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Businesses asked to be patient! Stimulus cheques coming soon

Government legislator, Shereen Flax Charles.

Approved businesses who have not yet received their cheques from the government’s Small Business Sector Grant Relief Programme are being urged to be patient as their cheques will soon be on its way.

This appeal comes from Junior Minister for Trade & Economic Development, Shereen Flax-Charles following reports received by BVI News that a number of approved businesses were still in the dark about the whereabouts of their cheques.

Flax-Charles told our news centre the Trade Department is exhausting their human resources to have the cheques processed as quickly as they can while maintaining accountability.

“Cheques are coming out. I would just ask for persons to be patient knowing as well that there are other stimulus packages being offered by government, with thousands of cheques that are going to be going out in the next couple of weeks,” Flax-Charles told BVI News.

“If they got a call, they will be getting a cheque. I realise that persons are anxious and they need to get their bills paid, but it is going to take a little bit longer than some of them were anticipating … There is a process that is mandated by Finance and the auditors are looking at everything, so it has to be done properly,” she added.

Hundreds of businesses to be inputted in gov’t system

The junior minister also said a number of the businesses had not yet received their cheques since they had to be added to the government’s system before the grants could be fully processed.

“It’s over a thousand businesses that were awarded grants and the majority of these businesses were not in the government systems, so all of that information has to be inputted, they have to create a profile for each of them,” she explained.

“For instance, if BVI News was getting a trade grant and they had never done business with government before, all of their information needs to be put in and it’s hundreds of those that have to be done. Added to that, the officers that are working on these things, they too have other responsibilities as well. They still have to do their regular functions plus they’re making sure that these grants and cheques get out,” the junior minister further explained.

1039 business approved in September

Meanwhile, in a media conference on September 24, Premier Andrew Fahie announced that 1,039 businesses had been approved for the programme.

Of the $6.5 million which was allocated from the Social Security Board for the programme, Fahie said a total of $6,138,889 was used to fund the aforementioned approved businesses.

Of that sum, the Fourth District where the Road Town capital is located was awarded the highest value of grants from all the nine districts, with a combined total of $1,665,565 shared among 280 businesses.


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  1. Okay says:

    And I take it it’s the same appeal for direct deposits?

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  2. Make no sense says:

    All the business have trade licenses which have to be in the Govt system for people to pay for the trade licenses……

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  3. town says:

    boi yall aint easy. Had big show send out emails to people and not ah F**ing ting set a Clowns

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  4. strupes says:

    Pyour mind games being played on the people. Fahie on the radio every minute talking c**p, why he dont see to it that the people receive the money that they were promised?

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    • @ gospel radio stations says:

      We don’t need to hear Fahie on the radio for hours interrupting our worship. If we wanted to listen to the angry tone we know where to go to find it.

    • To Gospel Radio Stations says:

      We don’t need to hear Fahie on the radio for hours interrupting our worship. If we wanted to listen to the angry tone we know where to go to find it.

      • Norris Turnbull says:

        To gospel radio stations etal… That’s not Godly.Thats not nice. The same God you worship sees all and KNOWS ALL

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  5. really says:

    we were top of the list in the first 20 and still have not had any check, called last week gottold this week but still nothing. This is a joke

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  6. Waiting Game says:

    These government officials don’t understand,. no money is coming in since you closed the borders to tourism for a lot of the businesses. We are financially and mentally broken. Hire more people to get the job done rather than making up half past excuses all of the time. It’s just like your press conferences and updates, we all wait with bated breath for your updates and you make us wait …our time is valuable too !!

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  7. Chups says:

    Mahn f*** this government!!!!!!! When is election?

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  8. Bullshit says:

    Nonsense to the highest degree. We are being made a fool of over and over again.

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  9. Start and Finish says:

    I grow up hearing them say ” What start wrong can’t end right.”

    A bungled job!

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  10. rofl says:

    These guys like they are playing pat a cake and dolly house with our Territory? geeez. It’s like we are witnessing amateur hour. When is election again?

  11. Ungrateful says:

    People you need to read and understand. Better be glad you will get a check.

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    • Bull says:

      They were the ones who said within 3weeks of closing application date (closing was since August 21st) …We’re now in October and Treasury claim under a hundred checks were printed so far…..let’s recap here, there were 1039 approved businesses so when will they finish???? ..when they are ALSO cutting checks for HOA 13 members, Fishers and Farmers … my point is why hype up the people then add insult to injury bout be patient….

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    • Thanks for the Fish says:

      Open the borders so we can fish for ourselves. Fix work place issues that oppressed workers especially citizens and belongers so we can fish for ourselves..Get investment going, Start building, get construction going so we can fish for ourselves and our families..Thank you.

