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Buju Banton to be first guest of Quito’s Inn | Reggae star books entire hotel

International reggae star Buju Banton and his entourage will be the first guests of the newly constructed Quito’s Inn in Cane Garden Bay.

Owner of the establishment Quito Rymer said the celebrity reggae artiste is slated to arrive in the British Virgin Islands days before his ‘Long Walk to Freedom’ show slated for June 15 at the festival village in Road Town.

“They are booking the whole hotel and it feels awesome. We are very excited about it,” Rymer told BVI News on Wednesday.

“I love his music and have always been one of his fans,” added Rymer who is also a local artiste.

Luxury accommodation, catering to a different crowd

Meanwhile, Rymer said the new beach-chic inn is to cater to a diverse circle of travellers to the territory.

“Years ago, I found out that everybody’s competing for the same clientele. And, I listened to people’s conversations, and I realized that people are looking for a different kind of experience and it’s nothing wrong with what we have, but we all had pretty much the same,” he said.

“So when we decided to do this property, we decided that based on what we have been hearing from visitors, we needed to bring it up a notch and make something for every level of traveller. So we decided to do this and make it a little higher end,” Rymer said.

21 suites

The inn — located a stone throw away from the acclaimed Cane Garden Bay beach — has a total of 21 rooms all named after Quito’s songs. The rooms are made up of six oceanfront suites, three penthouse suites, and 12 junior suites.

The four-level inn is also equipped with a pool, conference room, gym, spa, offices and parking.

“Our rooms are all suites, each one has its own kitchenette, and balcony and they have really nice sturdy furnishings,” said Kimberly Rymer, wife of Quito Rymer who was also was the interior designer. 

“So, when people come in, the rooms don’t have one, two like everybody else, people know just about all my songs, and those who don’t know will know them now,” Rymer said while explaining why he named the suites after his songs.

“It will be a total vacation even in the rooms you have to feel like you are still on Cane Garden Bay beach,” he said.

Despite having had an open house tour last weekend, the inn is still undergoing some necessary tweaking to begin welcoming guests.

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  1. Nice says:

    Nice for these two and CGB. I wondered where he would be staying. So appropriate given who Quito is in the music industry. CGB is going to be enveloped in an even bigger cloud of Mary-J’s puffery next weekend :)).

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  2. well sah says:

    We here spreading the red carpet for a deported convicted criminal…What message are we sending to the youth of the BVI???? Look how the BVI is worshiping this man!!!! We hardly do things for the lord…Instead of giving thanks to the lord for sparing us for the upcoming hurricane season, we are here praising this deported jamaican…ONLY IN THE BVI

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    • Wow says:

      Have you never made a mistake. Do you not have a past. If anything it teaches our youth that their past doesn’t always dictate their future.

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      • Well said says:

        Why do we always hold people to their past and not forgive them.

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        • Forgiveness says:

          Yeah everyone in BVI has sinned , looters not yet brought to justice, stealing politicians not convicted, cheating partners happily going to church, rapists getting months instead of years. Let’s forgive…

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        • Candy says:

          Resumes are past experiences and they are what people get hired on. In essence, your past experiences also determine your future.

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          • @Candy says:

            Even convicts have rehabilitation programs while in and after being released from prison to help them get hired after their release

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      • What? says:

        You you call crime mistake. Mistakes are never premeditated Mistakes are the things we do not reazing the consequences. Children make mistakes, not adults. Would you say it is a mistake when you deliberately break the laws despite all warnings?

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        • Yes says:

          Yes, even that is a mistake. The vilest offender who truly believes, a pardon from Jesus he too will receive. Isn’t that what you sing in church?

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      • Was that really needed? says:

        I do understand the value in marketing this newly built inn but was it really needed to broadcast where the man is staying? That could have been done after he leaves. I guess it’s okay to just give out artist hotel information. Maybe I have worked in the Hotel industry for way too long.

