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Burial protocols to be released soon

Protocols for mourners who have to bury their loved ones amid the territory’s existing restrictions are expected to be released shortly, government officials have said.

The BVI has experienced more than 20 COVID-related deaths since the beginning of the current COVID-19 spike that has seen more than 1,500 people recently testing positive for the virus.

Health Minister Carvin Malone said on public radio Tuesday night that there was a weekend meeting with the coroner after many persons expressed concern about how they will be able to bury their loved ones.

He said the coroner met with entities including the police, BVI Health Service Authority, Civil Registry, Department of Disaster Management, Health Ministry officials and the Chief Medical Officer to discuss details related to the proper protocols for burials at this time.

According to Malone, details on this are expected to be revealed sometime today or Thursday, July 22.

“There is nothing that is going to be worse than to live through this (COVID-19 deaths) and then not have the proper rites in terms of how we address this,” Malone said.

He added that the issue of getting burials started is critical. The minister offered that these need to be done in a way that is pleasing to all parties concerned.

Half-dozen more COVID deaths recorded!

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  1. Really says:

    The horse already out the barn so why only NOW they having meeting on how to deal with persons who have died from COVID?

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    • @ Really says:

      It truly is very sad. Since the unfortunate passing of our first COVID victim last year (bless her soul), these things should have already been in place and fine tuned, so that in the unlikely event that we had more deaths, we’d be well prepared for them. The victims’ families and friends need closure and I pray that the officials will be able to make the process as comfortable as possible for all affected.

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    • Beach bum says:

      With Stuffed Chicken cooling out on the beach and throwing shade at people, while covid swept through our territory….are we really surprised?

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    • J.Malone says:

      Typical of the BVI, we always practicing after the race has been run and won, we are a nation of embicile.

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    • 1EYE says:

      There was no need. They provided vaccines which prevent serious life threatening illness and render the covid strain to a simple flu if not completely symptomless. Had 85% of the population taken it then life and tourism could’ve been back by now. So were they guilty of not having a plan B based on BVI ignorance? Maybe so, but their plan A was brilliant and exactly what every other developed nation did.

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      • PPLEAEEE says:

        in case you don’t know, it have vac in the morgue and non vac in the morgue and in graves all around the world. stop it!

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  2. More crap says:

    This is ridiculous. These guys cannot plan anything. You want to tell me that they had no one working on this issue? Unbelievable!

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  3. Gravedigger says:

    May as well wait and dig one mass grave when all is said and done.

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  4. PT9 says:

    The Andrew Fahie government is the worse government the BVI has ever elected, can’t plan on anything if their lives depended on it, and when they do plan they have to replan.

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  5. Anju hitler says:

    2 years to plan and ayo wait till the folks start dropping. Stop waiting for stuff to happen make sure you steps ahead

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  6. SMH says:


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  7. Cemetary says:

    Bury them in the Covid cemetery next to the cholera cemetery in Road Town. Keep the disease graves together, don’t scatter the Covid graves all over the BVI.

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    • Wow says:

      You can really post something so insensitive knowing the amount of family in the BVI who are grieving the lost of their loved ones? Wow.

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      • Reality says:

        Another option is Cremation which, in my opinion is practical and safest.
        Reality is that the virus is deadly,contagious and doesnt die with the deceased.

      • But says:

        The VI is not equipped for Cremation.
        Bodies would have to be shipped to Puerto Rico or further,for that process.
        With a massive grave, the possibility of contamination would be better contained.
        There is not much room for sensitivity in this decisionn.

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  8. Slow says:

    This Government is honestly just too slow…. Andrew had lots saying on the opposition side he is better off there.

    Chupes why even bother, I am just tired or this government.

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  9. W.E. Man says:

    This is not a government that plans ahead, this is a not a Government that anticipates catastrophes before they happen, this is not a Government that applies risk management. This is a Government that tells us all to pray to the almighty to fix the consequences of their lack of vision, we are all doomed.

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  10. ???? says:

    Everytime i read these comments from overseas, it comes accross as if most of you just have such dark thoughts about everyone and everything.

    You all are in the midst of a Pandemic, you have the COI, Anti-vaxxers, death rate increases, etc… Can you all cut your country’s leadership some slack for once? They are human beings too and they are just trying to do the best they can within the confines of what they can control.

    It is some of you the very same people that are criticizing them, that contributed to the existing problems. Your comments are giving me stress headaches. Are you all lives just so filled with hate and negativity that you can’t see the seriouness and struggles in this situation and what you all are up against.

    THIS IS THE TIME TO SUPPORT YOUR LEADERS WHETHER YOU LIKE THEM OR NOT! Come on maan all hands on deck and clapsed for prayers if you beleive in God. If you don’t then chant for some positive energy and curtailment of the virus. Help you team arrest this virus…you will be helping yourself also. Love and prayers to and for you all!

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    • Complain... says:

      That’s all you people do. The government is having a tough time. They did very well initially all the constituents do is complain. It’s annoying‼️ Try to be supporting, helpful and a bit more positive sheesh.

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    • i agree says:

      The way these people chew and eat up there own people is very distrubing to me. The ministers are human beings to, my lord they dont have all the answers. The minute they try to do something positive these ungratful people ready to slater them, smh.

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      • @ i agree says:

        Though we have our human and other problems with each other, in case you have not noticed, the vast majority of comments and thumbs up/down favoring or disfavoring a particular comment are white group/club generated. Well over 90% of them are it appears.

        What you are witnessing is a group of people with engrained hate and prejudice for another group of people, venting those maladies through this site especially, and the current administration body of men and women present them with a target at which to speew their venom and hatred..

        Of course they will try to deny the evident truths.

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    • Billy says:

      West Indians are negative people culturally. Only since you left the Caribbean you realised that?

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    • FACTS says:

      AMEN……Well Said brethren

  11. The TRUTH says:

    If you take these paid bloggers seriously. All they need is a sniff of an article that could be construed as halfway negative for the gov’t and here they come snarling EVERY DAY. I guess if they just dug a huge mass grave like Hart Island in America, they would be pleased right? How about that planning?

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  12. :) says:

    The government did not anticipate that people would refuse a free vaccine even when they saw thousands dying around the world. Government made plans to get the vaccine, plans to close borders, cancel cruise ships, plans to shutdown bars and nightclubs, planned curfews, made plans to feed those that couldn’t afford food during the lockdown, planned weekly covid updates, made plans that every establishment had to have a place to wash hands and sanitize, planned no mask no service and all yall had to plan was which day or place to take the free vaccine.

  13. CEMETERY says:


  14. Anonymous says:

    So very typical. Let us create havoc then run around in circles in a flurry in pretense of damage control and getting done.
    Repeat cycle.

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  15. Pity says:

    The truth is I very rarely visit this news sight because all I read here is people snarling, ranting and foaming at the mouth. Too much anger, it is depressing

  16. Lisa says:

    Is there a morgue in the BVI for covid deaths and non covid? Just asking.

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