    • @Ungrateful says:

      if you aint get an email I think you should move to the side. Did you see the big poppy show they had say money will be send out the same day? I think you better move to the side. GOV wa goin on big dawg? we waiting.

    • wow says:

      We have to be glad to received a check! SERIOUSLY We have not worked since the borders closed as tourism is what keeps is ticking, family to feed, bills to pay, no social security monies, no income, no furlough. Paid SS for years and you tell us we have to be glad .. STUPINDNESS but yourself in one of our shoes

  12. Excellent. We have issues need fixing. says:

    Stimulus check is good but we need to get work permit holders out of management position,. They are making schedule and leaving BVIlanders and belongers off, they envy us, they hate us. Fix this infection before it spread and kill our people…

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  13. Thanks for the Fish says:

    Open the borders so we can fish for ourselves. Fix work place issues that oppressed workers especially citizens and belongers so we can fish for ourselves..Get investment going, Start building, get construction going so we can fish for ourselves and our families..Thank you.

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  14. Employee says:

    Businesses you have a long wait because if they can’t finish giving out the stimulus packages to employees that apply from June. God send help. This is just sweet talking, right now I listen to nothing this government talk about anymore. It’s like sending the fools a little further.

  15. What a thing says:

    So the businesses will soon get and I am a laid off mother and applied way before them and im still waiting to hear whether my application is approved or rejected.

  16. Stupes says:

    Business asked to be patient.

    Government asked to hurry up and work as if they can be held accountable.

    Lazy govt workers.

  17. Wow says:

    These people should not lying. Checks are from Premier’s Office. What a sad day for man kind.

    • Trump No.2 says:

      So its Trump No.2 holding up the process???…. now we know what we need to do…. the people feel fooled and insulted. Just like paying civil servants through the bank…why in the 21st century they want people to wait on a Cheque. Especially in this Covid era when you should be limiting face to face contact, people touching pens etc… get with the program Trump…. people’s bills are adding up and people want to get out of the red WITH A SEEMINGLY GOOD NAME.

  18. Help Us says:

    We need election pronto. Set a waste they dont have a clue. I applied for my four businesses up to now not a call/email with an update. God will provide.

  19. more than a Moratorium says:

    So 6 plus months and no business for tourist based companies. We were all booked solid for Oct and Nov after there was a statement that we would open in Sept. We had to cancel all reservations. Most of which were flying into STT with ferry twith plans to ferry here. So now they are booking properties or charters to STT instead since STT is accepting visitors and the airlines will not refund as the flight is to STT. Moratorium on loans ended, lay off period ended, not a single assistance from Gov yet. They say soon come. We need a moratorium from the banks till the end of the year. We need to get our unemployment, we need our small business incentive, we need our electricity bills paid by Gov, our phone/internet by Gov. We will get through this together. Mr.P and all Gov please see the needs and implement. Give us guidelines to be able to continue booking stays here. We want help and we want a plan. We are all into this together. Please I beg you to look at the need of tourism based companies.

  20. My dear Rep. Here is a suggestion says:

    You want to give employers stimulus. What are you asking these employers for in return. Just can’t give without an attachment. Which I will suggest U all do. Make sure that their doors are opened and employees are back to work..Come on. Make the package comprehensive to benefit both employer and employees…Put people back to work…Every one can work if these employers operate fairly. Everyone on staff can get hours… Why in heaven u will give some staff plenty hours and have some home sitting down.. it’s upsetting..

    • @My Dear says:

      You think after 6 mths of losses a govt cheque for stimulus which is max 7k can make a real difference in hiring? Bear in mind that most hospitality business will he handicapped by the COVID distancing measures so will NOT be making their usual money. We need business people who understand business not just people frothing at the mouth. That stimulus can pay a few back bills and thats it.

    • Hm says:

      Its upsetting that in this day & age with so much wastage & wealth inequality people think its wrong to give a grant. But meanwhile it is right to restrict business activity and have that happen ‘without an attachment’

  21. really says:

    yoo…..nobodylike to see this woman face… yo keep showing she……hold afking consus…..nobody wanna see this face fake face n smile

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  22. schemers says:

    Be patient, wait another 6 months. Those nonessential govt clowns are still getting a salary. No reason to rush.

  23. Hmmmmmm says:

    As we speak all bars are asked to remain closed, meaning from March to present, bars have been closed for about 4 months and even when they were allowed to operate, it was with restrictions. Now they continue to be closed down with bills and asked to just simply wait. Nowhere have they said well since bars are still closed let us prioritize them for stimulus (those approved). Things are bad and about to get a lot worst!

  24. Mother says:

    I am awaiting mine still.

  25. local says:

    Patiently waiting. They Said early in September those person whom get email regards bank information would of gotten their money 15th & 16th of September and still nothing! Government like they having people for a fool! We Have to beg?

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