do is put money to an individual business. In order to get one outfit you must buy plenty of fabric due to the pattern lay out, increasing the seller’s profits…. I never see the instigator selling and wearing the fabric!!

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  8. Oh BVI says:

    One foot forward, twenty foot backwards. You guys will never get your S**t together. Seems like the only thing you guys do is destroy and show hatred toward each other. Good going guys.

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