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Business complex in Pockwood Pond catches fire

Firefighters try to out the blaze inside a section of the R&R Complex next to DMV in Pockwood Pond. (Photo provided)

A section of the R&R Malone Complex in Pockwood Pond reportedly caught on fire on Saturday evening, April 14.

A burning glow and clouds of smoke could be seen rising through the windows on one of the structures on the complex.

The blaze appeared to be on the second floor of the building.

Details of how the fire started are not yet clear. But, the fire department has responded to the scene and was seen trying to out the blaze.

There have been unconfirmed reports that a man sustained burns from the Pockwood Pond fire.

Meanwhile, the R&R Malone Complex houses a number of business establishments including the government-owned Department of Motor Vehicles; more commonly known as the DMV.

Our news centre will provide more information when it becomes available.

Smoke from the fire inside a section of the R&R Complex next to DMV in Pockwood Pond. (Photo provided)

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  1. GM says:

    The fire department need more fire fighting tools

  2. Galloway says:

    Oh my! People are reporting that a small group of individuals dress in black, and carrying candles and dolls were observed in the vicinity of the building just prior to the fire. Is it possible that this was a spell gone wrung? Lordly what has the bvi come too?!?!

  3. Only In The BVI says:

    I saw the RVPFD in action last night & I must commend them for their efforts despite the limited resources. I also must commend the bystanders who render aid, making sure the guys were hydrated, assisting them with the hoses, etc. It was another true testimate of being VI STRONG.

    I am ashamed of the government for not insuring that this vital department be given the attention it deserves. Imagine no access to water from the hydrants to the point 3 water trucks had to be called into assist.
    Imagine a complex of that size does not have a fire suppression system, why do we concentrate on making / saving $$$$ vs safety? Imagine the caos if this had happen during a week day. None the less thanks must be giving for the building being saved along with the other businesses & no one was injured seriously

    • Faithful says:

      Is Govt the owner of this property? As far as I can recall it belongs to the Malones who have enough money to install what is necessary to protect their investment. Govt is only renting part of the property to house DMV

  4. I agree says:

    Shame on the Government, no working fire hydrants. Cutting corners and lives over F”‘:*.g money is just a damn disgrace. Smoke dectors, indoor sprinkler systems is a must in any business.

  5. Sad says:

    That had to be something electrical that caused that fire for how long it took them to suppress it. Speedy recovery is wished to the injured person

  6. Sky says:

    See why we need fire departments all over the island?

  7. slack says:

    where are the fire sprinklers for these buildings?

  8. $$$ says:

    I smell lawsuit!

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