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Businesses now asked to register online to facilitate re-entry of work permit employees

With Phase II of the Restricted Border & Controlled Re-Entry Plan now in effect, companies and organisations with employed work permit holders abroad are being asked to register on the government’s online portal.

A media release from the Immigration Department on Wednesday outlined the measures that must be taken by both employers and employees to ensure a smooth return into the territory.

“Companies that employ work permit holders that are outside of the territory must create an account online as part of the process. They should also search to verify if the company has been listed in the registry and if not, should proceed to the registration process,” the release said.

“The registration process will continue to be facilitated on the online portal which will allow for owners or employers to register their company and/or organisation as well as the employee whom they wish to travel back into the territory,” it added.

Process can take at least two-weeks

Once the online submission with all the required documents is completed, a joint team from the Immigration and Labour departments will review the application and either approve or deny the applicant.

The departments are also advising applicants that the process will take a minimum of two weeks and warned persons not to make any travel arrangements before receiving official approval.

Persons permitted entry under this phase

During Phase II, the persons permitted entry into the territory include work permit holders, work permit exemption holders; residing entry permits such as retirees and homeowners; students of locally-based medical schools and the H Lavity Stoutt Community College and persons employed by the government of the Virgin Islands bodies, agencies, boards and teachers whether public and private.

Dependents of Belongers, permanent residents, work permit holders and work permit exemption holders, persons desirous of conducting business in the territory, and diplomats deemed as business visitors are also permitted entry.

Also allowed temporary entry in the territory for a maximum of five days during this period are aviation crews, maritime crews, healthcare practitioners/medical staff, emergency maintenance, repair and other technical personnel and other essential specialised workers.


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  1. Expat says:

    I am sure many business will not want to do that just for one employee whether you are a good one or not did you see all those stuff they have to get to do the process, so they will not want to go through all that hassle. The poor expat will stay out again no simple implementations for them return.

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  2. Local says:

    Wow does it have to be so complicated just for one person to return. Jesus Christ man. You people really really put all those protocals in place just for one ordinary expat wow.

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  3. Problem says:

    The only problem i see with process is that many work permit holders never work for the person that sponsor them so they are going to start complaining. I wait and see how this play out. These so called employers never paid a penny to ss nhi and inland revenue because the work permit holder never work for them and this is where the problem comes in.

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  4. new work permits? says:

    Are new work permits being accepted under phase 2??

    its implied I guess but no mention

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  5. Inland Revenue says:

    This requires a certificate of good standing from Inland Revenue. We have been waiting since July 3 to have them respond to our request for this certificate. We pay our bills and I know many other businesses that also pay their bills but are also waiting for this. Since the services are not equipped to support this, PLEASE CANCEL THESE REQUIREMENT and your system might actually work.

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  6. ? says:


  7. Seacow says:

    So will they refund the annual work permit fee if they turn down their return request?

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  8. @ Problem says:

    Absolutely correct, and a decades old abuse of the system.

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  9. well sah says:

    The goal post shifted once again

  10. Ning says:

    Not sure there will be any businesses left at this rate!

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  11. Soooo says:

    So the work permit holder who takes a third of the expats money has to register his company. But wait, guess what!! The expat works for someone else that’s not a Belonger. This registering is going to kill the Belonger slave trade. How is the Belonger going to make free money off the hard working backs of the expats. Foy is ruining everything.

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  12. @problem says:

    It have a only few expat locked out not the entire workforce so i dont know what point you are trying to make. Its not the entire expatriate work force that have to apply to returned majority are already in the BVI and what you are blogging about makes no sense at all.

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  13. So says:

    Wait they are taking two weeks to process the company application then inform the expat to fill out some other part of the application that might take another two weeks by the time they finish September will be gone and the expat will now have to pay for quarantine in October. They petsons making these decisions had this planed out.