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        • @was that really needed... says:

          No worries. He is not staying there. Renting it for entourage does not mean he, his camily and closest colleagues are staying there. Fact.

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          • Read says:

            The article clearly says, “International reggae star Buju Banton AND his entourage will be the first GUESTS of the newly constructed Quito’s Inn in Cane Garden Bay.”

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        • @was that really needed says:

          Quito’s was wrong for broadcasting that. I am very disappointed that he would do such a thing without thinking about security issues for both the artist and himself.

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        • Let’s see says:

          @was that really need. Maybe the promoter can clear things up if permission was given to publicize that info. Can the media find out?

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    • SKA says:

      To @well sah go have a seat from taking p**s

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    • reply says:

      lol you vex man

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      • Positive vibes says:

        Thankful for the upcoming short term revenue to the BVI. I Just hope and pray that all goes smooth and safely.

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    • Lol says:

      You sound so idiotic I don’t think you deserve to be named idiot.

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    • @well sah says:

      U sound like a wanna be christian the bible say forgive 70 x7 and u as a person u only see d negative in people who are u to judge u talk about wat message we sending for young people but wat hav u urself done to send a message beside tell people go chruch its so amazing how u compare buju yet in d churches alot of people dat come here claiming to be pastors and preacher are people who have been thru dat life and worse and some are also convicts dat repent and baptise yet u act dem in ur chruch and u worship dem cax day cum frm africa and etc so ways d difference if buju was cuming to sing in ur church u and everyone like u wud of been the first to be there and u wud be encoraging everyone to cum in one or ur crusade now sit done and shut up and hear dis according to ur same bible every thing happens for a reason and there is a season for every thing for every thing dat u see happening is already pre written for us god know everthing before it happen caz he wrot it its just there waiting so if tortola has to get hit by another hurricane it doesnt matter how much d people here repent and praise god it will still happen so go to church and learn

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    • SMH says:

      @well sah! Why don’t you gwan go long? Are you without sin? Focus on a more positive images and try not to view others reasoning.

    • Hodgie says:

      Let he who’s without sun cast the first stone. The Jamaica people and the rest of the world already forgiven him. So who are we not to forgive?

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    • Green Cup says:

      Bet you one of those self righteous christians who believe you have authority to talk down to people. Everybody who has an iota of common sense and consciousness know that Buju was incarcerated on trumped up charges by a cynical group of evil people. And no, it’s not “only in the BVI”. It’s all over the caribbean where he is a champion of the poor. Every four years you all campaign and vote for people who do far worse crimes to mankind. Leave Buju alone…

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    • Mr.Entrepreneur says:

      We’re sending a message that we’re all humans, made really bad mistakes but if it’s in us, give us a chance to be the best us yet. It’s mindset like youths that’s dangerous. Remember who Jesus help the most. This is a great example for our children.

    • Shaka B says:

      Please go an jump off Roadtown warf and drown yourself.

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    • Anonymous says:

      Why you hating? Why you jealous? And why you so angry? BUJU TO THE WORLD, PUT THAT IN YOUR PIPE AND SMOKE IT.

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    • Lyrics says:

      Well Sah sing along to these positive lyrics

      Destiny by Buju Banton

      There was good and evil. we chose good
      Why raise the time of the most high
      His sons of men

      The rich man’s wealth is in the city. yeah
      Destruction of the poor is his poverty. Lord
      Destruction of your soul is vanity. yeah, ay, yeah
      Do you hear.
      I and I, I wanna rule my destiny. yeah
      I and I, I wanna rule my destiny.

      Destiny, mama look from when you call me
      Destiny, mama look from when you calling
      I wanna rule my destiny
      Yeah, yeah oh help I please
      Jah Jah mek mi rule my destiny.

