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Buju Banton projected to boost local tourism during BVI visit

Mark ‘Buju Banton’ Myrie. (Photo Credit: @bujuofficial, Instagram)

The British Virgin Islands is being promoted to expect a massive boost in tourism during the upcoming Father’s Day weekend in June when reggae icon Buju Banton performs in the territory.

Buju, who spent the last eight years in a United States prison, will be performing at the festival village in Road Town on June 15 as part of his Long Walk To Free Tour around the Caribbean and Germany.

A boost to local tourism is expected since event organisers have invited visitors from North and South America, as well as persons in surrounding islands to attend the show, which is part of Buju’s first tour since his release from prison last December.

“The benefits to the BVI’s economy cannot be discounted as an influx of visitors will absolutely bring business to our hotel and guest houses, restaurants and bars, supermarkets, taxi services, and much more. With an event of this magnitude, the entire territory wins,” said local event promoter Kenny Thompson of KT Productions.

“This event is poised to be one of the biggest events to hit the shores of the BVI,” Thompson added. “Not only can patrons expect a spectacular concert performance from Buju Banton but they also have the opportunity to indulge in an entire weekend of exciting activities, especially our visiting guests from overseas.

The weekend of activities are to include a welcome party and a Father’s Day beach party, Thompson said.

He said organisers, in the meatime, have begun ‘working with local hotels, Customs and Immigrations agents, ferry operators, and several airlines’ to ensure persons have the “most enjoyable” visitor experience while in the BVI.

Tickets are being sold online at

Buju, whose given name is Mark Myrie, will begin his tour in his homeland Jamaica this month before moving on to The Bahamas, Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados, Suriname, the BVI, St Kitts, and Germany.

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  1. anything goes in the BVI says:

    How can a criminal be allowed/welcomed on our shores and to make money at that?

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    • Yow Yow says:

      People like you “anything goes in the BVI” are so mentally blocked from common sense and a “d$$n lunatic. Mind you, BVI full of blasted criminals! FULL!! in and outta prison!

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      • @ Yow Yow says:

        You must be Jamaican. We have people who are on the stop list for doing crime here and others who are denied work permits and Visas to visit here because of criminal records.

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    • Rest Haven for HOES says:

      Same reason your mother wasn’t penalized for NOT swallowing you.

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      • Lilly says:

        I must say this because I know it will not be allowed to hit the post but I want to get a message to BVI news.

        You guys refuse to put up sensible posts if you disagree with the contents and allow something like this written by someone called “rest Haven for HOES”. I am ashamed of you. This shows how bias you guys can be and how much you encourage and favour hypocrisy. That post is rude and filthy.

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    • Pig Head Souse says:

      …just as your name implies.

    • Legal says:

      I. Don’t think immigration will allow him to enter.

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    • BVIslander says:

      Welcome Buju, over the years you have given us so many positive examples of how we should live and love through your music. We love you!!

    • anon says:

      get the fact right. it was more of a wrong place wrong time kinda thing. plus it was a non violent crime. di man never kill nubody fight nuhbody. some dealings did happen between some people that he was chillin with and he happened to be there. and then the song driver. so thing did look a way.

  2. For real says:

    Any thing goes you blogging like an idiot we live among criminals every day as a matter of fact those with out sin cast the first stone, done talk.

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  3. Facts says:

    Is this a joke ?is there provision in our laws that allowed artist’s special previlage to enter the bvi with immigration officials knowing that such artist commit serious crime and serve years in prison. Isn’t this called double standard. When other people especially Caribbean national’s are denied entry into this country for far last criminal offence . We need to start take the bvi government to court and this is a serious matter.this singer is a known criminal so you cannot say you didn’t know.i have no grudge against this artist or any other for that matter but right is cannot denied one set of people and allowing another set.this has far reaching implications.

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    • @ facts says:

      Is he coming to live! No.. Criminals from other caribbean Islands want to take up residence in our country.

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    • Rest Haven for HOES says:

      Anybody that uses the phrase “this has far reaching implications” is a hater, brooding and a prune. Anglo Saxon

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    • Lawyer says:

      Nelson Mandella was hailed for 25 years for terrorism and he became president of the same country that jailed him. Soldiers kill innocent civilians and are called heroes. There are mps in England that serve time and return to active political life after serving jail time. Buju was jailed for a conspiracy that was triggered by the gay community hatred of his antigay stance.
      Yes. We live in a double standard world.

  4. Facts says:

    I agree we live amoung criminals but i dont think that the authorities know for a fact and allowed them entry .this immigration issue is a serious issue and need to be dealt with within the first two years of any new government. It has gotton out of hand and need serious reign in.i am an expatriate and would also be but what i see is allowed in this country it is a shame that everyone afraid to tackle suggestion is to let the criminal records office in the expatriate home country or wherever that person coming here may have lived provide the immigration authorities here with that person criminal record. So in events that occur here in the past that country would be liable for any fraud .people are altering those criminal records.i have proof of it.for the record this is for people coming here to work. Immigration in this little country need to to be dealt with urgently.

  5. true says:

    can’t get a work permit for someone who was caught selling a little weed 10yrs ago but he can get a work permit straight out of jail after a coke bust!

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  6. BIG QUESTION says:

    I agree with “anything goes in the bvi”…..Why should we be welcoming deportees to our shores to do shows??

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  7. Observer says:

    That’s the problem with some of you folks. Nothing is wrong with coming out of prison and making a comeback…its not the end it’s a new beginning and I welcome him to our shores….great

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    • Kali says:

      We would welcome Buju, but when our people are released from prison they have h**l to fit back into society and cannot find jobs. Buju is a h**l of an entertainer and I love he is able to portray his art, but I do not think laws should be bent to accommodate him.

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      • Rest Haven for HOES says:

        You know it’s because most of them read on a primary level right? Jail never stop an educated person or one with a trade from rejoining working society.

  8. Hodges says:

    @ true…. That’s life in the world we live in. Playing field NOT level.

    • mercy! says:

      If you were in his or her shoes, wont you be happy if God and man gave you a second, third-thousand chance to redeem yourself? “selah”

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  9. double standards says:

    Do we need a criminal to boost our tourism product? Might as well we legalize ganja and gambling same time?

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  10. Eagle eye says:

    By rite he should not be performing here for selling coke.if it was weed,yes.

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  11. Facts says:

    The problem is the authorities had and continues to stop people especially Caribbean national’s with less serious offence from entering this country .why is this guy different from the others.we are only blogging but i doubt this matter has gotton to the head of immigration and the premier.the promoters are only promoting and more that likely are not going to be allowed to bring in an international criminal to the bvi.he cannot enter the usa again legally and we denied him entry our tourism is going to fall so got to be a joke.

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  12. Odd says:

    This is indeed a strange message to be sending to the world.
    This guy is a known homophobe and drug felon.
    Does the really want to reinforce this stereotype the world currently holds of us in the region.
    I can’t imagine this would actually prove a boost to tourism, in fact I think it’ll will have a negative effect.
    Maybe the BVI will invite R. Kelly next…. why hold back at drugs and homophobia, you may as well get a paedophile to promote the territory also?

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  13. Love Punnay Bad says:


  14. Wow says:

    Wow just wow. So much backlash for a man who has already paid for his crimes. At least in my opinion he has. It’s funny how some of you will be at his concert. But that is none of my business right?

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