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  14. island man says:

    Just tell the few persons locked out not to return simple as that because I do not see the reason why a company or business have to do all of the stuff and go through all of those requirements you want them to do just for an employee to return. This is really ridiculous.

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  15. Business says:

    We never send any of our staff out so why do we have to apply for them to return. Like expat dont have the right to take vacations now because we have to apply for them to come back in if they do.what nonsence is this. They company can run without that one expat let the government see what they will do with the locked out expat children.

  16. Too complicated says:

    This whole scenerio is way too complicated just for one staff to returned, the government is asking for too much stuff plus they will take a whole lot of time to process the application this will definately take them into October.

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  17. Doh says:

    So the tourist season is already destroyed before it even begins. If workers have to go through hell to get in to work, imagine the process for tourists. No one will want to come to the BVI.

    Sorry but we are already doomed. Prepare for poverty now.

  18. Observer says:

    Have any of the persons commenting here actually looked at the process? Or filled out the form? It took 5 minutes, was clear and concise. If you are a legit employer or legit employee the application is well organized and simple. If you are messing with the system it may be a different story .. .. ..

  19. Cold says:

    The VIP killing the bvi. That man vincent is a cold hearted creature.

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  20. @ observer says:

    This is so true. But as you said if you messing with the system then is when the problems start. And problems is what they are going to get. I know some believe that is only a handful of work permit holders trying to come in but its quite a lot. Right now east end have so many work permit holders running scared because is yrs rolling yrs they haven’t paid a penny in social security and inland revenue well lets not talk about nhi. They haven’t paid a penny into that system. Many i know on work permit up for renewals and they saying well we’ll have to leave. They never work for the people who sponsor them so no tax was paid for them. Some up and down running their mouth saying oh employer take out my tax but never paid it in. Yes this is true for many but not for all. The cheating had need to stop yrs ago but at least change is coming. There should be no loop hole around paying your social security nhi and income tax. All must pay. No work permit should be approved whether renewal or new without the taxes are up to date.

  21. Serious says:

    People happy when they can beat the system. When the loop holes are closed off they get angry. Guess what the time has come when things have to get done correctly. Only in the BVI every Tom dick and harry think they can tell the Government how to run the country. No respect for the laws of this land and that is the problem. Always a set of blackmail and bullying talk. 3/4 of these people do not pay taxes,NHI and Social security because they do not work for who sponsor them. Most of them are sponsored by people but work for themselves and charging huge money but do not pay anything in to Government. Yet they always complaining and acting like they are being victimize.

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  22. @oserver says:

    You too lie it cannot take 5 mins it take weeks to get the good standing certificate from NHI, SSB etc etc how can you say it take 5 mins. If you yourself took 5 mins then you know well ahead of time what were the requirements needed, well some were not so fortunate like you to know what documents to get ahead of time. We had to wait till Sept 1st.

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  23. @serious says:

    Really you are not making any sense if 3/4 of them not paying their dues don’t you think by now the government would have known. Its the local who are not paying dues. They going from one job left and go to another one they doing all sorts of jobs all over and are they paying their dues on the money they for?? Every expat have to get a SSB and NHI card they ought to pay. But who checking up on the licals to see if they are up to date or not??

  24. @@Serious says:

    Most expats women have up to three jobs and are not employed by their work permit holders. The men same thing and they charging an arm and a leg and pay no SS tax and NHI. That is what is causing the confusion in this country and as soon as a decission is made to correct the system expats bawl about they are being victimized. This little country is being raped by those who cannot wait to see it fall. It is all about take as much as I can while I can. Have a blessed day.

  25. Red Tape & Paperwork says:

    Maybe… Just maybe… The Hon. Minister in charge of Increasing the Red Tape and Paperwork could chivvy up the innumerable departments one has to visit (and pay) for these services (that could be accomplished electronically in house)? Been waiting on Inland Revenue for nearly 6 weeks. Their “service” isn’t worth the price!

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