      I’ve been blessed I’ve been touch
      I love Jah so much
      They keep fighting me I’m not giving up
      May the realms of Zion fill my spiritual cup
      Wisdom overstanding must never be too much
      Give I protection Day and night
      From even the pestilence that war get a daylight

      Cast away their cords from us, Lord.
      You have them in the region in the valley of decision
      Restraining the heathen with a rod of iron
      You know not the destiny of a next man
      Why hold him set him free for too long
      I, I wanna rule my destiny
      Oh yeah, I & I really wanna rule my destiny
      Hear me call call call

      My destination is homeward bound
      Though forces try to hold I down
      Breaking chains has become the norm
      I know I must get through no matter what a gwaan

      Destiny, mama look from when you calling
      Destiny, mama look from when you calling
      I wanna rule my destiny
      Lord, & I tell you once more

      The rich man’s wealth is in the city. oh
      Destruction of the poor is our poverty. yeah
      Destruction of your soul is vanity. wooooy
      Do you hear, Do you hear

      Destiny, Destiny

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    • Double Standards says:

      There’s a clothing store that goes by a biblical name on the east side of the island one minute advertising about church events and another about black and white clothing arriving just in time for a secular event. This all while up on a pulpit speaking in tongues.

      Well sah clean up your back yard and windows so you could see the mess right in front you before flinging stones at the reggae artist.

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    • He that is without sin says:

      You so called fake Christian….he that is without son cast the first stone. Do your research! One of the worlds most wanted and STILL WANTED by the US. Is a BVILANDER …I dont hear you protesting about his good example for the youth?

    • So Call says:

      How can you profess to love the Lord but cannot love your brother who you can see. What is the second commandment? Buju was setup by a powerful group and being foolish, greedy and gullible he fell for it and paid the price with his freedom.

    • GOD says:


    • Billfargo says:

      Well! You just go ahead and worship and do your thing for your imaginary Lord up in the sky and leave other people business alone, and you will be just fine……….I am a living while I am living to my Father and Mother I will forever be greatful!

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    • @ well sah says:

      You do not know half of the story why this gentleman was incarcerated. Apparently, he did not play by the rules in the US music industry as his music was enlightening others about what was really going on in the world by the global elite and their rich, famous and influential puppets. As a result, the criminal charge related to drugs was used to shut down his rise in the music industry. If he rise again, TPTB will come after him again like they did to John Lennon, Jimmy Hendrix, Bob Marley, Lucky Dube, Tupac Shakur, Michael Jackson, and many others who spoke out and whose songs captured the attention of others of TPTB deeds and cause others to think and act different instead of being dumbed down.

      Well sah, you need to stop thinking so small minded and become more widely read. The divisiveness is what the global elite want among us while they slowly morally degrade and physically depopulate humanity for their own self preservation. Please read and research Genesis 6, Jude, 2nd Peter, the Book of Enoch and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, Henry Kissinger former USA Secretary of State April 1974 National Security memo 200 on depopulation and eugenics, UN agenda 2030, UN 21, mandatory REAL ID in the USA by Dec 31, 2020, mandatory roll out of 5G internet service in the USA by Dec 31, 2020, undue pressure by the EU, OECD, and UK Parliament for public registers of companies on British Overseas Territories in the Caribbean by 2020. Most of all and think about it, that the BVI is the largest registry of companies in the world while the UK is trying to the leave the EU with a deal to continue hassle free trade. Please WELL SAH, do more reading and research and learn how to connect the dots.

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    • Only us says:

      I know a lot not agree. But it each his own.
      You did not say any thing wrong…
      These comments just show the mentality of people.

      What a list lost world we live in…..

    • The living tribunal says:

      Let he who is without sin cast the first stone

    • strupess says:

      I bet if it was your son or daughter who big in music or what ever talent you would of wanted society to give your child a next chance at life and at their career!! you have to be one of those bad minded Christians.

