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Businesses should consider operating from home if possible

Dr Irad Potter

Chief Medical Officer (CMO) in the Ministry of Health, Dr Irad Potter is encouraging local business owners to start thinking about the possibility of remotely operating their businesses from home.

Dr Potter made the statement during a business townhall meeting which was hosted by the BVI Chamber of Commerce and Hotel Association (BVICCHA) recently.

The meeting was held to inform local business owners about the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) following its recent developments in the Caribbean.

Think about working remotely

Dr Potter said as the virus continues to near the territory, a number of measures will have to be taken by business owners to ensure the continuation of their respective establishments.

“You need to think about this, it may come to the point where government is saying we can’t have any mass gatherings. It may come to the point where government may say to us stay home, all of us. That is a desperate place to be. We hope it never comes to that, but you need to begin to prepare your mind for that possibility,” Dr Potter stated.

“If you never thought about it before, you should begin to think about how can you have that resource (employee) applied to my business, even if thery are not in the office. It’s easier for people who are mildly ill and can work, if you can, you have to provide the opportunity for them to give service,” he added.

Advised to practice proper sanitary measures in the workplace

The CMO also said that businesses should practice proper hygiene within the work environment to minimise the possibility of spreading the virus, should it reach local shores.

He further said a contingency plan should be in place at the respective businesses Just in case any of their employees begin to employee display symptoms of the virus on the job.

“I’m asking business communities to equip the workplace with masks in the event an employee develops a cough, it will be readily available for them to use to stop the spread of whatever illness they may be encountering,” Dr Potter stated.

He also advised that all persons feeling ill should stay home and not go into the workplace.

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  1. Information says:

    I think if people stop traveling for now it wouldn’t reach our shores. This thing travels with people so if anyone goes away and come back they should be in isolation for 2 weeks. I agree that if anyone is sick they should stay home. The part about working home should wait until there is a case and I’m thinking what about the people that work in hotels , in construction and people who do domestic work, can you please put something in place that if these people are to stay home that they should be paid at least for 2 weeks. Please employers consider these employees and start planning to pay them if things get out of order or the social security should be able to pay these people that only get pay only if they work.

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  2. Diaspora says:

    “Dr Potter said as the virus continues to near the territory, a number of measures will have to be taken by business owners to ensure the continuation of their respective establishments.” This is a serious and profound statement by the CMO that we should all take seriously and to heart. In regards to businesses having employees work remotely from home, only a small amount of business employees can work from home. The BVI is a service economy, not a high tech economy. Nonetheless, where employees can work from home, they should. This is a serious situation and let’s take it seriously. We ignore it at our own peril.

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  3. Jane says:

    There are no masks anywhere to be had. Where can these be sourced?

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  4. Fnc says:

    Of course the boss and the secretaries need some private time alone as always

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  5. @jane says:

    You need need mask unless you are sick, I see people all over the place with mask on if you are not sick you will bring more germs to yourself with the mask on because you would need to change that mask often and then again a lot of people don’t know how to take off mask so you will be infecting yourself by touching your face when taking off the mask so please stay home if you are sick a seek medical attention where necessary

  6. Churches STOP NOW says:

    Churches are still open and many elderly are being exposed to a potentially lethal virus for them. When are the priests, pastors and other religious men of the cloth going to stop these services? Are they not reading the news?

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  7. Local says:

    The folks that travel to the BVI should be kept in isolation. Many people are coming home from affected area an no one seems to be concerned about that fact that our own people might be bringing the disease home with hugs and kisses.

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    • Tourists too says:

      You are so right. Everyday, locals are returning home and tourists are entering the Territory with no tests being conducted. When they are already released into the community, then is when health rushing to give “some” of them test. Why are not all quarrentined and testing be administered on the day of entry and again during what is considered the incubation period?

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