    • Woman at the Well says:

      Jesus said that he who was without sin cast the first stone, and when no one threw a stone, he asked the woman where were her accusers, then he told her He loved her, despite her sin and to go and not repeat her sins anymore. You can learn a lesson….if you are so spotless, when he comes, you pick up the first stone and throw it.

      Is the man not allowed to move on from his sin? to walk his straight path? or is it that he should not being given the opportunity to earn a living, doing an honest days work and getting an honest day’s pay? should society shun him, so that in order to survive, he goes back and does the wrong thing, no matter what that wrong thing is? just to eat and survive?

      thou hypocrite!

  3. Wise up says:

    @well sah u sound so stupid buju have been to
    Most Caribbean countries recently and most people love his songs and by Mr rhymer promoting his hotel what’s the big deal,before he went to jail he was a big singer,we all make mistakes unless u are a saint.haters

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  4. lol says:

    Rasta supporting rasta—————-JAH RASTAFARI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  5. ..... says:


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  6. granny says:

    A pig in the palace ?

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  7. No nonsense says:

    @well sah, he ain’t no different to dem who preach to you on Sunday’s and dem sitting next to you in the pew. Go shut up! Think on Buju’s positives in the BVI. Bvi on the map positively, revenues….!

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    • wow says:

      Wha positive? All for the sake of money

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      • @wow says:

        Is he singing any harmful negative songs?
        Do you watch movies/tv shows listen to songs that have absolutely nothing to do with positivity just for entertainment

        So what’s your point again?

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  8. Make sense says:

    Well sah, if we had more of this high level activities… The island would be thanking God more than praying for help. Icing on the cake, Everyone is earning a honest dollar. Encourage instead of put ppl down. God is for us all.

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  9. Meh Son says:

    You sound nasty and bitter!

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  10. Rolling Eyes says:

    The same Lord you speak of spoke of forgiveness. Who are you to judge? If we pull back the curtains on your closet, what would we see?Time for you to brush up on your Bible.

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    • What? says:

      We judge things but we dont judge people. it takes judgement for you to tell someone that he is wrong or write. If I cannot tell you that you are wrong, then the whole world would be a judge. When a person errs and turns a new leaf, then, focus should shift from his past to his present

  11. @well sah says:

    We know people don’t do this much for Jesus. They find fault and make excuses. They don’t big up or go all out for Jesus. If you were anything like Jesus you would know that what Buju did and served time for shouldn’t be hung over his head if he’s remorseful and changing his ways. Don’t be self righteous.

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  12. GOD Is Love says:

    You Talk About Spreading Love For Deported Criminal.. Yes, He Did A Crime And He Also Did His Time. Whatever Happen To “Love Each Other As GOD Loves Us” My Friend Are You Without Sin?.. GOD Is Not Happy With That Comment.

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  13. GOD Is Love says:

    Stop Worrying About What people Not Doing For JESUS And Do Your Part ..

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  14. Blind to History? says:

    Wonder if “he” will be the last local nd Black owner of that “prime real estate?’

    Dem sure know how fe worm dem way in fe control then ownership. An once dem get e, ah dem fe good. No more local will be owning that.

    Dem first come as a lone scout, then before long, well, history never lie.

    Another prime locally owned business spot, in time, will not be owned by locals.

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  15. BA says:

    Well say you too bright go sit down. Gosh!!!!

  16. The Reaper says:

    Until he got caught. He was doing it a long time Driver Don’t stop at all. Green like Grass Brown like chocolate.I But he wouldn’t sing ? That one tho.

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  17. Shaka B says:

    @ well sah Please go an jump off Roadtown warf with a cylinder block in hand and drown yourself…chat bout!!!

  18. Man in the Mirror says:

    well sah you sound like a know it all. All this talk about a lord put some respect on the Lord name. Check that heart of yours. Those are some vengeful words

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  19. Wiw says:

    Hotels should never divulge who their guests are.

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    • @wiw says:

      Not if permission was given, within the accommodation negotiations, too do so for promotional reasons. How do you know?

      • @wiw says:

        Are you suggesting that this was done? I fail to believe that would be in a contract without an artist’ agreeing to that. If you guys realize Buju has not done any interview on past concerts. So it is unlikely that he wants that kind of attention.

    • @WIw says:

      You J****ss, hotels does that with permission from the person who is staying at the hotel.

  20. Forgiven says:

    Those without sin cast the first stone. A lot of you going to church and say you praying and have no forgiveness but as they say even the devil go to church. God did not condemn Buju so why should we. Listening to buju music is sometimes better than listening to some of you so call Christian who sex out of marriage and on Sunday morning going out to take communion. I’m a fan of buju and I fear God too but have you ever sit down and listen to some of his music before you condemn. As buju would say if you can’t say you are sorry then you have a problem in life. Start casting your stone but make sure you look in the mirror please

  21. One eye fowl cock says:

    Gay pride jump up coming nextthose so call Christians no invitation need just walk out the closet

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    • So true says:

      I call them the Christians trapped in the closet, nuff of them is talking and condeming the LGBT’s, and they are doing the same thing on the DL. What a bunch of hypocrites.

  22. What’s the difference? says:

    Between Marley,Ruggs,Wailer,Cliff,Hill,Gramps,Luciano,Issacs,Brown,
    Mcgregor……..and Buju? Simple all of them could sing..

  23. @well sah says:

    For your information we are not worshipping buju. Sometimes you need some buju in your life because people like you who think you are perfect is the real demon. You only pray and thank God when Hurricane season come so what are you doing the rest of the 6 months. You here condemning people. Also this is not only in the bvi, poor you, you need to enlighten yourself.

  24. YOLO says:

    Big up your self Mr Rhymer u come along way

    • @YOLO says:

      an if hhe ain careful and wise, all he labour and scarifice will be gone to non local Black.

      Ho know know the nature of . and history of the beast, knows the beast.

      Hope he woke.

  25. The Reaper says:

    Who all talking we need some Buju in We life. I know Buju didn’t woke me up This morning tho. Facts,,and if you’ll
    Going the too show Who give u the chance yo go. Buju or The most High Tell Me. Al of we need Jesus. ??

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  26. Please stop the B***s**t says:

    I am sick and tired of you people who is always putting the lord’s name in your drama. Not one of us on this earth is Perfect. What you all need to do is start learning how to really mind your business and give your closet a good cleaning. Bet you will see the true demons flying out those closets. Stop being So judgemental towards people.

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  27. Not In This BVI says:

    @Fowl you better take that gay pride crap and burn it.

    Tired of you people dot dotting BVi “…BVI” whenever another country does something like we’re supposed to be copycats

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  28. Why, why, why? says:


    Though the wicked persecute I, still my heart has love.
    Oh my head’s anointed with the powers of love

    Though the wicked persecute I with envy and grudge, still my heart has love
    Oh my head’s anointed with the powers of love

    Every human being have angels and demons within them, and the ones who pretend to think they are more “holier than thou” – are the most demonic.

    Can we ever be helped?
    There is POWER in LOVE.

    Can we all just relax in the comfort of Forgiveness and GRACE for a moment, and just listen to ourselves.

  29. Ausar says:

    Congrats, Mr. and Mrs. Enriquito Rymer on this inaugural feat!

    Buju Banto in the bay?

    This is a great day for Cane Garden Bay and the BVI!

    For it was not too long ago, Quito,that you and your business was supposed to be considered an afterthought in the Bay.

    But today, you reign supreme! And you are the King of the Bay!

    The Bible is correct in that “the first shall be last, and the last shall be first”!

    Congrats, again, to you Quito and Kim!

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  30. Pop says:

    Totlan think that they are the most righteous more than anyone else. They hate hate people. They hate to see expats shine more than them……and this is fact.

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    • @POP says:

      So correct.As a American,they hate us also. Let them rock, they are their own worst enemy. That is why they will always stay in the backwards rut that they are in. Let them rock on the hatred that they have against anyone that is not from Tortola. Their famous words is I BAWNNN YA.

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    • @Pop says:

      Because we the expats will always shine like a Diamond. We are the under dogs in the BVI,the under dogs always come out on top.

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      • @Pop says:

        I say let them continue to marinate on the hatred they have towards the outsiders and dunk in the hatred sauce. Being American, they hate us but when it is time to have their children, see a good Doctor,shop and so on, they run to the same American Country that they hate. If it was up to me,when they land in ST.Thomas off the ferry on their way to the above mentioned, I would send them right back on the ferry to the BVI. Bunch of hypocrites. They don’t like us but they comming to the USA for services.

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    • Bag of crap says:

      Talk the truth. Expats, Americans and the world hate BVI people. Let us be great!

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      • AMERICA says:


    • why? says:

      Why are you among these people that you obviously hate? Why are you so bitter? Why do you stay when you should go? Why?????????????????????

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  31. I said it says:

    You all need to stop hateing on that handsome chocolate man. Buju is one fine eye candy.

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  32. American Woman says:

    My BFF and I are flying in from Coral Gables for the show. Yeah, Americans love Reggae music.

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    • Sure Skippy says:

      Yep, American people love them some Reggae music. Another thing here in America,for some reason, the women in America like Jamacian men.

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  33. Sing with me says:

    The man push cocane and get praised
    Let a local man push and get lock up
    When free lol haha he will get treated like a dog such is life

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    • Hush says:

      How much local man get lock up and on Govt Boards, Political Party committees/on-stage supporters, in music bands, getting Govt contracts and I could go on and on

    • @Sing with me says:


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      • Im singing says:

        He done have he millions off the cocane hahah and he still pushing and he go come take my money for see he

        If a person go jail people will always watch he with 4 eyes

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        • @I'm singing says:

          So how you know that. Learn how to mind your dissing business. F**k, go clean your F***ing dirty closet and stay out of people S**t. Stay your 4 eyes A** in your rock hole concert night and marinate on the hatred sauce and listen to hootie and the blowfish I only wanna be with you.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Yes leave the damn man alone he is not asking you for a damn thing look what you have done and no body talking about it Haha hah Haha enjoy your life while you can bless up.

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  35. BA says:

    Yes leave the damn man alone he is not asking you for a damn thing look what you have done and no body talking about it Haha hah Haha enjoy your life while you can bless up.

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  36. Son of the soil says:

    Flying in from the UK for this one. Hate can’t overcome love. Thanks to all who making this show possible. Will be a great one to remember. Love and hate can never be friends……

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  37. And I bet says:

    All the so called christians who is on line saying we are worshipping BUJU, will be behind closed doors concert night shaking their tail feathers on the down low when he start singing. You so called christains in the BVI is something else.

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    • Follower of Christ says:

      I am a Christian and see nothing wrong with singing and dancing to uplifting music including some of Buju’s, Bob Marley’s, and Jimmy Cliff’s music etc. and I do not have to hide to do it. It is not every song that I would sing or dance to depending on the context.

      Whether or not I decide to go to the show I do not require anyone’s approval.

  38. Look trouble says:

    Thank God for these news outlet so all of us angry people can vent.

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  39. Will says:

    Let a famous take the gold not a regular person lol

  40. Will says:

    Let a famous person take the gold not a regular person lol

  41. Eagle eye says:

    Who buju coming to sing to after selling coke? wouldn’t be feeling his vybz because he was singing one thing and doing the I will gladly enjoy the rest artists.

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    • Hodgie says:

      Dont talk for us the majority. You’re just one hater. Buju is who makes the show possible. Please don’t come out to the venue. You won’t be miss.

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  42. mercy!!! says:

    @well sah…I love the lord! you know why? he is a God of 2nd chance, 3rd chance-10000 plus chances! when we fall, his mercy which are new every day, gives us a chance to get back up! may God bless you Buju, and bless the works of your hands!

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  43. well damn says:

    @well sah.if you were walking in his shoes, wont you want God and man to have mercy on you? yesterday was his day today maybe yours! don’t be foolish! do justly, show mercy and walk humble!

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  44. the devil is a liar says:

    we all sin! their is no perfect man on earth! don’t hold no man hostage to their short comings! learn to love and forgive!@well sah be real! if we shake your mango tree good and bad will fall from it!

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  45. @eagle eye says:

    O please. The amount of ticket done sell . Please don’t come and tell the other haters don’t come because u won’t be be miss . I want some breeze to blow on me so don’t come I will have more space to dance

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    • Hmmm says:

      Go and enjoy your convicted criminal who apologize for boom bye bye while selling coke.nuf of y’all ain’t real the truth hurts.NEXT

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    • ST.Croix says:

      You local people in the BVI is so fake and hypocritial, you all comming down on BUJU and you have a man from Tortola that is on the FEDS radar that you all are covering for and protecting. You people are some sick,manulapiting, dangerious evil people.

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  46. Buju Advocate says:

    “Long Walk to Freedom, BVI Short talk to captivity”

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    • Word to the wise says:

      Go read the book “Long Walk to Freedom”. Its about Nelson Mandela, not Buju.

      Mandela’s story is far superior to Buju’s… Mandela was in jail for his people, but Buju…I have no idea what for…he didn’t change the world by serving time in prison. I hope he doesn’t think he can change BVI with an expensive show…only if he going leave a few fathers broke, and cant pay their child support bill this month.

  47. bunch ah crooks says:

    ayo had want to crucify bob sledge and miller them but here now praising buju

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  48. aplus says:

    Buju soft…All that time in JAL…couldn’t self pen an album..Buju is belng played bring back revenue..SK..Tola..better he Dan duty kartel

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  49. Nashville, Tennessee says:

    When we visit the BVI in early Fall, we are planning to stay at Quito’s. Love the decor and it is only steps to the beach. Mrs. Rymer, your decorating skills is on point.

  50. ££££££££ says:

    All you set of fake Christians in the BVI need to check yourselves. Up in the church every Sunday screaming and carrying on. Most of you messing with people husbands and wives in the same churchs you attends. They need to hose you all down with some Florida and Holy water. You will see all the demons escaping in the air. Bunch of church going demons always acting like they are so Holy.Some of you church people are the worst demons out here. Fake,judgemental hypocrites.

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    • @£££££ says:

      Honey child don’t class Florida water with Holy Water.

      While you’re busy spewing hate take the log out of your eye before judging church goers. Maybe if you studied the Word more you’d understand why your words are hypocritical.

      Florida water is a staple in Hoodoo, Voodoo, Santeria and Wicca practices. This is directly from their website.

      People perish for a lack of knowledge.

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  51. Shame says:

    Welcome to the concrete jungle!
    All that concrete and tile and chrome and glass.
    The hotel is a tacky ugly eyesore. It sticks out like a sore thumb. Not a single nod to it’s beautiful surroundings or the natural BVI environment. You might as well be in Miami or Hong Kong.
    It’s so sad to see this is the way the BVI is going. There will be nothing but concrete everywhere in a BVI soon

  52. Disruption says:

    Why does this concert have to cause so much changes in the Capital? No use of a parking garage lot for 3 days for people who have to work theor everyday jobs, and customers at these businesses that we have to depend on long after the buju gone.

    Why couldn’t they have the concert at the Elissa Thomas downs. was good enough for a grand Gospel concert not so long ago. And there’s plenty parking there.

    Who makes these half cooked decisions I wonder?

  53. musa says:

    bvi need no jail ,,no laws lets forgive and move on see most of us have faith in the bible.

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